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There are many great athletes in the world, but few can compare to Herschel Walker. In a career that has spanned more than two decades, Walker has achieved amazing feats in both college and professional sports. This quotes compilation will explore the remarkable life of Herschel Walker, from his humble beginnings to his current status as one of the most successful athletes in history.

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About Herschel Walker

birth of the author

March 3, 1962

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Political Party:

education of the author

University Of Georgia

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6 Ft 1 In

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225 Lb

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Johnson County

Inspiring Phrases From Herschel Walker

Believing that no one is better than the other. You know I grew up in the South. My senior year there was a very big racial tension. โ€” Herschel Walker

I do this ‘Walker shake.’ You got to get knocked down many times, shake it off. Life is about ups and downs, and you got to keep standing up. โ€” Herschel Walker

I told somebody once, ‘You don’t want the Herschel that plays football… babysitting your child. When I am competing, I am a totally different person.’ โ€” Herschel Walker

As a bornโ€“again Christian, I believe God actively and directly influences me to action. โ€” Herschel Walker

as a born again christian i believe god actively and directly influences me to action Herschel Walker quote

I was a little different. I still say I’m a little different, because success to me is not having the most money, or having the biggest car or the biggest house. โ€” Herschel Walker

My God given talent is my ability to stick with training longer than anybody else. โ€” Herschel Walker

I see so many people who don’t want to try, and I say ‘I don’t care what I ever do, I never give up at anything anymore.’ I don’t care what it is, you’ll never see me give up. โ€” Herschel Walker

Various Statements From Herschel Walker

One thing I will never do as long as I’m at Georgia is lose to Florida. โ€” Herschel Walker

My message is, you can accomplish anything, not just on the athletic field, if you’re willing to work pay the price. It doesn’t matter what your age. โ€” Herschel Walker

one thing i will never do as long as i m at georgia is lose to florida Herschel Walker quote

I want to be a great leader lIke hIm when I get to that georgIa senate seat. โ€” Herschel Walker

Football, that’s just athletics. But in the business worldโ€“doing everythingโ€“people are competing. So you need good work ethics, and I think it helped me to develop good work ethics, being in a small town. โ€” Herschel Walker

All of my brothers and sisters were white, but i was [ more proud ] than anything. i would’ve died for that group over in france if i had to. โ€” Herschel Walker

I’m just not a guy that loves to eat. I love to work and love to work out. I think I go against all the nutritionists who say you need to do this or need to do that, so I’m one of the oddballs. โ€” Herschel Walker

I never get tired of running. The ball ain’t that heavy. โ€” Herschel Walker

i want to be a great leader like him when i get to that georgia senate seat Herschel Walker quote

More Phrases From Herschel Walker

If you eat a chicken wing or a chicken tender in some parts of the country, I probably supplied it. โ€” Herschel Walker

When I feel good about myself, things start happening for myself. When you look up, you go up. โ€” Herschel Walker

I was determined to make Renaissance Man Food Services and Herschel’s Famous 34 major players in a very tough industry. โ€” Herschel Walker

I wouldn’t change anything about my past, because it’s made me who I am today. You have to remember: You need to crack some eggs to make omelettes. And I did crack some eggs. โ€” Herschel Walker

Redundant Thematics

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Mma fighters are said to be some of the best athletes in the world. My plan at the age of 47 is to show the world I am still one of the best athletes as well. โ€” Herschel Walker

we have the dna of our lord jesus christ Herschel Walker quote

If you dedicate yourself to something, you can achieve it. It’s simple, but it’s true, and your age is just an excuse. โ€” Herschel Walker

We have the DNA of our Lord Jesus Christ. โ€” Herschel Walker

Deeper Quotes From Herschel Walker

Success is being able to come home, lay your head on the pillow and SLEEP in PEACE. โ€” Herschel Walker

I want to prove to people who sit on a couch and don’t do anything but criticize other people that, if you’re a true athlete or martial artist, you’re not old until you can’t get up and walk around anymore. โ€” Herschel Walker

Right now,( i’m) just going through the process and thinking about it, not really talking a lot about it. โ€” Herschel Walker

success is being able to come home lay your head on the pillow and sleep in peace Herschel Walker quote

P.e. was my life in school. Without it, I wouldn’t be standing here. It gave me confidence when I was an overweight kid with a speech impediment. โ€” Herschel Walker

I absolutely thInk the protests are so upsettIng, and I blame the commIssIoner, I know people are goIng to be angry when I say It, but he should have stopped the protests at the very begInnIng. โ€” Herschel Walker

I told my mom the reason I started working out was because I wanted to break the necks of the people picking on me. I wanted to hurt them. I said I didn’t want any teacher to put me down any more. โ€” Herschel Walker

When I started out as a little kid, I didn’t say ‘I just want to run football.’ I wanted to be a great athlete. โ€” Herschel Walker

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