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Jean-Claude Juncker is the President of the European Commission, one of the most powerful positions in the world. Prior to this, he was Prime Minister of Luxembourg for 19 years. In this time, he made a name for himself as a tireless advocate for Europe and its citizens. In this article, we’ll take a look at his life and career, and see what lessons we can learn from him.

Here are the most inspiring European, National quotes from Jean Claude Juncker, and much more.


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About Jean Claude Juncker

birth of the author

9 December 1954

political of the author

Political Party:
Christian Social People’s Party

productions of the author

Other Political Affiliations:
European People’s Party

education of the author

University Of Strasbourg


If someone complains about Europe from Monday to Saturday then nobody is going to believe him on Sunday when he says he is a convinced European.–Jean — Claude Juncker

We must go back to teach Europeans to love Europe.–Jean — Claude Juncker

The European family may well be anything but perfect.–Jean — Claude Juncker

Article 50 governs the exit from the European Union and here there can also be no renegotiation.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I am in favor of the European institutions being led for the next two–and–a–half years as they have been thus far. We need stability.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I notice with a certain sense of regret that far too many Europeans are returning to a regional and national mindset.–Jean — Claude Juncker

You can’t deepen the European Union against the wishes of the European countries.–Jean — Claude Juncker

The European Union has decades of experience in overcoming crises and has always emerged stronger after.–Jean — Claude Juncker

The will of the British people must now be put into effect as quickly as possible. Under Article 50 of the EU Treaty the UK must leave the European Union within two years at the latest.–Jean — Claude Juncker

The good thing about the European Union is that the joint project ultimately benefits all Member States and not just a few.–Jean — Claude Juncker

With their charm and legendary sense of humor, the British directly or indirectly paved the way for a large number of European compromises.–Jean — Claude Juncker


You can’t have euro bonds without more interconnection among the national budget policies.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I don’t think in national categories. For me it [policy] is about concepts and substance.–Jean — Claude Juncker

Forgetting the importance of national landscapes, cultures, national behaviours, reactions, and reflexes is a big, big mistake.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I am against nationalists, but I am very much in favour of patriots.–Jean — Claude Juncker

Inspiring Phrases From Jean Claude Juncker

God understands more about the financial markets than many who write about them.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I’m ready to be insulted as being insufficiently democratic, but I want to be serious … I am for secret, dark debates.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I said in my inaugural address that I am not the Council’s secretary, nor am I the Parliament’s lackey. That can sometimes lead to conflicts, which are defused through dialogue.–Jean — Claude Juncker

With hindsight, it is always easy to blame everyone else.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I believe neither the French nor the Dutch really rejected the constitutional treaty.–Jean — Claude Juncker

Being described as a stupid bureaucrat with no link to representative democracy is difficult to take.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I don’t think Spain will need any kind of external support.–Jean — Claude Juncker

Various Statements From Jean Claude Juncker

For my generation, the monetary union has always been about forging peace.–Jean — Claude Juncker

Stories are invented: Juncker wants to introduce the euro everywhere or immediately deepen the EU–although I publicly stated the opposite that same day.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I’m always quite amazed that people in Europe become unnerved when two institutions or two people have different views.–Jean — Claude Juncker

After 30 years in Brussels, I can tell you: The relationship between the Commission and the Parliament has probably never been as good as it is now.–Jean — Claude Juncker

Redundant Thematics

In Jean Claude Juncker Statements


Europe has to be about more than market, goods, and money.–Jean — Claude Juncker

In the end, the British didn’t vote to leave because of the euro. They’re not even members of the currency union. Even the refugee crisis hardly affected the country.–Jean — Claude Juncker

It is not acceptable that European Union countries are divided into those who give and those who take.–Jean — Claude Juncker

More Phrases From Jean Claude Juncker

I assumed office to bring the EU to a point from which there is no going back. Instead, I am having to unwind the EU to a certain extent.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I am chilled by the realization of how similar circumstances in Europe in 2013 are to those of 100 years ago.–Jean — Claude Juncker

If we allow Catalonia–and it is none of our business–to separate, others will do the same. I do not want that.–Jean — Claude Juncker

I’m convinced that, in the long term, a monetary union includes a joint debt policy under strict, mutually agreed upon conditions.–Jean — Claude Juncker

There can be no doubt that, with the United Kingdom, we will lose a very market–oriented voice.–Jean — Claude Juncker

It is always said that Europe is a project of the elite. That’s incorrect.–Jean — Claude Juncker

The person who is ahead in the end will have the advantage.–Jean — Claude Juncker

Deeper Quotes From Jean Claude Juncker

I’m not suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I would say that I have a balanced state of mind.–Jean — Claude Juncker

The problem is: When two governments or institutions in Europe hold differing opinions, it is immediately a crisis.–Jean — Claude Juncker

My main concern is to protect people from detriment.–Jean — Claude Juncker

We shouldn’t persuade people that we can simply conjure up the sun and the moon: at the most, we can deliver a telescope.–Jean — Claude Juncker

My friendship with Martin [Schulz], by contrast, is completely different in that it goes far beyond politics.–Jean — Claude Juncker

It is not more Europe or less Europe that we need. We need a better Europe.–Jean — Claude Juncker

When the going gets tough, you have to lie.–Jean — Claude Juncker

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