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The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

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The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

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harley quinn quotes on love

You don’t have to be crazy to be in love. But it helps. —Harley Quinn


Nice to meet you. Love your perfume. What is that? The stench of death? —Harley Quinn

My love for my joker was stronger than their mad house walls! —Harley Quinn

I love him not for the way he silenced my demons, but for the way his demons dance with mine. —Harley Quinn


I have done everything you said. Every test, every trial, every initiation. I have proved I love you. Just accept it! —Harley Quinn

Only trust someone who can see these three things in you: the sorrow behind your smile; the love behind your anger; and the reason behind your silence. —Harley Quinn


Don’t get me wrong, my puddin’s a little rough, but he loves me, really. —Harley Quinn

harley quinn quotes on people

So, what if I’m crazy? The best people are. —Harley Quinn

You didn’t like my show? Well, try this one. It’s called ‘Animals Attack People I Hate.’ It’s a comedy. —Harley Quinn
What, you were just thinking you can have a happy family and coach little leagues, and make car payments? Normal is a setting on the dryer. People like us, we don’t get normal! —Harley Quinn

I’m an audience member too, man. I hate shitty sequels. —Chad Stahelski

I’ll burn the world just to see the fire in your eyes! —Harley Quinn


harley quinn quotes on time


I don’t go crazy. I am crazy. I just go normal from time to time. —Harley Quinn

We had mad love, once upon a time. But now that’s over, Mister J. —Harley Quinn

You know, for what it’s worth, I actually enjoyed some of our romps, but there comes a time when a gal wants more. And now, all this girl wants is to settle down with her loving sweetheart. —Harley Quinn


There was no joke I could make that was too offensive. I can actually remember at least one time where my mother told me something that, I was like, ‘whoa!’ —Seth MacFarlane

Clothing is clearly not Harley’s priority, but in some comic iterations, it’s become a big factor in her life. —Harley Quinn

I’ll never understand why Superman wears the same outfits every day. —Harley Quinn

harley quinn quotes on also

We never really tried to shock for shock’s sake on ‘Family Guy’. If something was horribly offensive and shocking, we would put it in if it was also hysterically funny. —Seth MacFarlane


harley quinn quotes on crazy

I’m not sure if I attract crazy or if I make them that way. —Harley Quinn


Every woman has a crazy side that only the right man can bring out. —Harley Quinn

It soon became clear to me the Joker was actually a tortured soul. Yes, I admit it. As unprofessional as it sounds, I had fallen in love with my patient. Pretty crazy huh? —Harley Quinn

If I get mad at you that means I still care. Worry when I don’t get mad. —Harley Quinn


More from Harley quinn

What was that? I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry, it’s the voices. Ahaha, I’m kidding! That’s not what they really said. —Harley Quinn

I dunno about ‘genius,’ but I do got a PhD. —Harley Quinn
If I were to do a musical, I think I would rather make a film musical. —Seth MacFarlane

Character imperfection is the important thing to keep them from being superheroes. —Chad Stahelski

We can’t change the past, but there’s a difference between moving on and letting go. —Harley Quinn

I was about two years old when I first started drawing recognizable characters. —Seth MacFarlane

Never again. No more obsession, no more craziness, no more Joker. I finally see that slime for what he is: a murderous, manipulative, irredeemable… —Harley Quinn

I may be twisted but at least I make it interesting. —Harley Quinn


I tried to play by the rules, but no! They wouldn’t let me go straight! Society is to blame! —Harley Quinn

You can’t kill me without becoming like me. I can’t kill you without losing the only human being who can keep up with me. —Harley Quinn
She can be so cleverly threatening. —Harley Quinn

You got the look. And a lotta nerve. What you don’t have is the right. Joker was a hero. You’re not fit to lick his boutonniere! —Harley Quinn

Hee…That’s so cute. You think you’re scary. But mister, I’ve seen scary. And you ain’t got his smile. —Harley Quinn


They’ve gone away from the classic [Harley Quinn] look in favor of a sort–of Rocky Horror on ice, cast member tripped and fell in some Daddy issues…thing” —Ben

I’m going to kill you. For everything you’ve done to me. All the times you’ve made me feel useless and small. For all the times I will never forget. For all the things I can never forgive. —Harley Quinn


In fact rules are more important in our underworld than they are to the regular citizen who works within them. —Chad Stahelski

They’ve got Hello Kitty on them. They’re fashionable. —Harley Quinn

My dad always played Anne Murray in the car on the way to the dump when I was a kid. —Seth MacFarlane

The trend today is vampires, zombies, angels, all the stuff that puts me right to sleep. It’s too bad because it’s so much less interesting than the diversity of stories you can tell with science. —Seth MacFarlane

The quest for Tommy Lee Jones’ laugh begins now. —Seth MacFarlane

Nice work,butterfingers, why didn’tcha just turn the batsignal on while you were at it! —Harley Quinn

You really put the ‘fun’ in funeral. —Harley Quinn


That so cute, you think you’re scary. Well, mister, I’ve seen scary and you don’t have his smile. —Harley Quinn

We’re bad guys, it’s what we do. —Harley Quinn

I know the voices in my head aren’t real, but sometimes their ideas are absolutely awesome. —Harley Quinn

When astrology was conceived, all of the celestial bodies were in different places. So if you’re a Sagittarius now, I guess you would have been a Capricorn 2,000 years ago. —Seth MacFarlane


The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

guide thumb success habits productive mindset pdf

The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.


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