The Best Hand quotes

On any given day, you can find entrepreneurs quoting the importance of hands in some way or another. Whether it’s through social media posts, interviews, or speeches, the saying goes that “the hand is mightier than the sword.


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The best hand quotes

1. I’m not a strikingly handsome guy, but I’m in movies. — Shia LaBeouf

2. Though are hands are chained like they are, they haven’t taken music from us yet. So that’s how I’ll fight. People tell me don’t quit like everyone else. I wont have no fear. — Tupac Shakur

3. Beauty is no handicap if you don’t think about it. — Sophia Loren

4. The constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruption’s of time and party, its members would become despots. — Thomas Jefferson

5. The media have such a strong hand in deciding what people’s perceptions are. They decide what the agenda is going to be, what the issues are. — Rob Lowe

6. Don’t expect success to fall from the sky if it didn’t evaporate from the sweat of your hands. — Matshona Dhliwayo

7. With my wife I get no respect. I fell asleep with a cigarette in my hand. She lit it. — Rodney Dangerfield

8. Love–what is love? A great and aching heart; Wrung hands; and silence; and a long despair — Robert Louis Stevenson

9. Pain and suffering are a kind of currency passed from hand to hand until they reach someone who receives them but does not pass them on. — Simone Weil

10. Such a lot of guns around town and so few brains. You’re the second guy I’ve met within hours who seems to think a gat in the hand means a world by the tail. — Raymond Chandler

11. Movies have to handle time very efficiently. They’re about stringing scenes together in the present. Novels aren’t necessarily about that. — Richard Russo

12. And suddenly, there were the shapes of many people lurking out of the woods, light glowing from their hands. — Serena Winter, The Zodiac Turner: The Five Trials

13. To see the farm is to leave it. — Stefan Molyneux, The Handbook of Human Ownership: A Manual for New Tax Farmers

14. Keep a spur handy. — Meg Mims, Double Crossing

15. If travel were so inspiring and informing a business … then the wisest men in the world would be deck hands on tramp steamers. — Sinclair Lewis

16. All the tools, techniques and technology in the world are nothing without the head, heart and hands to use them wisely, kindly and mindfully — Rasheed Ogunlaru

17. For me, it’s quite important, my inner being, my–in my work, if I can give a person a little encouragement, a little warm hand in a moment that they really need me. — Walter Mercado

18. I love to utilize my celebrity status in a responsible and constructive and substantive manner. I like to get my hands dirty rather than a photo op. — William Baldwin

19. Armed with a paint–box, one cannot be bored, one cannot be left at a loose end, one cannot ‘have several days on one’s hands. — Winston Churchill

20. I’ve been living with the minor second all my life and I finally found a way to handle it. — Morton Feldman

21. I have daughters and I have sons.When one of them lays a handOn my shoulder, shining fishTurn suddenly in the deep sea. — Robert Bly

22. Test every work of intellect or faith and everything that your own hands have wrought. — William Butler Yeats

23. I feel the fear touches on something deeper. A sense perhaps of, ‘My life is speeding past me and I can’t get a handle on it. — Sandra Cisneros

24. When he told it, I remembered. He handed me my past like… like a spear. But I do not know if I should take it. Is it still mine, if I do not want it? — Rick Riordan, The House of Hades

25. Government will not fail to employ education, to strengthen its hands, and perpetuate its institutions. — William Godwin

26. Experience has tutored me well that most will lie or cheat to get the better hand. It’s why I prefer solitude to social interaction.–Bethany — Sherrilyn Kenyon, Styxx

27. While we read a novel, we are insane–bonkers. — Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

28. Whatever you lay your hands on, self–esteem is visible. — Stephen Richards, Boost Your Self Esteem

29. Personally, I just got one of these Vonage IP phones. It’s actually pretty cool. It comes with one of these Cisco ATA routers where you just plug an analog handset in. — Rob Glaser

30. You can’t get AIDS if you touch, hug, kiss, hold hands with someone who is infected. Don’t be afraid of us–we are all the same! — Nkosi Johnson

31. I’m young, I’m handsome, I’m fast, I’m pretty, and can’t possibly be beat. They must fall in the round I call. — Muhammad Ali

32. Tush! Fear not, my lord, we will not stand to prate; Talkers are no good doers: be assured We come to use our hands and not our tongues. — William Shakespeare

33. If he can’t handle it, then you aren’t very good friends, are you? — J.M. Richards, Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning

34. He tried to sleep, but his head was filled with the faces of lunatics, their palsied hands, their shattered eyes. — Sebastian Faulks, Human Traces

35. Her hand rose to her lips and she stared up at the stars, feeling her heart grow, and grow, and grow. — Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

36. When we forgive someone, it doesn’t justify what they’ve done. It releases them into God’s hands so He can deal with them. — Stormie Omartian

37. First–hand acquaintance with the actual texts is always the best way. — N. T. Wright

38. I feel I can handle the architecture of dance as well as anybody. — Twyla Tharp

39. Don’t be a patron of disbelief — nobody fights and wins battles in the hand gloves of doubts.

40. The store had a hand–painted sign the read: MOOSE PASS GAS. ‘That’s just wrong, ‘ Frank said. — Rick Riordan

41. We do not stray out of all words into the ever silent; We do not raise our hands to the void for things beyond hope. — Rabindranath Tagore

42. I don’t know. We’re each of us alone, to be sure. What can you do but hold your hand out in the dark? — Ursula K. Le Guin

43. I don’t know what it is with Finnick and bread, but he seems obsessed with handling it. — Suzanne Collins

44. Brutality and injustice made us raise our hands towards the sky for years; God didn’t respond us, but drones came to our rescue. — M.F. Moonzajer

45. Trying to convince myself I am allowed to take up space is like writing with my left hand when I was born to use my right — Rupi Kaur

46. I stared, like always. A tree in the Petrified Forest. I looked down at my hands and feet and ordered them to move, only they wouldn’t. — Tracy Bilen, What She Left Behind

47. ‘when his dead father touched his hand, Athson almost dropped the arrow.” From The Bow of Destiny’ — P. H. Solomon

48. Lost, so small amid that dark, hands grown cold, body image fading down corridors of television sky. — William Gibson, Neuromancer

49. Each evening she held his head in her hands and ran her aching fingers thru the thick ruff of fur around his neck. He burrowed against her, sighing devotion. — Meg Rosoff, The Bride’s Farewell

50. But then one is always excited by descriptions of money changing hands. It’s much more fundamental than sex. — Nigel Dennis


We hope these inspiring quotes about hands have given you a newfound appreciation for the powerful tools that we have been gifted with. Hands are not only essential for the physical tasks that we complete each day, but they are also symbols of love, connection, and strength. So the next time you need a reminder of the power of your hands, look no further than these amazing quotes.

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