The Best Internet quotes

We all know that the internet is a powerful tool with vast potential for knowledge and communication. But sometimes it’s nice to take a break from work and reflect on the funny, profound, or simply ridiculous things that people have said about it. Below you’ll find a compilation of some of our favorite internet quotes- from entrepreneurs and regular folk alike.


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The best internet quotes

1. Unfortunately I think the Internet knows more about me than I do. I usually look it up to see what I’m going to be doing that next week. — Travis Pastrana

2. The internet is not for sissies. — Paul Vixie

3. The Internet is an élite organization; most of the population of the world has never even made a phone call. — Noam Chomsky

4. Like the early days of the Internet, the dawn of personal genomics promises benefits and pitfalls that no one can foresee. — Steven Pinker

5. Texting, even browsing the Internet–all these things can attract monsters. — Rick Riordan

6. To a man with an internet connection, every thought and every movement sounds like a tweet or status update. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

7. The problem with quotes on The internet is that people immediately believe in Their auThenticity. — Vladimir Lenin

8. All creative people want to do the unexpected. ~ Hedy Lamarr’–Daniel Kellmereit (The Silent Intelligence — The Internet

9. Even with censorship, the Internet is a force for change. — Peter Singer

10. Television saved the movies. The Internet is going to save the news business. — Matt Drudge

11. If you don’t see the Internet as an opportunity, it will become a threat. In two or three year’s time, the Internet will become as commonplace in the office as the telephone. — Tony Blair

12. Stop treating internet like it’s a different thing and start focusing on what you actually want your society to look like. — Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi

13. We must all rise to the challenge to demonstrate that security and prosperity in the Internet age are not only compatible with liberty, they ultimately depend on it. — Rebecca MacKinnon

14. Internet is puberty of society. — Mohit Parikh, Manan

15. I don’t play computer games. What I do is yell at my secretary and say, ‘Go on the Internet, and find this or that.’ — Steve Wynn

16. The internet, since it is publicly created, ought to be publicly controlled. — Noam Chomsky

17. I’m very excited about having the Internet in my den. — Steve Jobs

18. It’s great that with the Internet, there has come this sense of creative independence. — Tavi Gevinson

19. You can’t regulate what these kids are being exposed to on the Internet. It’s so way out of control. All you can do is just try to talk to your own kids. — Pamela Adlon

20. I’d rather use Windows and Internet Explorer in Hell than I’d use Linux and Mozilla Firefox in Heaven! — Steve Ballmer

21. I think it’s important for people who love music to retain physical CDs or even vinyl, because it sounds so great and so much warmer than music over the internet. — Norah Jones

22. I’m a babe in the woods when it comes to the Internet. — Peter Benchley

23. Mobile internet will be the single–most defining technology of this century for human development. — Mukesh Ambani

24. If you’re insulting people on the internet, you must be ugly on the inside. — Phil Lester

25. Trump is an internet troll. — Rush Limbaugh

26. People live too much of their lives on email or the Internet or text messages these days. We’re losing all of our communication skills. — Tracy Morgan

27. I am not a big technology person. I don’t go on the Internet really much at all. Drawing is like a zen thing; it’s private, which in this day and age is harder to come by. — Tim Burton

28. My constant focus is on being better. Should I be doing multimedia video production? Or seminars on the Internet? How can I do what I’m already doing in a more forceful way? — Oprah Winfrey

29. The internet in general and social networking sites in particular are making people more reclusive than social. — Sharanya Haridas

30. I looked back, but Bast and Sadie seemed fine. They were still staring at the water as if it were some amazing Internet video. — Rick Riordan

31. Like anything else, you can use the Internet for good or ill. You can get out of it what you want to. There’s no evil about it. The way I see it, it’s a liberation. — Willie Nelson

32. The most important ways in which I think the Internet will affect the big issue is that it will make it more difficult for government to collect taxes. — Milton Friedman

33. I’m not even worried about the Internet, that ain’t even my thing. I’m not even an Internet guy. You rarely even see me into that. — Shy Glizzy

34. The Internet provides a delivery system for pathological states of mind. — Phillip Adams

35. It is extremely obvious to me that the internet is a religious phenomenon — Peter Lamborn Wilson, Millennium

36. Don’t you realize the Internet is just a way for millions of sad people to be completely alone together? — Wayne Gladstone, Notes from the Internet Apocalypse

37. Along with this rapid growth of forms of communication at our disposal–be it fax, phone, email, internet or whatever–human solitude will increase in direct proportion. — Werner Herzog

38. The Open Internet principles were not legal rules adopted by the FCC they were effectively a press statement posted on the FCC website. — Marvin Ammori

39. Live in the library, for Christ’s sake! Don’t live on your goddamn computers and the internet and all that crap. Go to the library! — Ray Bradbury

40. Solving Criminal case with wasting time on Internet , And your Future Cases will Pending Untouched Till the End and you never realize that. — Yaganesh Derasari

41. To hell with you. To hell with you and to hell with the Internet. — Ray Bradbury

42. Understand that I am even ignored by the opposite sex on the internet. — Vann Chow, Shanghai Nobody

43. Without sounding too cliche, the Internet really is the birth of global mind. — Terence Mckenna

44. I don’t have time, you know–I want to be able to get it [information] instantly on the internet and not have to think about it. Well, there is that phenomenon as well. — Noam Chomsky

45. The Internet has definitely opened doors and leveled the playing field for musicians. — Vivian Campbell

46. So rather than face the bitter truth, China has placed severe restrictions on the Internet and enlisted America’s high–tech companies as their Internet police. — Tom Lantos

47. It definitely changed the game. I happen to be in the game around [the time] when the internet kicked in. — Young Jeezy

48. It’s difficult for people to separate us, the internet wants to freeze this moment in time and constantly repeat it. — Selena Gomez

49. Internet] is amazing as much as human beings can be amazing, and it’s debased and depraved and vile as human beings can be. — Werner Herzog

50. Lord knows, if it’s on the internet, it’s got to be true! — Shawn Michaels


Internet can be a powerful tool for communication and knowledge. It can bring people together, help us learn new things, and revolutionize the way we do business. It can also be a source of great inspiration. The following quotes capture some of the best thoughts about the internet and its potential. They remind us that the internet is a powerful tool that can be used for good, and that it can help us reach our goals, no matter how lofty they may be. Let these words of wisdom inspire you to make the most of the internet and use it for good.

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