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James bond, the infamous British secret agent, has a story that is both thrilling and mysterious. Though his quotes compilation is not entirely known, we can piece together some of the most interesting parts of his life from the few scraps of information that are available. This blog post will explore some of the most captivating aspects of bond’s life and how they have contributed to his larger-than-life persona.

Here are the best Bond, Life Famous quotes from James Bond, and much more.


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About James Bond

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Ian Fleming

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Casino Royale

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I’ve always reverted to a sense of childhood, just in everyday life. — Daniel Craig

Any voices or fantasies, he lives with. Those are his everyday life things. — Daniel Craig

If I wanted to make spy movies for the rest of my life, that would be one thing, but I don’t want to just make spy movies. — Daniel Craig

I didn’t want to do a zoo show. I didn’t want to do a study of someone with mental illness. I just wanted to show someone who was trying to live their life. — Daniel Craig

I’ve seen a lot in my life, and everybody goes down the dark, winding staircase eventually. It’s a bad place to be and that’s why having good friends is always essential. Those are the people who pull you out. — Daniel Craig

Although I’m not from London originally: I moved down here when I was 16, so it’s played a part in my life. It’s where I’ve lived for all that time. — Daniel Craig

I just wanted to play a cowboy for a long time. — Daniel Craig


The last thing on earth I wanted was to make a Bond movie. — Daniel Craig

I’m not James Bond. There’s your headline! It’s very clear to me that he’s the furthest from my character that it’s possible to be. It’s somebody I play. — Daniel Craig

The days of the misogynistic Bond are sort of over. — Daniel Craig

Even the worst Bond movies, there’s something to love about them. — Daniel Craig

I know it’s surprising, but there is a generation of people who haven’t seen a Bond movie. They have no idea what it is. I want to entertain them as much as anyone else. — Daniel Craig

I’d like to see (the films) go back to the books. I think (the films) need to be dirtier. I think that you should feel the man playing Bond could die at any moment. You don’t feel that any more. — Daniel Craig

Nothing is stopping me from doing anything. I haven’t got a golden handcuff. — Daniel Craig

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It’s a huge challenge, a huge responsibility. Bond is a huge iconic figure in movie history. These opportunities don’t come along very often so I thought, ‘Why not?’ — Daniel Craig

I watched every single Bond movie three or four times, taking in everything I could about how the character had been portrayed in the past, then threw all that away once I started doing the role. — Daniel Craig

I was sick and tired of being an English actor who did a lot of American movies because I was cheap and good. — Daniel Craig

Who is James Bond?

James Bond is a British literary and film character. He is often depicted as a peerless spy, notorious womanizer, and masculine icon.

Intimate scenes on a movie set are just dry, bizarre things; people standing around. — Daniel Craig

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I never really had a strong accent. — Daniel Craig

It didn’t even really matter how good the band was–if someone could keep a beat, then you were prepared to jump up and down and smash around. — Daniel Craig

You know, I think the film business is its own worst enemy because it sells movies on DVD footage and ‘behind the scenes,’ and now it’s a real struggle trying to keep storylines and plotlines a secret. — Daniel Craig

Various Statements From James Bond

The movie business is based on criminals. Some of them are in movies and some of them make movies. — Daniel Craig

There is, come to think of it, a kind of Judi Dench quality to McCain. — Daniel Craig

I try not the count chickens, and I really do because there’s no point because you go crazy. I’m very happy with the way this is working out. If they do another movie I’d love to do, and we’ll fit in it. — Daniel Craig

Action movies live and die by the story that you’re trying to tell. It’s hard. It’s very difficult to do an action movie that stays engaging. — Daniel Craig

I just think that the collective experience of going to see a film is something you can’t recreate. — Daniel Craig

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