The Best Giving quotes

Quoting someone is a way to show agreement, disagreement or simply to add emphasis. There are times when it’s hard to come up with the right words to express what we’re feeling. This compilation of quotes is designed to help you out in those situations and give you some inspiration for your business ventures. So go ahead and read on – we promise you’ll find something worth quoting!

We all know how important words can be – especially in business. When we agree with someone, we want to say so. When we disagree, we need a quote that backs us up (or helps us apologize). And sometimes, even if we don’t have an opinion either way, a good quote will emphasize our point perfectly.


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The best giving quotes

1. By giving yourself to God, You not only receive Himself in exchange, but eternal life as well. — Saint Francis De Sales

2. ‘lord Henry smiled. ”He gives you good advice, I suppose. People are very fond of giving away what they need most themselves.’ — Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

3. Giving never moves in a straight line–it always moves in circles. — Robert H. Schuller

4. We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. — Viktor E. Frankl

5. An artist cannot be responsible for what people make of their art. An audience loathe giving up preconceived images of an artist. — Stephen Stills

6. Giving it to the audience is probably the easiest thing. Finding out what they truly want is probably the most difficult. — Vince McMahon

7. Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good. — H. L. Mencken

8. To experience intimacy in marriage, both partners need to feel safe. — Sue Detweiler, 9 Traits of a Life Giving Marriage: How to Build a Relationship That Lasts

9. Thank you for leaving us alone but giving us enough attention to boost our egos. — Mick Jagger

10. I often steal sandwiches, eat them, and put the container’s back., with a signed autograph of my self in its place. It’s my way of giving back to society. — Thom Yorke

11. It’s not just an exclamation, but it’s a rejection of everything to do with Christmas, with the spirit of Christmas, with gift–giving, with generosity. — Patrick Stewart

12. I’m notorious for giving a bad interview. I’m an actor and I can’t help but feel I’m boring when I’m on as myself. — Rock Hudson

13. It’s about mass immigration at a time when 21% of young people can’t find work. It’s about giving £50 million a day to the EU when the public finances are under great strain. — Nigel Farage

14. I hate the giving of the hand unless the whole man accompanies it. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

15. True sympathy is the personal concern which demands the giving of one’s soul. — Martin Luther King

16. Off the field I’m down to earth. I’m a very caring person. I’m a very giving person. — Terrell Owens

17. Wikileaks is a democratizing force. Its giving individuals access to decisions and thinking by their representatives and in a democracy that ought to be reflexive. — Noam Chomsky

18. True, I’ve been a long time making up my mind, but now I’m giving you a definite answer. I won’t say yes, and I won’t say no–but I’m giving you a definite maybe. — Samuel Goldwyn

19. Giving is like a muscle. To be strong, you have to exercise it, and to grow as a person, giving is the exercise. You can’t really enjoy anything without sharing it. — Zig Ziglar

20. I’ve been giving out chances every time and all you do is let me down. — Taylor Swift

21. Kids can and will thrive in the right conditions, but it all seems to start with the teachers, and giving those teachers the resources to teach–and not just to test. — Morgan Spurlock

22. Life entertains humble men by giving men with below average looks (intellect, knowledge, etc.) an above average self–esteem. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

23. Being giving is a big quality. Being too giving is a big mistake! — Rossana Condoleo

24. When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place. So, what we view our role as, is giving people that power. — Mark Zuckerberg

25. Happiness isn’t about talking — it’s about giving’.

26. True humility means giving joy to others. — Sri Chinmoy, My Life’s Soul–Journey: Daily Meditations for Ever–Increasing Spiritual Fulfillment

27. I’m giving up on love cause love’s given up on me. — Miranda Lambert

28. Kindness in thinking or giving, creates profoundness and happiness. Kindness in saying creates an everlasting love. — Morgan Freeman

29. If you feel like giving up, give up on that feeling and give into the realization there are endless possibilities waiting to be discovered before you. — Tom Althouse

30. But giving drugs to a cat is no joke, Kemp! — H.G. Wells, The Invisible Man

31. Making an effort is in your hands. Giving 100% is in your hands. — Sachin Tendulkar

32. We are at our best when we are giving. In fact, we are most like God when we are giving. — Max Lucado

33. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. — Thomas A. Edison

34. Only a monopolist could study a business and ruin it by giving away products. — Scott McNealy

35. A gift isn’t a gift unless it has meaning. Just giving things to people, especially children, create the expectation of more things. — Oprah Winfrey

36. Stop giving energy to the things you don’t want. — Wayne Dyer

37. I do sometimes feel like the paparazzi are really what ran me out of L.A. They’re just giving everyone a bad name. — Michelle Pfeiffer

38. What is the sense of giving a boundary to all… of giving it a name and ceasing to love where the name ceases to apply? — Ursula K. Le Guin

39. Becoming is never giving up on the idea that there’s more growing to be done. — Michelle Obama

40. Some men mistake generosity for charity: these flatter themselves that they are giving gratuitously, whilst they are merely rewarding secret services offered their vanity. — Norm Macdonald

41. In matters of love: When giving, be generous! When taking, be thankful! — Mehmet Murat ildan

42. I used and abused drugs and alcohol. When I stopped doing that it became a lot clearer that life goes from inside to giving as opposed to taking and destroying. — Stanley Kubrick

43. Giving has no relation or companionship — Unarine Ramaru

44. , be generous, giving grows your spirit just as reading grows your intellect. — Sravani Saha Nakhro

45. Success is simply never giving in to failure–either in mind or body. — Steve Backley, The Champion in all of Us: 12 Rules for Success

46. Forgiveness is giving up the hope of what happened to you from being different. — Tyler Perry

47. Giving out of your surplus does not make you generous, it makes your selfishness more tolerable! Giving while you are lacking is what pleases the Lord. — William Branks

48. Every time a horse let you up onto its back, it’s giving you its life. Every time. — Matthew Woodring Stover, Caine’s Law

49. Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good. — H. L. Mencken

50. There has to be so many other ways of approaching airline security than demeaning ourselves by giving up a lot of our dignities and our liberty to do this. — Quico Canseco


Giving is one of the most beautiful things we can do. It brings us joy, it brings us closer to others, and it can even inspire us to do great things. Whether it’s giving your time, attention, or something tangible, the act of giving can have a positive impact on your life and the lives of those around you. We hope these quotes about giving inspire you to give more to those in need.

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