How to Know If Someone Likes You – 6+ Sure Signs to Find Out

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Between what people say and what they really think, there is a big gap.

This can be confusing at first if you are trying to figure out how they perceive your relation. It can be a friend or a crush or even your husband / wife. If it’s your case, you are going to need an other level of lecture in order to understand and see what is really happening here.

the problem

Let’s say you like someone but do not know if the other person has the same feelings for you or not, and the worst part is you can’t even ask them and even if you do, you are not sure how to interpret the answer?

the solution

What if we tell you there is a secret way to figure it out on your own? Yes, there are signs you can secretly read to get the answers without asking anyone.

If you find that this ‘special someone’ shows following signs then be assured that they have feelings for you.

body language reveals if someone likes you

The person looks into Your Eyes While Talking

If you are having a conversation with that person then he/she will make direct eye contact. You will often find them looking your way and smiling. It is said that eyes are a window to the soul so finding their hidden feelings through this window is not that hard. Their eyes may communicate what their mouth cannot.

Sends Indirect Hints Your Way

If someone likes you but does not want to declare their feelings yet, then there is definitely a reason that is stopping them from expressing their heart. You will still find them sending you indirect hints like enjoying long conversations over texts, leaning towards you when sitting together, touching your arm lightly when talking, offering you their coat when you’re cold, flirting over phone, and hesitant to do the same when you both are face-to-face.

Behavior Changes When You’re Around

Your presence matters a lot to someone who has developed feelings for you. When you are around them they blush over little compliments. You will notice them get nervous and start fidgeting. They will laugh over your silly jokes. You may notice it or not, people in your group will notice this change for sure.

Where mind goes, heart follows

Listens to Everything You Say Cautiously

Scrolling through social media, while talking to someone, has become a very common habit these days. But if you are conversing with someone who likes you then you will notice that they pay full attention to you ignoring everything else completely. They will remember the information you are providing to use it someday just to surprise you.

Always Looking for You

Another sign to check if someone likes you or not is to see if your absence matters to them or not. If you are absent they will either contact you or look for your friends to ask them the reason behind your absence. You will notice that spending time with you makes them happy and your little compliments bring a cute blush on their face.

Presence, proximity and caring

Takes Care of You without Expecting Much in Return

It is natural to care for someone you like genuinely. Most of the time we do not expect something in return, we just do it to make sure they are doing okay. We provide healthy meals if they get sick, assist in handling something hard to do, and always stand beside to provide a helping hand whenever they need it. So if you notice such gestures then there are high chances they like you.

Familiar with Your Likes and Dislikes

The person who likes you will remember everything they come to know about you. Any information that you might have shared unconsciously will help them know you more. You may not know their likes or dislikes but they will be aware of your favorite food, color, restaurant, sports team, music band, and other similar things.

Always Ready to Help You

If someone likes you they will not think twice before providing assistance you need. You will not even have to ask them as they will always be aware of your needs. They will be generous and helpful towards you and you might often find them asking you with genuine concern ‘’Are you okay?’’ or ‘’Do you need any help?’’.