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Ivana Trump’s life is the embodiment of the American Dream. She came from humble beginnings in Czechoslovakia, and built an empire through hard work, determination, and savvy business acumen. Ivana has been a successful businesswoman, model, author, and reality TV star. Despite her many accomplishments, she is perhaps best known for her tumultuous marriage to Donald Trump. This blog post will explore Ivana Trump’s life and career in detail.

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About Ivana Trump

birth of the author

February 20, 1949

country of the author

Czech Republic United States

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Alma Mater:
Charles University

occupation of the author

Businesswoman, Designer, Author, Model

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Life is life, so try to enjoy it. You only have one life. โ€” Ivana Trump

I have a very active social life. It may look glamorous, and it is, but it also takes an enormous amount of time. โ€” Ivana Trump

I believe that two people can meet and enrich each other’s lives. I’d say that about my parents. But I think it is harder and harder to commit to only one person in a lifetime. โ€” Ivana Trump

One should never live with regrets or with ‘what if.’ I’ve loved the good times, and I have learned from the bad. All in all, it’s been a pretty fabulous life for me. โ€” Ivana Trump

life is life so try to enjoy it you only have one life Ivana Trump quote

There are three things in life I really don’t like: Rice pudding. Social climbersโ€“you know, hangโ€“ons! And the photo shoot! โ€” Ivana Trump

Life is meant for living.. I know that sounds simplistic, but how many days do you let slip by without really doing something, accomplishing something, making a life change, a lifestyle change? โ€” Ivana Trump

I tell you, if I’m going to go through a divorce, I would date again a younger man. Because I have so much energy, there’s no way an older man can keep up with me. โ€” Ivana Trump

Inspiring Phrases From Ivana Trump

What I know is that my upbringing was always the man was the head of the family. It’s a European tradition. We always look up to the man. But this is old times. Now what I believe is that I’m definitely equal. โ€” Ivana Trump

Believe in yourself.. in all you can do.. and for you, the deals will start to work in your favor. You need to be open to such deals, and they will come, I assure you. โ€” Ivana Trump

there s nothing my housekeeper does that i can t do and maybe better Ivana Trump quote

I’m a single parent, a working mother, an executive, and an author. My greatest accomplishment will be to raise three wonderful children. โ€” Ivana Trump

There’s nothing my housekeeper does that I can’t doโ€“and maybe better! โ€” Ivana Trump

I like to live. I like to dance. I like to eat. I like to work and I like my family. I like to enjoy. And.. knock on wood.. it’s nice that I can live this way. โ€” Ivana Trump

In each of my homes, I have a leopard room. I don’t know why, but I do. It’s like my lounge next to the dressing rooms. โ€” Ivana Trump

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I run my operation like a family business. I sign every check, every receipt, I’m not tough, but I’m strong. โ€” Ivana Trump

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Gorgeous hair is the best revenge. โ€” Ivana Trump

Ladies, you have to be strong and independent, and remember, don’t get mad, get everything. โ€” Ivana Trump

In Positano, I like the San Pietro Hotel, which is run by a friend whose family has owned the hotel for more than 100 years. โ€” Ivana Trump

Family is the root of all that is good in our lives, and I am so grateful for mine. โ€” Ivana Trump

IVANA TRUMP Quotes Take Away

Ivana Trump is a powerful businesswoman and mother. She has been quoted saying many wise things about the importance of hard work, resilience, and self-confidence. We hope these quotes have inspired you as much as they have inspired us. If you are looking for more inspiration, or want to learn how to start and grow your own business, be sure to check out our courses. We offer both online and in-person training that will give you all the tools you need to achieve success.

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