How to create memes for free? The best apps & tools

Memes account for the major traffic towards blogs, social media and other forums. By being able to create an effective meme you are capable of driving visitors to specific content that you have online. Here we look at a few unassuming steps to create good memes.

The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.


    The success setup

    Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.


      There is no denying the fact that memes play a huge role in today’s internet share of traffic. Loads of people create memes for free which become overnight sensation which in turn attracts traffic to their content, website or blog. However, creating memes is one thing and making them popular is another. If you wish to create memes for free that can make a difference to your traffic and visitors it is important that you keep in mind a few things before you get started. These things would help you not just create good memes by pictures or videos but also help you reach your target audience in no time at all.

      A bit of meme culture

      Memes are not just images. They are part of an whole culture and communities.

      An other research showed that the majority of memes comes from Reddit and 4chan.

      Here you can learn about the different types of memes.

      1. Create your Memes:

      Many people assume that meme creation by way of pictures or videos is not an easy task. However, this is a misconception as there are hundreds of free applications on the internet which can help you create memes for free in no time at all. Meme generator is the other name of applications that people use to create good memes.

      Here are some of them:

      KapWing meme maker

      All you are required to do is find a meme image and upload it on to these applications. Arrange, organize and size the content for best viewing on all devices. Add all the required text that you want in the pictures or videos you have uploaded. The last step is to just download the meme and then share it on your blog, website or social media.

      This is the simplest way to create memes for free although the more complex memes involve using graphic designers and developers. Using these technically sound people may cost you more than the DIY (Do it Yourself) method through applications that are available for free.

      Ideally, you want your memes to relate on your audience, their problems, wonders or anything they can recognize into. Here is an example of memes for entrepreneurs we did for our website.

      2. Popularizing Your Meme:

      Effective meme creation always go hand in hand with being able to popularize it. By following current trends and commenting on it using memes can give you good results. They can be political with a pinch of humour attached to it for the best potential output. You may also choose the current trending topics that are not political for meme creation. However, the meme that you create should be eye catching at the same time unique in its own ways. No one would like to view, like, share and promote memes that are copied from other sources. So, ensuring that your memes are unique is very important to ensure that it gets maximum exposure and popularity among people.

      Ways of Getting Your Meme Noticed:

      Getting the appropriate attention for your meme is very important towards getting people to view it. You can post these memes on communities on social media which have good exposure. There are also channels that are available on YouTube where you can upload your memes along with media. Always remember that audio and video memes have better popularity rates than memes with no visual and sound effects.

      Faster Loading and Mobile Friendly Memes:

      Apart from all the above-mentioned things you would have to ensure that the page you post your memes load fast. This would mean that the memes that you create should be light and not consume massive amounts of bandwidth. You should also ensure that your memes are mobile and handheld devices friendly. This is because most people these days choose to use handheld devices to browse the internet than any other methods available. So, creating memes that load fast and, on all devices, can give your meme the best exposure, attract visitors and reach the desired audience.

      How to create memes for free: take away

      Once you are able to take care of the few things mentioned you can be assured that your memes are effective, popular and are able to attract viewers.

      Afterall, there is no point in creating memes if you do not have people viewing, sharing and commenting on it. So, always keep these few things in mind before you start creating a video or memes on images. Adding audio can be an additional plus for your memes so as to make it more effective and attractive for the audience or visitors that you target in general.

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