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Harrison Ford is a name that needs no introduction. He is an American actor and producer who has been in the public eye for over four decades. His story is one of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at his life and career, and explore what makes him such an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.

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About Harrison Ford

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July 13, 1942

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Actor, Pilot, Environmental Activist


I never feel sexy. I have a distant relationship with the mirror. โ€” Harrison Ford

I am Irish as a person, but I feel Jewish as an actor. โ€” Harrison Ford

There’s no independent satisfaction without the success of the film itself. The feel that you have done the best you can to support the film. โ€” Harrison Ford

I’m ambitious for is to not get caught ‘acting’. I want to really feel the role and not let people see the process, or to let them stand back and admire it, because I think that does finally get in the way. โ€” Harrison Ford

i never feel sexy i have a distant relationship with the mirror Harrison Ford quote

I’ve never been bothered by proximity to special effects and I’ve never felt disadvantaged by them. They’re all part of a movie, and when the movie’s under control I don’t feel upstaged by them. โ€” Harrison Ford

It should have felt ridiculous. โ€” Harrison Ford


It’s a movie, donald. it was a movie, It’s not like this in real life. but how would you know? โ€” Harrison Ford


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It’s made no difference in my life whatsoever. โ€” Harrison Ford

Really, what are the options? Levi’s or Wranglers. And you just pick one. It’s one of those life choices. โ€” Harrison Ford

it s made no difference in my life whatsoever Harrison Ford quote

I was completely unprepared for the public spectacle my private life became, and didn’t like it a bit. โ€” Harrison Ford

The only ambition I ever had going into and committing to wanting to be an actor was to live my life. โ€” Harrison Ford

I don’t think I’ve mastered anything. I’m still wrestling with the same frustrations, the same issues, the same problems as I always did. That’s what life is like. โ€” Harrison Ford

I wanted to live the life, a different life. I didn’t want to go to the same place every day and see the same people and do the same job. I wanted interesting challenges. โ€” Harrison Ford

Romantic love is one of the most exciting and fulfilling kinds of love and I think there is potential for it at any stage of your life. โ€” Harrison Ford

The loss of anonymity is something that nobody can prepare you for. When it happened, I recognized that I’d lost one of the most valuable things in life. To this day, I’m not all that happy about it โ€” Harrison Ford

There have been times in my life when I have felt I was lonely, but I don’t think you want to live your life in order to mitigate against loneliness. โ€” Harrison Ford

I think ‘Indiana Jones’ was a lot of fun to do because of the places we went to and the adventures and the action. But Han Solo was also a huge part of my life. โ€” Harrison Ford

We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. โ€” Harrison Ford

I am not the first man who wanted to make changes in his life at 60 and I won’t be the last. It is just that others can do it with anonymity. โ€” Harrison Ford

When we protect the places where the processes of life can flourish, we strengthen not only the future of medicine, agriculture and industry, but also the essential conditions for peace and prosperity. โ€” Harrison Ford


You keep on going until you get it as close to being right as the time and patience of others will allow. โ€” Harrison Ford

Why do I ask for directions? Because I hate wasting time. โ€” Harrison Ford

Directing is too hard, it takes too much time, and it doesn’t pay very well. โ€” Harrison Ford

J. J. Abrams is a director that I’ve admired for a long time, from the very first scripts he wroteโ€“including ‘Regarding Henry,’ which I was in. โ€” Harrison Ford

why do i ask for directions because i hate wasting time Harrison Ford quote

I think parenting is a huge responsibility. It was in my time when I was growing up and there still continues to be that responsibility. โ€” Harrison Ford

The third time you say a thing it sounds like a lie. โ€” Harrison Ford

I believe that the racial injustice which existed such a short time ago probably would have persisted longer if the color barrier had not been broken in baseball. โ€” Harrison Ford

It’s very little trouble for me to accommodate my fans, unless I’m actually taking a pee at the time. โ€” Harrison Ford

It took me a long time to figure out how to act, and how to conduct myself in the business so I could get what I felt I needed to support my potential and give them what they wanted. โ€” Harrison Ford

directing is too hard it takes too much time and it doesn t pay very well Harrison Ford quote

It’s time to change the conversation about nature to focus on what we all have in common: our shared humanity. โ€” Harrison Ford


The only thing hard about being an actor is being out of work. So, when you get a jobโ€“that part ain’t hard at all. โ€” Harrison Ford

An actor only has his own understanding and experience to work with. โ€” Harrison Ford

Chadwick Boseman work as an actor, I think, is truly remarkable, and I had a great time working with him. โ€” Harrison Ford

I accrued anger from people’s low opinion of me and my work, and for the work I might be capable of. โ€” Harrison Ford

an actor only has his own understanding and experience to work with Harrison Ford quote

My goal was just to work regularly. I didn’t ever expect to be rich or famous. I wanted to be a working character actor. โ€” Harrison Ford

