How to quit screen addiction and get 1000 extra hours?

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Lacking time?

The average person wastes +1,000 hours yearly on screens (not including working or studying).

Where would your life be with 1000 extra hours?

Maybe you could speak fluently a few more languages, drive a plane, dominate the market, play piano, travel the world or simply become the greatest for the people you care.

I realized too late how many hours I was wasting on screens. Back then, I was a huge social media and streaming addict. Although I had a lot of ambition, I had 0 motivation and would barely make progress on anything.

Those wasted hours are gone forever… but I strongly believe we deserve better as Human Beings.

Because you subscribed to the waiting list of the Digital Purge, I bet you could benefit from the insights I’ve learned during those years trying to quit my digital addictions.

Everything is here, packed in an actionable 7-day step-by-step course. What works to quit and rewire, nothing more, nothing less.

Can’t tell you how much progress you’ll start feeling after starting it. Some students are already saving up to 22 weekly hours. It’s 95h per month, 1147h per year!

PS: As you subscribed to the waiting list, you are getting a huge early price!

Until then, stay strong.
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