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In today’s blog post, we are going to be discussing the life and quotes compilation of James Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a very successful entrepreneur who has a lot of wisdom and advice to share with entrepreneurs who are just starting out. He has overcome many obstacles in his life, and his best quotes is truly inspiring.

Here are the deepest quotes from James Rodriguez, and much more.


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About James Rodriguez

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Date Of Birth:
12 July 1991

birth of the author

Place Of Birth:
Cรบcuta, Colombia

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1.80 M

Inspiring Phrases From James Rodriguez

When you play and have the support of everyone, it makes a difference. โ€” James Rodriguez

Bayern Munich is as big a club as Real Madrid, if not even bigger. โ€” James Rodriguez

Any player would want to be involved in games against Argentina. โ€” James Rodriguez

I’m a great professional. What’s been said about me going out a lot at night is a lie. โ€” James Rodriguez

when you play and have the support of everyone it makes a difference James Rodriguez quote

What the notโ€“soโ€“good moments gave me at Real Madrid, I think they helped me grow. โ€” James Rodriguez

It’s really flattering to know that a club of Real Madrid’s stature is interested in me. โ€” James Rodriguez

I try every day to grow more and to help the team so we can do well. โ€” James Rodriguez

Various Statements From James Rodriguez

Ancelotti is a great coach, and we talk often. โ€” James Rodriguez

The game in Spain is more about technique and about getting more touches on the ball. That’s why I like it so much. โ€” James Rodriguez

ancelotti is a great coach and we talk often James Rodriguez quote

You have to go to your limit to progress. โ€” James Rodriguez

The most important thing is to try and help the team. โ€” James Rodriguez

Every time you go out to play, you must give everything, even though some days things do not go for you. โ€” James Rodriguez

I’ll play where the gaffer decides: in the middle, on the right, or on the left. โ€” James Rodriguez

It was always my dream to play for Real Madrid, and I’m going to go on living it because I’m staying. โ€” James Rodriguez

you have to go to your limit to progress James Rodriguez quote

More Phrases From James Rodriguez

I was always a Real Madrid fan. I always followed them and always dreamed about being here. โ€” James Rodriguez

Everyone who is close to me knows how I act and that I always look to take good care of myself. โ€” James Rodriguez

With time, you learn to be calmer. โ€” James Rodriguez

I have a great deal of respect for other clubs and admire the good football they play, but ultimately, Real Madrid are Real Madrid. โ€” James Rodriguez

I think it’s something great to win the Champions League with Madrid; it’s something special to be at a club that wants to win something, and I hope we can win it again. โ€” James Rodriguez

with time you learn to be calmer James Rodriguez quote

When you get kicked, you must know that the response is to play better. That is the way I have always thought. That is an extra motivation for me to play better. โ€” James Rodriguez

I’ve liked Real Madrid since the days when Zidane, the Brazilian Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, and Fernando Hierro were around. I’ve been following them religiously since then. โ€” James Rodriguez

Deeper Quotes From James Rodriguez

In football, there is always friction, collisions, contact. But I am used to that. โ€” James Rodriguez

Playing for Real Madrid is my life’s dream. It’d be a privilege to play alongside so many stars. If it happened, I’d enjoy it to the max. โ€” James Rodriguez

I only try to play good soccer. โ€” James Rodriguez

in football there is always friction collisions contact but i am used to that James Rodriguez quote

I believe all the fans want to see nice football, and when things do not go for you, they have the right to whistle. โ€” James Rodriguez

There are always bad games and bad afternoons. โ€” James Rodriguez

Redundant Thematics

In James Rodriguez Statements


Bayern are like Real Madridโ€“a club at the highest level. They always want to win titles and are used to always having to win. Without question, Bayern is a top club. โ€” James Rodriguez

Messi is from another planet. โ€” James Rodriguez

Amazing Thoughts From James Rodriguez

Bayern is an amazing clubโ€“I can imagine playing here for many years. โ€” James Rodriguez

bayern is an amazing club i can imagine playing here for many years James Rodriguez quote

The Bundesliga is very attractive, and I always watched Bayern games as a kid because it’s a very big club. โ€” James Rodriguez

I try to improve every day so that things go well. You must keep training strongly every day. โ€” James Rodriguez

It’s true I play a little deeper for Real Madrid. I can push a little further forward for Colombia. โ€” James Rodriguez

I would love to play in Spain. It would be a dream to play there, as we are talking about the best league in the world. โ€” James Rodriguez

I think having kids is really something so beautiful. โ€” James Rodriguez

i think having kids is really something so beautiful James Rodriguez quote

You always dream to have a great World Cup. โ€” James Rodriguez

Some Interesting Quotes From James Rodriguez

I can play as a No. 8, a No. 10, out wide. Wherever I play, I’ll be happy, I’m sure. โ€” James Rodriguez

If you want to learn and to become somebody, you must sacrifice some things. โ€” James Rodriguez

Players at the top level have to be ready for everything. โ€” James Rodriguez

In a big club, you always want to win titles. โ€” James Rodriguez

i can play as a no 8 a no 10 out wide wherever i play i ll be happy i m sure James Rodriguez quote

In football, you can win or lose. We always have to be together, with the same spirit we’ve always had. โ€” James Rodriguez

I’ve said in the past that I’d like to play in Spain one day, because it is a league that is good technically and where you get a lot of touches on the ball, which is my style. โ€” James Rodriguez

The fans want a nice game, and when not everything goes so well, they have every right to boo. โ€” James Rodriguez

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