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Grant Morrison is an influential comic book writer. He has been the architect of some of the most celebrated series, groundbreaking graphic novels and iconic characters in recent history. Grant’s work can be found at a local comic shop or bookstore near you!
He has written for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Vertigo and 2000AD. His notable works include Animal Man, X-Men: Alpha Flight, New X-Men (2001), Batman R.I.P., Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian (2004), All Star Superman (2005) as well as The Invisibles (1995โ€“2000).
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About Grant Morrison

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31 January 1960

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Notable Works:
All-Star Superman, Animal Man, Batman, Doom Patrol, Final Crisis, Seven Soldiers And More.

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Eagle Awards Harvey Awards (1990


Laugh and the world laughs with you! โ€” Grant Morrison

Ours is an overpopulated, under educated, shithole in the throes of mass extinctionsโ€“it’s a wonderful world. โ€” Grant Morrison

The moon is so beautiful. It’s a big silver dollar, flipped by God. And it landed scarred side up, see? So He made the world. โ€” Grant Morrison

laugh and the world laughs with you Grant Morrison quote

The world gets more like Disneyland every day, and it’s the same the other way round. I can’t explain what I know. Try explaining RED to a DOG and see how fast he gets bored. โ€” Grant Morrison

The perfect fascist state needs to operate in conditions of perpetual warfare. Have you ever noticed how the world has been in constant crisis since World War II? โ€” Grant Morrison

A bullet in the right place can change the world. โ€” Grant Morrison

Reality and unreality have no clear distinction in our present circumstances. โ€” Grant Morrison

Sometimes you wonder, in an interconnected universe, who’s dreaming who? โ€” Grant Morrison

a bullet in the right place can change the world Grant Morrison quote


I’m a fan myself, so I try to write the kind of comics I want to read. โ€” Grant Morrison

Who needs girls when you’ve got comics? โ€” Grant Morrison

Write comic books if you love comic books so much that you want to write them. Don’t write them like movies. Comics can do a lot of things that movies can’t do, and vice versa. โ€” Grant Morrison

I think that superhero comics in particular are really useful for talking about big emotions and feelings, and personifying and concretizing symbols. โ€” Grant Morrison


The big problem is time. I don’t have enough of it to do all the things I think about doing. โ€” Grant Morrison

everyone does magic all the time in different ways life plus significance magic Grant Morrison quote

Everyone does magic all the time in different ways. ‘Life’ plus ‘significance’ = magic. โ€” Grant Morrison

When was the last time you had a thought that wasn’t put there by THEM? โ€” Grant Morrison

Why am I in Hell? It hurts. It hurts all the time. Why am I in Hell? I just want to go home and lie on the bed the way I used to. Please take me home. โ€” Grant Morrison

The only time I ever met a character that I wrote was when I met Ian McKellan, when he was playing Magneto in the ‘Xโ€“Men’ movies. โ€” Grant Morrison

I can always see ways to improve what I’ve done. At the same time, knowing it’s all an ongoing life’s work allows me to be less precious about blind alleys, failed experiments, and misfires. โ€” Grant Morrison

when was the last time you had a thought that wasn t put there by them Grant Morrison quote

The interior of our skulls contains a portal to infinity. โ€” Grant Morrison

Enough madness? Enough? And how do you measure madness?โ€“The Joker โ€” Grant Morrison

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I have to confess I’m not a huge comics fan in the wider sense of comics as an art form. โ€” Grant Morrison

If our shallow, selfโ€“critical culture sometimes seems to lack a sense of the numinous or spiritual it’s only in the same way a fish lacks a sense of the ocean. โ€” Grant Morrison

Kipling: Where’s your sense of humor? Rebis: We’re working on reconstructing it… โ€” Grant Morrison

i have to confess i m not a huge comics fan in the wider sense of comics as an art form Grant Morrison quote

I use everything. Turning life into stories is how I make sense of my experience. No matter how weird or disturbing or upsetting to me personally, it all finds its way in there. โ€” Grant Morrison

Consciousness, rather than being something that we have, is something we participate in. โ€” Grant Morrison

Inspiring Phrases From Grant Morrison

These characters were like twelveโ€“bar blues or other chord progressions. Given the basic parameters of Batman, different creators could play very different music. โ€” Grant Morrison

Amid all the bangs and the drama and the grand passions, it’s kindness and just ordinary goodness that stands out in the end. โ€” Grant Morrison

It’s so horrible to realize you’re just the same as everyone else, isn’t it? โ€” Grant Morrison

it s so horrible to realize you re just the same as everyone else isn t it Grant Morrison quote

Remember it’s all just a mirror we made to see ourselves in. โ€” Grant Morrison

I just wanted all the wars to be over so that we could spend the money on starships and Mars colonies. โ€” Grant Morrison

Unlike novel characters, comic book characters last an eternity. When a character is changed beyond recognition, there’s no longer the merchandising aspect. โ€” Grant Morrison

Only nothing is impossible. โ€” Grant Morrison

Various Statements From Grant Morrison

I won’t tell you again! Don’t look back! In hell you never look back! โ€” Grant Morrison

i won t tell you again don t look back in hell you never look back Grant Morrison quote

I think any writer coming on to ‘Batman’ should at least attempt to do their own definitive version. What it means to them. Whatever they think that symbol or character can say. โ€” Grant Morrison

The thing that’s been exciting about ‘Superman’ is to see how the character has developed through generations. โ€” Grant Morrison

Einstein was wrong! I’M the speed of like CRACKING through shivery rainbows and GOD the sky whirls and withers like a melting RAINBOW! โ€” Grant Morrison

Sometimes I pretend not to look at my own characters, because that’s like different people getting off with your girlfriend or something. โ€” Grant Morrison

Your character that you create in your writing not only represents who you are, but also represents a number of people who you’ve met along the way. โ€” Grant Morrison

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