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When most people think of heavy metal music, the first band that comes to mind is Metallica. Founded in 1981 by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, Metallica has become one of the most successful and influential heavy metal bands in history. Over the years, they have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide and won eight Grammy Awards. Despite their success, Metallica has endured its share of ups and downs, including drug addiction, violence, and even a death in the family. In this blog post, we will take a look at the life of James Hetfield, from his humble beginnings to his current success as a rockstar.

Here are the most interesting quotes from James Hetfield, and much more.


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About James Hetfield

birth of the author

August 3, 1963

genre of the author

Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Speed Metal

occupation of the author

Musician, Songwriter

instrument of the author

Vocals, Guitar

date of the author

Years Active:

institution of the author

Warner Bros., Elektra, Megaforce, Blackened

productions of the author

Associated Acts:
Metallica, Spastik Children, Leather Charm

Inspiring Phrases From James Hetfield

Everybody is born good and everybody has got the same size soul. We’re here to connect with that. โ€” James Hetfield

Every band that I’ve known that has done side projects or things like thatโ€“I don’t respect them anymore. โ€” James Hetfield

We’d record a song that people liked and wanted to hear on the radio, and the radio wouldn’t play it because it was too long. Or they wanted to edit it, which we wouldn’t allow. โ€” James Hetfield

Nothing’s really a prized possession except my family, you know? โ€” James Hetfield

nothing s really a prized possession except my family you know James Hetfield quote

Authority pisses me off. I think everyone should be able to drink and get loud whenever they want. โ€” James Hetfield

No one but me can save myself though its too late, death greets me warm, now i will just say goodbye. โ€” James Hetfield

Metallica is the world to meโ€“it always has been, and that’s not going to change. I’m married to Metallica. โ€” James Hetfield

Various Statements From James Hetfield

Trios aren’t really geared for slide unless you’re gonna play chords, or play that simple George Thorogood style. It gets pretty thin when you play single note lines. โ€” James Hetfield

When you’re an actor and you walk into a theatre where your movie is playing, you’re kinda proud. ‘Look at my skill! โ€” James Hetfield

metallica is a wonderful key to have on my key ring i can go anywhere it s great James Hetfield quote

We discovered how much money influences certain things work in United States. How things might seem okay on the outside, but internally, they’re corrupt. โ€” James Hetfield

Metallica is a wonderful key to have on my key ring. I can go anywhereโ€“it’s great. โ€” James Hetfield

Most of my guitars have been instruments that look cool. I’m not picky. I never think, ‘Oh, this neck isn’t made of ebony,’ or, ‘These strings don’t feel correct.’ It doesn’t matter too much. โ€” James Hetfield

I like a women who’s got some balls, some strength. As long as I can beat her at arm wrestling, that’s fine. โ€” James Hetfield

Any time somebody is into your band that’s a good thing. And if they’re in a really cool, really popular band, that’s a better thing. โ€” James Hetfield

More Phrases From James Hetfield

One time we saw some hookers but when we got closer we realized it was Motley Crue. โ€” James Hetfield

Dying, dying, someone told me just recently, dying is easy. Living is hard. For everyone. โ€” James Hetfield

Life is for my own to live my own way. โ€” James Hetfield

If you’re into what you’re playing, that’s the most important thing. โ€” James Hetfield

As far as artists and musicians, they don’t retire. They might tour less. โ€” James Hetfield

one time we saw some hookers but when we got closer we realized it was motley crue James Hetfield quote

There was so much good and different music back then and you’d just keep moving through it and discovering more new stuff. I went through my Black Sabbath phase before I even started playing guitar. โ€” James Hetfield

When people start copying your style, you know that something must be happening. โ€” James Hetfield

Deeper Quotes From James Hetfield

Don’t look back, because that’s the sign of failure. โ€” James Hetfield

Aqualung is one that my brother turned me onto. It wasn’t that hardโ€“rocking, but Martin Barre had a really good sound. He knew what he was doing. โ€” James Hetfield

Rap is just to me very annoying. โ€” James Hetfield

don t look back because that s the sign of failure James Hetfield quote

Just like the poles of a magnet, some people are drawn to death and others are repulsed by it, but we all have to deal with it. โ€” James Hetfield

I was pretty quiet as a child. I kind of hung out with my family and listened to music and sh*t. I wasn’t too outgoing at all. โ€” James Hetfield

Redundant Thematics

In James Hetfield Statements


I was pretty quiet as a child. โ€” James Hetfield

I wanted to make noise, not study theory. โ€” James Hetfield

Amazing Thoughts From James Hetfield

People always complain about something. If you face yourself and stand up strong, you’re OK. You can’t go wrong. โ€” James Hetfield

i d rather regret doing something than not doing something James Hetfield quote

I’d rather regret doing something than not doing something. โ€” James Hetfield

Music is the soundtrack to my life. โ€” James Hetfield

My vocals are bad, I can’t sing, hey man, I wouldn’t ask you to do a drum roll if your arm was falling off. โ€” James Hetfield

If I hadn’t had music in my life, it’s quite possible I’d be dead and I’d much rather be alive. โ€” James Hetfield

It’s a good feeling, that you can put your heart out there, no matter how black it is, and people can understand it. โ€” James Hetfield

music is the soundtrack to my life James Hetfield quote

My whole life was duality: Here’s my life at home, here’s my life on the road. โ€” James Hetfield

Some Interesting Quotes From James Hetfield

I’m not generally a big solo guy, because I’m not into showing off that way. โ€” James Hetfield

Nothing can duplicate the sheer power and feeling you get from standing in front of your amp and bashing on your guitar. โ€” James Hetfield

I’d like to have a beerโ€“holder on my guitar like they have on boats. โ€” James Hetfield

You want to hear vocals? Go sing it. โ€” James Hetfield

i m not generally a big solo guy because i m not into showing off that way James Hetfield quote

I associate times with certain music. It still is that for me. It’s telling the story of our lives. โ€” James Hetfield

The fans like the idea we do what we want. It’s not an act. Screw the record company and the beaten path. Without MTV or radio, we still have a huge underground following. โ€” James Hetfield

I don’t remember doing anything else; I don’t remember not living in the studio. I’m itching for people to hear this album because I’m sick of hearing it myself. โ€” James Hetfield


James Hetfield is a man with a lot of wisdom to share, and weโ€™re grateful he took the time to sit down with us for an interview. His words of inspiration will help you power through your next challenge. We hope you enjoyed these inspiring quotes from James Hetfield and that they gave you the boost you need to achieve your goals. If youโ€™re looking for more motivation, be sure to check out our courses. Theyโ€™ll give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in any area of life.

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