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For anyone looking for inspiration in the world of entrepreneurship, James Randi is a great place to start. A man who has never been afraid of a challenge, Randi has overcome incredible odds throughout his career. Despite being born into poverty and spending many years struggling to make a living, Randi has emerged as one of the most successful self-made entrepreneurs in history. This quotes compilation offers an inside look at the life and times of James Randi, complete with lessons that any entrepreneur can learn from. So if you’re feeling down about your own progress, read on – you won’t be disappointed.

We are glad to present you the most inspiring quotes from James Randi, and much more.


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About James Randi

birth of the author

August 7, 1928

death of the author

October 20, 2020

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Canada, United States

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Stage Magician, Scientific Skeptic, Author

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Inspiring Phrases From James Randi

The sleep of reason brings forth monsters — James Randi

Uri Geller may have psychic powers by means of which he can bend spoons; if so, he appears to be doing it the hard way. — James Randi

The New Age? It’s just the old age stuck in a microwave oven for fifteen seconds. — James Randi

Magicians are the most honest people in the world; they tell you they’re gonna fool you, and then they do it. — James Randi

the sleep of reason brings forth monsters James Randi quote

I don’t expect that the million will ever be won, simply because there is no confirming evidence for any paranormal claims to date. — James Randi

I am in a very peculiar business: I travel all over the world telling people what they should already know. — James Randi

Feeling better is not actually being better. — James Randi

Various Statements From James Randi

I do not expect that homeopathy will ever be established as a legitimate form of treatment, but I do expect that it will continue to be popular. — James Randi

The market for nonsense is infinite. — James Randi

the market for nonsense is infinite James Randi quote

Those who believe without reason cannot be convinced by reason. — James Randi

I want to be cremated, and I want my ashes blown in Uri Geller’s eyes. — James Randi

We have fought long and hard to escape from medieval superstition. I, for one, do not wish to go back. — James Randi

Everyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand. — James Randi

No evidence against a firmly–held belief, no matter how good or abundant it may be, will sway the true believer. — James Randi

those who believe without reason cannot be convinced by reason James Randi quote

More Phrases From James Randi

I believe in the basic goodness of my species, because that appears to be a positive tactic and quality that leads to better chances of survival–and in spite of our foolishness, we seem to have survived. — James Randi

The DANGER OF FAITH ‘No amount of belief makes something a fact. — James Randi

A quick example of that is a woman who said she’d been healed of throat cancer where the faith healer admitted he touched her on the forehead. — James Randi

The only difference is that religion is much better organised and has been around much longer, but it’s the same story with different characters and different costumes. — James Randi

Expose every belief to the light of reason, discourse, facts, scientific observations; question everything, be sceptical because this is the only chance at life you will ever get. — James Randi

the danger of faith no amount of belief makes something a fact James Randi quote

I want to be, if I can, as sure of the world––the real world––around me as is possible. Now, you can only attain that to a certain degree, but I want the greatest degree of control. — James Randi

Gods are children’s blankets that get carried over into adulthood. — James Randi

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Deeper Quotes From James Randi

I was not surprised by the results of the Horizon experiments, but I remain willing to observe and consider any and all other tests that are done under similarly precise conditions. — James Randi

No amount of belief makes something a fact. — James Randi

I questioned her further, and eventually got to talk to her doctor. And her doctor sort of shook his head and he said, ‘I have examined her for throat cancer at least 15 times in the past few years. — James Randi

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above’ (James 1:17). — Randy Alcorn

We owe it to our kids to inform them and train them how to think, not what to think. — James Randi

To recognize that nature has neither a preference for our species nor a bias against it takes only a little courage. — James Randi

No matter how smart or well–educated you are, you can be deceived. — James Randi

Amazing Thoughts From James Randi

Heroin also makes people feel better, but I wouldn’t recommend using heroin. — James Randi

heroin also makes people feel better but i wouldn t recommend using heroin James Randi quote

They would have been very let down if they had to leave the theater and he had missed. He would feel badly. Everyone would feel badly. But he never let them down. — James Randi

People who are smart get into Mensa. People who are really smart look around and leave. — James Randi

There is a distinct difference between having an open mind and having a hole in your head from which your brain leaks out. — James Randi

There’s something about the Houdini act that is not always made clear–about the escape act in general. — James Randi

The problem with experiments has always been that human beings make the decisions on whether or not the animals have benefitted from the treatment. — James Randi

One thing that has made a big comeback just recently is this business of speaking with the dead. To my innocent mind, ‘dead’ implies incapable of communicating. — James Randi

JAMES RANDI Quotes Take Away

It is my hope that these quotes have inspired you as much as they have me. I invite you to explore our courses and learn more about how to apply critical thinking in your own life.

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