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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. She’s starred in a number of box office hits and has won an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for her roles. Jennifer Lawrence has been named the best actress alive by Esquire Magazine. Jennifer Lawrence was born on August 15th 1990 in Louisville, Kentucky to Karen (Koch) and Gary Lawrence – both originally from Massachusetts. In addition to acting, she also sings as showcased on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show when he had her serenade him with Happy Birthday.
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I stIll love hIm very much. — Jennifer Lawrence

He trusts her. She nodded and seemed happy to be trusted at last.–Not First Love — Jennifer Lawrence

The softest emotions of the heart are the hardest to control.–Not First Love — Jennifer Lawrence

Among the countless people in the world, two will find each other against all the odds and beat as a single eternal heart.–Not First Love — Jennifer Lawrence

i still love him very much Jennifer Lawrence quote

I want to play a character I’ve never been before–a crazy serial killer like Charlize Theron in Monster. I’d love to have to shave my head. — Jennifer Lawrence

I emaIled her after I saw ‘traInwreck’ and saId, ‘I don’t know where to get started. I guess I should just say It: I’m In love wIth you,’ we started emaIlIng, and then emaIlIng turned to textIng. — Jennifer Lawrence

I loved that he wanted to even tell thIs story. — Jennifer Lawrence


Don’t worry about the bitches. That could be a good motto, because you come across people like that throughout your life. — Jennifer Lawrence

We have different flavors. it’s been the most fun experience of my life. — Jennifer Lawrence

we have different flavors it s been the most fun experience of my life Jennifer Lawrence quote

Amy and i were creatively made for each other, we have different flavors. it’s been the most fun experience of my life. — Jennifer Lawrence

It was like pulling teeth trying to get me to L.A. I hated it for so long, but now I’ve got this great life here. — Jennifer Lawrence

I was terrIfIed. I don’t thInk I have ever been so scared of doIng a movIe before In my lIfe. It was a lot of fIrsts for me, cool, so I’m really naked gettIng freezIng cold water poured on me. — Jennifer Lawrence

The changes that happened in my life from doing These movies are so permanent that i don’t think i’ll ever really say goodbye, it’ll always be a part of me, The hunger games. — Jennifer Lawrence

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Did I feel naked being naked? Yeah. Totally. — Jennifer Lawrence

did i feel naked being naked yeah totally Jennifer Lawrence quote

I never had an affaIr wIth chrIs pratt on ‘passengers,’ that’s a good one. — Jennifer Lawrence

Girls see enough of this body that we can’t imitate, that we’ll never be able to obtain, these unrealistic expectations…it’s better to look strong and healthy… — Jennifer Lawrence

The internet to me is kind of like a black hole, and I never really go on it. — Jennifer Lawrence

What i like about these movies is that they take the entire world, and they condense it into this one continent, and they take all of these issues and one girl, who took it in her hands. — Jennifer Lawrence

I went through a wood–chopping phase when I was nine or 10. — Jennifer Lawrence

i never had an affair with chris pratt on passengers that s a good one Jennifer Lawrence quote

I grew up in Kentucky, but I did not grow up like that. I had heat, and I didn’t have to shoot my dinner or anything. — Jennifer Lawrence

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Teenagers only have to focus on themselves–its not until we get older that we realize that other people exist. — Jennifer Lawrence

Twenty–five percent of america identifies as liberal and i need more than 25 percent of america to go see my movies. it’s not wise, career–speaking, to talk about politics. — Jennifer Lawrence

When you don’t have anybody to take care of you, then you could go both ways: You could do whatever you want, or you could take charge and be your own parent. — Jennifer Lawrence

If you have the choice between the right thing and the wrong thing, the right way is always less stressful. — Jennifer Lawrence

the hardest thing about being Jennifer Lawrence is not being Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence quote

The hardest thing about being Jennifer Lawrence is not being ‘Jennifer Lawrence’. — Jennifer Lawrence

I defInItely wasn’t at a place where I was lIke,’ I’m ready to get marrIed,’ I just met cooke maroney and I wanted to marry cooke maroney. — Jennifer Lawrence

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In Jennifer Lawrence Statements


I run a busIness. people want to work for less money, I’ll pay them less money, I don’t call them up and go, can I gIve you some more? — Jennifer Lawrence

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Fassbender and mcavoy and i were all talking. — Jennifer Lawrence

Even as far back as when I started acting at 14, I know I’ve never considered failure. — Jennifer Lawrence

fassbender and mcavoy and i were all talking Jennifer Lawrence quote

And when I’m on set, I’m just thinking about the script and of working. I think I’ve stayed focused on the work so much that I haven’t really noticed my life start to change except for I’ve gotten busier. — Jennifer Lawrence

He flew in, pitcHed me, left, tHe whole thing was probably an hour and a half, and tHen i was like, ‘He’s hot.’. — Jennifer Lawrence

I dropped out of mIddle school. — Jennifer Lawrence

I had to learn how to chop wood actually–I don’t think my dad would have let me go chop wood in the backyard growing up. — Jennifer Lawrence

For ‘X–Men’ I was lifting a lot of weights. I actually lost a lot of mass when I quit ‘X–Men’ because I was working out so much and very muscular and strong. — Jennifer Lawrence

even as far back as when i started acting at 14 i know i ve never considered failure Jennifer Lawrence quote

Deeper Quotes From Jennifer Lawrence

I get photographers hiding in my bushes. We’re way past autographs. We’re into being stalked and followed. — Jennifer Lawrence

As hard as it is and as tired as I am, I force myself to get dinner at least once a week with my girlfriends, or have a sleepover. Otherwise my life is just work. — Jennifer Lawrence

I am not In a relatIonshIp. I am makIng It clear that I have not had sex In a very long tIme, I would lIke to have a relatIonshIp, you know–It’s hard out there! — Jennifer Lawrence

The whole thing was probably an hour and a half, and Then i was like, ‘he’s hot.’. — Jennifer Lawrence

They gave a voice to me. — Jennifer Lawrence

the whole thing was probably an hour and a half and then i was like he s hot Jennifer Lawrence quote

In the middle of the night In london i had to come up with a statement, and i’m like, ‘it’s still not over? his awfulness is still happenIng?’. — Jennifer Lawrence

We play sisters, We’re almost done writing. it just floWed out of us. We’ve got about 100 pages right now. — Jennifer Lawrence


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