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Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor, singer and producer. He made his debut as Wolverine in the first X-Men film back in 2000, and has since starred in a number of other successful films including Les Misérables (2012) and The Greatest Showman (2017). Hugh’s most recent project is The Front Runner which tells the story of Senator Gary Hart’s 1988 presidential campaign.
Hugh was born on October 12th 1968 to parents Christopher Jackman and Grace McNeil. It wasn’t until he was 18 that he discovered his love for acting when he played Romeo in a production at Sydney Grammar School.

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About Hugh Jackman

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12 October 1968

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Australia, United Kingdom

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University Of Technology Sydney, Edith Cowan University

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Actor, Singer, Producer

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I would love to have a robot at home. — Hugh Jackman

I always felt love from both my parents. — Hugh Jackman


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One of things I’d love to do one day is a Shakespeare with Trevor Nunn. I’ve done musicals with him, but never Shakespeare. There’s no one better. — Hugh Jackman

One thing that I love about World Vision is every place they go, they go in with an exit plan, they don’t want people dependent on them. — Hugh Jackman

i would love to have a robot at home Hugh Jackman quote

Write down five things you love to do. Next, write down five things that you’re really good at. Then just try to match them up! Revisit your list once a year to make sure you’re on the right track. — Hugh Jackman

Your marriage goes to a whole new level. You not only fall in love with your wife in a new way, but you’re forced to pull together. You have to become a united front. — Hugh Jackman

I work extremely hard doing what I love, mainly to ensure that I don’t have to work extremely hard doing what I hate. — Hugh Jackman

I just love making a fool out of myself. I made my living as a clown at kids’ parties for about three years. — Hugh Jackman


Rip that great man , that great actor . — Hugh Jackman

rip that great man that great actor Hugh Jackman quote

If I meet someone at a bus stop, I want to really meet that person. I don’t want to be ‘Hugh Jackman, the famous actor.’ — Hugh Jackman

I’m an actor who believes we all have triggers to any stage of emotion. It’s not always easy to find but it’s still there. — Hugh Jackman

I always think the great parts outlive the actors that play them and that’s a stage tradition, that goes back hundreds of years and it should be that way. — Hugh Jackman

My gosh, I love food. If I wasn’t an actor, I could be a completely different body shape right now. — Hugh Jackman

I don’t think many actors are the best judge of careers. I think generally we have good instincts about what we can do in terms of acting. And often they become directors, which I don’t want to be. — Hugh Jackman


In life you don’t regret the things you do, you regret the things you don’t do. — Hugh Jackman

Life has ups and it has downs. I don’t care who you are. — Hugh Jackman

Look, my philosophy in life is expect nothing and everything is a bonus. — Hugh Jackman

But in another world, another life, probably growing up in another country, I might have been more of a dancer. — Hugh Jackman

I truly believe that the job of an actor and the drive of an actor is simulating the internal journey in life which is to get deeper and deeper into our understanding of who we are. — Hugh Jackman

in life you don t regret the things you do you regret the things you don t do Hugh Jackman quote

For me that’s one of the great indulgences in life–a hand–tailored suit, and a great pair of handmade shoes. — Hugh Jackman

I’m quite an independent person, and I had to be. As a boy and growing into a young man I had to look out for myself. And now I’m very family–oriented. It’s a big priority in my life. — Hugh Jackman

I can look back on my life, where there have been moments where things might have gone the other way. Everything is like stepping stones, and I’ve seen people I admire falter. We’re all vulnerable. — Hugh Jackman

It dawned on me that acting was what I wanted to do with my life. Nothing had ever touched my heart like acting did. — Hugh Jackman

There comes a certain point in life when you have to stop blaming other people for how you feel or the misfortunes in your life. You can’t go through life obsessing about what might have been. — Hugh Jackman

life has ups and it has downs i don t care who you are Hugh Jackman quote

I think the most interesting question is, why do you act? I act because I have felt in acting some of the most free moments of my life…I think it’s also one thing that scares me the most. — Hugh Jackman

Nothing has ever opened my eyes like transcendental meditation has. It makes me calm and happy, and, well, it gives me some peace and quiet in what’s a pretty chaotic life! — Hugh Jackman

I don’t think I knew how going to Ethiopia would affect my life, through a very simple choice of buying fair–trade coffee, we can take part in change. — Hugh Jackman


A film is the director’s medium. The theater is an actor’s. — Hugh Jackman

I think I may have been the only person to be rewarded charitably and get a tax deduction for swearing on film! — Hugh Jackman

a film is the director s medium the theater is an actor s Hugh Jackman quote

I meditated before I hosted the Oscars, I meditate before I go on stage, I meditate in the morning and lunchtime when I’m on a film set. — Hugh Jackman

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I come from the theater, so for me rehearsal is vital and a way of life. There are many film directors who don’t believe in it and some actors who prefer not to rehearse. — Hugh Jackman

But anyone who’s done a musical knows; whether you’re dancing or not, physically it’s the most difficult thing you can do. — Hugh Jackman


I’ve dreamt of being in a movie musical for a long time. For some reason I never even thought ‘Les Mis’ would be possible. — Hugh Jackman

I have two kids, career and I travel, and I don’t think my life is any different than most couples. The most valuable commodity now for many people is time and how to parcel that out. — Hugh Jackman

i ve never been on a film when an entire cast signs up for the entire time Hugh Jackman quote

I’ve never been on a film when an entire cast signs up for the entire time. — Hugh Jackman

I have two children and it’s amazing how in tune they are with nature, with light, with smells, with time. — Hugh Jackman

I know aussIes are not known for leavIng the party at the rIght tIme but( after) 17 years, It’s tIme to leave the party. — Hugh Jackman

I like to dress up in a tailored suit from time to time, and there’s a tailor I go to in Naples who’s fantastic. But if I told anyone his name, I’d have to kill them. — Hugh Jackman

I had a bad back for a couple of years. I had to do a lot of physiotherapy for it. What I couldn’t understand at the time was why the therapists had me doing a lot of stomach work. — Hugh Jackman

My dad’s main client was the World Bank, and he spent most of his time traveling to Third World countries. His particular interest lay in the eradication of poverty through development and business. — Hugh Jackman

Boring’ can be a lot of fun. Especially if it’s on your own terms. — Hugh Jackman


If I weren’t getting paid or didn’t have a character like Wolverine to maintain, I would just be a tall, lean, fit guy. — Hugh Jackman

There was a whole display set up of all the X–Men paraphernalia. My wife couldn’t resist telling this 5–year–old boy that I was Wolverine. The little kid looked up at me and he was staring at me. — Hugh Jackman

Now I meet people with full–color Wolverine tattoos on their backs. Thank God I did okay, because I think if I hadn’t, they’d spit on me in the street. — Hugh Jackman

It’s absolutely physically demanding to play the role of Wolverine. There’s a lot of action, and I try to do as much of it as I can because it’s better for the audience. — Hugh Jackman

When you dance, your body just wants to find its natural weight. I’m naturally a lot more Tommy Tune than I am Wolverine. — Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine was fired from his job as a cashier in a newsagents after just six weeks because his boss said, ‘he talks too much to customers’. He can talk to me all day. — Hugh Jackman

Wolverine was created in the ’60s, but he feels like a ’70s character in every way. More Dirty Harry, more politically incorrect, the hair, the mutton chops. — Hugh Jackman

When you’re playing an icon like Wolverine, it’s sometimes better to be someone that nobody knows because they don’t know what to expect. I don’t mind a little bit of anonymity; it helps on the subway. — Hugh Jackman

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