How to Create a Viral Video?


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Everyone loves a video that can give them something new to talk about.

This is why content marketers are always on the search on “how to create a viral video” because they want to attract the attention of their targeted audience for some moments and keep it focused on their brand. If you want to learn more on how to make your brand famous on social medias, check this section full of free resources.

What is a viral video?

Simply put, a viral video is one that gets a large number of people talking about it, whether negatively or positively. They usually create a wave on the internet and get shared quicker than other videos.

How to create a viral video?

Though making a video that keeps a wide audience engaged is not an easy task, it is definitely not an impossible one. Creating a viral video is a key that would successfully build awareness of your brand and take your business to the next level. Unfortunately, not everyone uses this key successfully. You must know that viral videos most times don’t just happen, they are intentional. It is imperative you know how to create a viral video to use this key to take your brand to the next level.

Below are some useful tips you can use in achieving your goals.

Make the first 10 seconds count

Digital age has made human attention span grow shorter and shorter. With just a single click, one can skip contents they find irrelevant. People won’t hang around to view your video if it doesn’t appeal to them, after all they pay to surf the net. Statistics have proven that less than 30% of viewers gets past the first 10 seconds of a video.

Appeal to emotions

It is commonly said that people won’t remember what you said, but will remember how you made them feel. Humans are extremely emotional. A fundamental secret to making your videos viral is to make them appeal to your audiences’ emotions. Making videos that evoke feelings of anger, awe, anxiety, sadness, joy, surprise, etc. in them will motivate them to share your videos

Discuss trending topics

Hook your topics to existing popular trends that are making waves. It could be on anything from celebrities to global events to trending movies of the month. Speaking the language of your target audience and creating videos to suit their interest will increase the chances of them viewing and sharing your content to their own contact points.

Tell a viral story

One common quality of viral videos is that they tell a story. Telling stories is one way to keep people engaged. Trying to create a video for your products, then ditch the promotions and tell a story of how your products solves a problem to increase your brand awareness.

Do the unexpected

Do something out of the norm, try to think outside the box. Create something that is not expected by your audience but also intriguing to them. Anyways, when taking this bold step, know that you may not always get on their good side. But hey! Bad publicity is also publicity too right? After all, the concept of ‘virality’ is to get people talking about you and your brand.

Connect with your audience

Creating videos that appeal and speak personally to your audience must be your goal. Use social media insight tools to get information about the kind of contents your audience find most engaging. Just don’t create a video you like and expect it to make waves. If you are ever tempted to do this, just remember that no audience means no virality.

Make sense without sounds

You must learn how to create videos that pass your message without relying too much on sounds. The truth is that most social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram usually start playing videos without sounds. Also, some of your viewers don’t understand your language and others can’t play the audios because of their location. While sounds should be a captivating factor for your video, it should not be ‘the captivating factor’.

Focus on a single viral message

Don’t beat around the bush when creating your video content or incorporate too many messages in it. Your video content should be straight to the point with a single relatable message.

Create a twist in your video

Your audience are always trying to guess your story; do not give them the chance to. Strive to create an element of surprise, build anticipation in them by keeping them on their toes.

Develop your viral strategy

Getting a little help should not be considered ‘cheating’, it should be one of the strategies you use to go viral. Try paying for sponsored post to get your videos published to a wide range of audience interested in your niche but not in your following. Make sure your videos are fully optimized to show up in search engines through including keywords in your URLs, descriptions and post. You should also use hashtags and brand influencers. 1

Provide value

Aside from entertaining and educating your audience, ensure that your video is valuable to them. It should satisfy a longing (especially emotionally) in them. 1

Use high-quality video

Trust me, one of the most frustrating things to do is to watch a low quality video. Many people would not waste their time and data trying to discover the content of your video if it is of a low quality, so save your reputation by posting high quality videos. 1

Post on time

Many make the mistake of posting their videos just at any time they deem fit. Though seeming like an unimportant factor, knowing how to time your video is necessary to get it to the viral list. Videos posted when majority of your audience are online encourages greater engagements. It reduces the chances of your video getting buried in the multitude of feeds they see. Social media insight tools can help you know what time and day your target audience are mostly online.

Take Away: how to create a viral video?

Almost anyone can make a viral video if the proper elements are put in place. Lack of a ‘high budget’ and quality tools should not be an excuse for not taking your content marketing to the next level. Most times you don’t really need them to achieve your goals, all you need to do is to think outside the box.

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