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When Jane Seymour was born in 1951, her parents didn’t think she’d amount to much. She was their third child and they already had two daughters. But Jane was determined to succeed, and against all odds she became a successful actress, author, and businesswoman. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the inspiring life of Jane Seymour. We’ll see how she overcame obstacles and achieved great things. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll definitely find it in the story of Jane Seymour.

Here are the most known Love, Life, Believing, Face quotes from Jane Seymour, and much more.


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About Jane Seymour

birth of the author

C. 1508

death of the author

24 October 1537

religion of the author

Roman Catholicism


I think the good thing about my face is it has always been expressive. With Botox that goesโ€“not what you want as an actress. โ€” Jane Seymour

I wanted to be a serious actress rather than a pretty face. โ€” Jane Seymour

A lot of actresses I’ve worked with recently have done so much Botox their faces don’t look real anymore. If you freeze everything on your face, you can’t emote. โ€” Jane Seymour

I’m proud of my wrinkles. They give my face character. As an actress, you mess with that at your peril. โ€” Jane Seymour

i wanted to be a serious actress rather than a pretty face Jane Seymour quote


What I love about watercolor is that a lot of happy accidents occur. โ€” Jane Seymour

I love doing comedy. Absolutely love it. After ‘Wedding Crashers,’ people suddenly realized that it was something I could do. โ€” Jane Seymour

Being creative is my idea of heaven. I’m just incredibly fortunate that I can do it in artwork. Watercolor is what I started out with. What I love about watercolor is that a lot of happy accidents occur. โ€” Jane Seymour

I know that the purpose of life is to understand and be in the present moment with the people you love. It’s just that simple. โ€” Jane Seymour

I’m not involved in the politics of religion, but I love what the message is. โ€” Jane Seymour

what i love about watercolor is that a lot of happy accidents occur Jane Seymour quote


Even though I make those movies, I find myself wishing that more of those magic moments could happen in real life. โ€” Jane Seymour

You have to count on living every single day in a way you believe will make you feel good about your lifeโ€“so that if it were over tomorrow, you’d be content with yourself. โ€” Jane Seymour

People treat life as though it’s the dress rehearsal for some big show. It’s not. This is it. โ€” Jane Seymour

In life, when stuff happens the instinct is to close off your heart. By leaving your heart open, it leaves room for someone else to come in. โ€” Jane Seymour

Music has brought me some of the highest moments of my life. I don’t even hear the music. I don’t even hear the notes. I’m not aware that someone has turned on a tape machineโ€“I’m in another world. โ€” Jane Seymour


I have many friends who do not believe in luck; they believe in blessings. Likewise, I do not believe in coincidences; I believe in miracles. โ€” Jane Seymour

I definitely believe in a God and in a higher power, and I definitely take from many different religious cultures. I go to church. โ€” Jane Seymour

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If somebody believes that a certain practice will get them to heaven, and then other people believe a different way of doing it, I think it’s their choice. โ€” Jane Seymour

You cannot do everything at once, so find people you trust to help you. And don’t be afraid to say no. โ€” Jane Seymour

Inspiring Phrases From Jane Seymour

When I’m in the U.K. I can’t resist Maltesers and Twigletsโ€“the evil combination. Luckily, I live in the U.S. so can’t get them easily, which is probably a good thing. โ€” Jane Seymour

i did all the chef boyardee commercials in america when i was young Jane Seymour quote

I did all the Chef Boyardee commercials, in America, when I was young. โ€” Jane Seymour

The family is inclusive of not just your genetic family, but the people that you meet along the way. โ€” Jane Seymour

My Open Hearts Family celebrates not only the traditional family but also extended families that we create from the people we open our hearts to as we journey through life. โ€” Jane Seymour

I’ve had two terrific relationships, but both ended in marriage. โ€” Jane Seymour

I danced with the London Festival at Covent Garden. I’m a ballerina by trade; I’m a ballerina who sings by the way. โ€” Jane Seymour

He also demanded Jane Seymour lie about being at his house. He was tHe most powerful man in hollywood at that time. โ€” Jane Seymour

JANE SEYMOUR Quotes Take Away

As we come to the end of this post, I wanted to leave you with some words of wisdom from Jane Seymour. These quotes are sure to inspire and motivate you in your own life and work. We hope that you have enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If so, please share it with your friends and colleagues. And be sure to check out our courses for more information on how you can improve your business skills.

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