I’ve always admired jj’s work, we worked together 25 or 28 years ago on a movie called โ€˜regarding henry’ that he wrote, one of the first things he had written. โ€” Harrison Ford

Work hard and figure out how to be useful and don’t try to imitate anybody else’s success. Figure out how to do it for yourself with yourself. โ€” Harrison Ford

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My work has always been important to me. The reason I continue to do it is because it’s so much fun for me. I love my work and so that’s what keeps me in the game. โ€” Harrison Ford

I don’t do a huge amount of physical activity. I play tennis, I work out sporadically, and I eat well and take care of myself. โ€” Harrison Ford

I wanted to be a forest ranger or a coal man. At a very early age, I knew I didn’t want to do what my dad did, which was work in an office. โ€” Harrison Ford

I was one of the few people who thought Star Wars was going to work, and I hadn’t even seen any special effects. โ€” Harrison Ford

Hard work and a proper frame of mind prepare you for the lucky breaks that come alongโ€“โ€“or don’t. โ€” Harrison Ford


I don’t like baseball movies. I like movies about moral courage and people who are indomitable and courageous and right. โ€” Harrison Ford

I don’t want to be a movie star. I want to be in movies that are stars. โ€” Harrison Ford

i don t want to be a movie star i want to be in movies that are stars Harrison Ford quote

What I think is really great about this movie [42], that young people who weren’t there will have a chance to have the visceral experience of what Jackie Robinson went through. โ€” Harrison Ford

I’d love to do another ‘Indiana Jones.’ A character that has a history and a potential, kind of a rollicking good movie ride for the audience, Steven Spielberg as a directorโ€“what’s not to like? โ€” Harrison Ford

I think it turned out to be a pretty good movie [42]. I wouldn’t lie to you. โ€” Harrison Ford

I think what a lot of action movies lose these days, especially the ones that deal with fantasy, is you stop caring at some point because you’ve lost human scale. โ€” Harrison Ford


Starring in a scienceโ€“fiction film doesn’t mean you have to act science fiction. โ€” Harrison Ford

starring in a science fiction film doesn t mean you have to act science fiction Harrison Ford quote

Failures are inevitable. Unfortunately, in film they live for ever and they’re 40 ft wide and 20 ft high. โ€” Harrison Ford

Peter mayhew was a kind and gentle man, possessed of great dignity and noble character, chewbacca was an important part of the success of the films we made together. โ€” Harrison Ford

Jimmy] Breslin’s [write] really great book on Branch Rickey. And Branch Rickey himself wrote quite a lot. There’s some film and kinescope from television. โ€” Harrison Ford

The job’s always the same. It involves helping to tell the story and creating an alloy between character and story that serves the film. โ€” Harrison Ford

I get mad when people call me an action movie star. Indiana Jones is an adventure film, a comic book, a fantasy. โ€” Harrison Ford

That [film What’s My Line] was very useful to me because it had Branch Rickey in a social situation. Every other bit of film [42] that I had was him making a speech. โ€” Harrison Ford


It’s always nice to anticipate working in something that you know people will have an appetite for. โ€” Harrison Ford

The original ‘Star Wars’ that I was a part of really was the beginning of my working life. โ€” Harrison Ford

I’m not a poster boy for Conservation International. I’m a working member of the board. โ€” Harrison Ford

I need a challenge. I need the intellectual stimulation. I’m a member of a community on each film, working in concert to try to bring an idea to life. It’s a great job. โ€” Harrison Ford

the original star wars that i was a part of really was the beginning of my working life Harrison Ford quote

I like working. It is where I feel useful. I have no plans to cut down. I am happy with what I do. There will be a lot more of me yet, that’s for sure. โ€” Harrison Ford

I have relationships with people I’m working with, based on our combined interest. It doesn’t make the relationship any less sincere, but it does give it a focus that may not last beyond the experience. โ€” Harrison Ford

Chadwick Boseman] was not a baseball player. He spent, I don’t know, countless hours, many months, working two sessions a day with professional pro coaches to develop the baseball skills that he needed. โ€” Harrison Ford


I think you have to be very careful with effects that they don’t overpower the story with the visual element. โ€” Harrison Ford

You always have to know what the ambition of the scene is, what the purpose of that scene is in the telling of the story overall, so that you’re there to support the story. โ€” Harrison Ford

I’m still interested in perfecting whatever talents I have and continuing to grow as an actor and continuing to be useful to the telling of the story. โ€” Harrison Ford

< p>It’s important not to base your ambition on anybody else’s history, but to figure out how best to use your own particular personality and understanding of yourself to help tell other people’s stories. โ€” Harrison Ford

I would lIke them to sIt down, relax In theIr seat and just let the story begIn, I’m not goIng to ruIn It for them by talkIng about what happens. โ€” Harrison Ford

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