How To Be Happy Again? 4 Simple Steps To Recover Your Happiness

Sometimes we might feel unhappy about being drifted so far away from where we would like to be. Life was so difficult that you just settled and decided to accept that this is how life is.

You have given up and your goal now is to just get by.
However, it does not need to be this way.

Getting happiness in life is a possible thing that you just need to put in a little work. Here are some ways to get rid of sadness and be happy again.

What is happiness

appraisal of life satisfaction, such as of quality of life. – Wikipedia

Do what brings meaning in your life:

We have all experienced boredom and being stuck in lives without knowing what to do. Rather than thinking heavy questions like “What is my purpose in life?” it is better to turn on the TV and let the day go.

Many rich people are unhappy in their lives no matter how much money, fame, or respect they have. Unhappiness comes from the feeling of meaningless in life.
Victor Frankl developed a process called Logotherapy “healing through meaning” to help people build meaning in their life. In the Viennese hospital system, he was in charge of the mental health department to help patients create a sense of meaning in their lives. He saved tens of thousands of patients from committing suicide.

How can you apply Frankl’s Logotherapy in your life?

When you are struggling with unhappiness, start applying Frankl’s Logotherapy by following steps:

• Work on a task that demands your abilities and skills: Find a task that requires your motivation and abilities. If you feel difficulty finding one, then look for something you can work on that will also help someone else.

• Find a liberating perspective towards your suffering: Meaning comes in life when we change our perspective towards sufferings in a way that progresses our lives instead of worsening it.

• Engage yourself in your experiences: Engaging yourself in experiences and sharing it with people who will not judge you is another way to bring meaning in life.

Set clear objectives for what you want:

Too many choices make us unhappy and put us in confusion while making decisions. We often get advice to keep choices open. But if we keep choices too open, it makes us stressed, unhappy, and tired of choosing between multiple options.
You may be familiar with the term decision fatigue. It means having too many choices to make and at last making poor decisions.
The one good thing you can do to enhance your level of happiness is effectively eliminating the unnecessary decisions you have to make.

What you can do to eliminate unnecessary decisions?

Follow the following tricks:
• Make your important decisions in the morning when your mind is fresh.
• Select your meals in advance.
• Try to schedule your day a night before.
• If you need to make important decisions and you are hungry, eat your meal first.
• If you have too many options, try to eliminate unnecessary choices.
• Automate your life as much as you can.

Don’t let shame hide your true self:

We often get bombarded with instructions from others for how to be happy and successful. On average a person gets over 10,000 advertisements a day and most of these are just nonsense.

Most of the false promises given to us make us portray ourselves in a way that others want us to be. The miserable part is that most of us can’t fit in and never feel like accepted.

When people don’t understand and love us who we truly are, there is no way we can be happy. The main factor for feeling reluctant to be our authentic selves is a shame.

At some point, you will feel shame and you will feel like there is something not right with you. Whether it is getting teased at school, not achieving your parent’s expectations, or being judged by peers, shame makes you hide real person inside you and wear a mask of someone else that you not actually is.
One way to stay happy is to learn how to stay true to yourself.

What can you do in this situation?

The first thing to do is to look yourself in the mirror every morning and telling yourself “I am not perfect but that’s okay”.
Dr. Brown advises people on how to stay away from shame. According to her, when your experience shame, talk to yourself in the way you talk to someone you love, and reach someone you can trust and tell your story.


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