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If you’re like most people, you know Jenny McCarthy as an actress and former Playboy playmate. But what you may not know is that she’s also a successful entrepreneur. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Jenny’s career journey and discuss some of the lessons she’s learned along the way.

Here are the best quotes from Jenny Mccarthy, and much more.


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About Jenny Mccarthy

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November 1, 1972

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Southern Illinois University

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Actress, Model, Activist, Author, Media Personality And More.

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Inspiring Phrases From Jenny Mccarthy

It can be hard for the cute girl. I was blond, cute, broke. I was beat up. I was thrown inside lockers. I was burned with cigarettes. My hair was lit on fire. — Jenny Mccarthy

Almost everyone has or will experience getting dumped in their lifetime. Unless, of course, you’re a nun. Jesus can’t dump nuns. — Jenny Mccarthy

When I first went public with my son Evan’s story, I just planned to talk about the ‘R’ word–Recovery. But soon I was spending most my time talking about the ‘V’ word–vaccines. — Jenny Mccarthy

You don’t need a pickup line. Just glance at a woman from across the room. Glance–don’t stare. — Jenny Mccarthy

my philosophy of dating is to just fart right away Jenny Mccarthy quote

It’s absolutely imperative for the parents and the typical kids to have time by themselves, to go out to dinner or even go on vacation while someone else cares for the autistic child. — Jenny Mccarthy

My philosophy of dating is to just fart right away. — Jenny Mccarthy

I don’t really go out much at all. But there are times when I’m like, ‘I gotta get out.’ Then we go to Vegas, and we’ll gamble. — Jenny Mccarthy

Various Statements From Jenny Mccarthy

Those outside of autism need to understand this is an epidemic and we need more government funding, insurance coverage and education reform. — Jenny Mccarthy

Why do other first world countries give children so many fewer vaccines than we do? Vaccines save lives, but might be harming some children. Is moderation such a terrible idea? — Jenny Mccarthy

i m the worst person to tell anybody how to date Jenny Mccarthy quote

Let me see if I can put this in scientific terms: Think of autism like a fart, and vaccines are the finger you pull to make it happen. — Jenny Mccarthy

I’m the worst person to tell anybody how to date. — Jenny Mccarthy

For a seriously autistic kid, the best prognosis might be getting into a mainstream school without being too much of a shadow. For a moderately autistic kid the best prognosis is full recovery. — Jenny Mccarthy

Just keep trying, and your dreams will come true. But you have to give it all your time, effort, and soul. — Jenny Mccarthy

I did want to acknowledge and confirm the fact that my son does, indeed, have an autism diagnosis. — Jenny Mccarthy

More Phrases From Jenny Mccarthy

All those girls who were mean to me[in high school], I pay them back by going through the drive–through window and asking for my burger. That feels really great. — Jenny Mccarthy

Kids will not listen to that. They’re going to experiment no matter what, so you have to be honest. — Jenny Mccarthy

Why should 20–year–olds only be considered sexy? I think we get better with age. — Jenny Mccarthy

When I was a little girl, rocking my little dolls, I remember thinking I would be the world’s best mom, and so far I’ve done it. — Jenny Mccarthy

I can’t even begin to tell you how many casting couches I was attacked on. Not just by casting people, but by stars. — Jenny Mccarthy

why should 20 year olds only be considered sexy i think we get better with age Jenny Mccarthy quote

What are friends for? They are the ultimate reflection of yourself. Always surround yourself with people who inspire you and return the favor by giving them the best of you. — Jenny Mccarthy

Information on how to heal autism and how to possibly delay vaccines or prevent autism shouldn’t come from me. It should come from the medical establishment. — Jenny Mccarthy

Deeper Quotes From Jenny Mccarthy

I didn’t have to work out before 35 but now I have to. — Jenny Mccarthy

Without intervention today, the cost of care for adults with autism will be significantly greater and the burden will no longer lie with the parents, but on our entire society. — Jenny Mccarthy

I usually have my protein at lunch and my carbs at night–I don’t mix protein and carbs. — Jenny Mccarthy

i didn t have to work out before 35 but now i have to Jenny Mccarthy quote

When I travel, I like to take advantage of room service. I’m really into eggs Benedict in the morning. — Jenny Mccarthy

I look at autism like a bus accident, and you don’t become cured from a bus accident, but you can recover. — Jenny Mccarthy

Redundant Thematics

In Jenny Mccarthy Statements


I had so much respect for the fact that Father Andrew saw his own sins in my actions. I wished all adults were like Father Andrew. — Jenny Mccarthy

I figured out something spiritual. Billboard this: ‘Life is supposed to be fun!’ — Jenny Mccarthy

Amazing Thoughts From Jenny Mccarthy

The reason why [the medical community] is reluctant to talk about it is because there’s such a huge business in pharmaceuticals. — Jenny Mccarthy

so basically i don t know what i m talking about but maybe i do Jenny Mccarthy quote

So basically, I don’t know what I’m talking about. But maybe I do. — Jenny Mccarthy

I’m the comedic girl next door and a lot of fun. — Jenny Mccarthy

Without a doubt in my mind, I believe that vaccinations triggered Evan’s autism. — Jenny Mccarthy

The University of Google is where I got my degree from. — Jenny Mccarthy

Obviously, I’m not a trained actress, and right now I’ll come out and say I’m glad I’m not. — Jenny Mccarthy

i m the comedic girl next door and a lot of fun Jenny Mccarthy quote

The one thing I like about ‘Playboy’ is they don’t have the anorexic look. The women are voluptuous. So I didn’t really want to diet. I just wanted to tone up. — Jenny Mccarthy

Some Interesting Quotes From Jenny Mccarthy

The idea that vaccines are a primary cause of autism is not as crackpot as some might wish. Autism’s 60–fold rise in 30 years matches a tripling of the U.S. vaccine schedule. — Jenny Mccarthy

No I don’t have a sex tape and I’m kind of upset that I don’t. You know why? ‘Cause I’m really good. — Jenny Mccarthy

Hope is the greatest thing for moms of autism. Hope is what gets us out of bed in the morning. I’m on a mission to tell parents that there is a way. — Jenny Mccarthy

I have my once–a–month nachos, but it’s soy cheese and turkey chili on it, so it’s somewhat safe. But it’s still a big vice for me, because I have a big bowl of it. — Jenny Mccarthy

People don’t see this side of me. They don’t know I read, like, 800 million spiritual books. Lately I am just really getting into a lot of spirituality. — Jenny Mccarthy

I do believe sadly it’s going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe. — Jenny Mccarthy

If you ask 99.9 percent of parents who have children with autism if we’d rather have the measles versus autism, we’d sign up for the measles. — Jenny Mccarthy


Jenny McCarthy is a powerful voice for autism awareness and her words of wisdom are sure to inspire you. She has spoken out about the importance of early diagnosis and intervention, raising funds for research, and helping families who are affected by autism. Her work is tireless and her dedication admirable. We hope that these quotes have encouraged you to take the next step in your own personal journey with autism awareness. Check our courses page to find an online training program that fits your needs.

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