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Giorgio Armani is a fashion designer that has been in the industry for over 60 years. His first boutique opened on Via Condotti in Rome, Italy and was called Armani. He now owns his own brand of clothing which sells to many countries around the world.
In this blog post you will learn about Giorgio’s life, how he got started in designing clothes, what some of his achievements are and more.

Discover the most inspiring sentences from Giorgio Armani.

Here are the most inspiring Style, Work, Culture, Love, Women, Fashion, Elegance quotes from Giorgio Armani, and much more.


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About Giorgio Armani

birth of the author

11 July 1934

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institution of the author

Giorgio Armani, Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Exchange, Armani Junior, Armani Casa, Armani Dolci, Armani Caffé, Armani Fiori

money of the author

Net Worth:
Us$9.53 Billion

award of the author

Cfda International Award In 1983


Jeans represent democracy in fashion. — Giorgio Armani


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Never in my wildest dreams did I entertain the idea that I would become a fashion designer. — Giorgio Armani

I’ve tried to find a new elegance. It’s not easy because people want to be shocked. They want explosive fashion. But explosions don’t last, they disappear immediately and leave nothing but ashes. — Giorgio Armani

I find that fashion recently has been a little too hasty. Often times, it’s put together quickly to catch the attention of the media, and I didn’t want to do that. — Giorgio Armani

jeans represent democracy in fashion Giorgio Armani quote

I’ve always thought of the T–shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet, … The White T. — Giorgio Armani

China approaches fashion with strong enthusiasm. And I believe that this enthusiasm can be translated into something interesting, economically speaking. Not only for my brand, but also for other brands. — Giorgio Armani

It is difficult to talk about fashion in the abstract, without a human body before my eyes, without drawings, without a choice of fabric–without a practical or visual reality. — Giorgio Armani


Acknowledge the elegance of simplicity. — Giorgio Armani

Elegance is not to be noticed, but to be remembered. — Giorgio Armani

acknowledge the elegance of simplicity Giorgio Armani quote

I like to think that I can introduce people to the idea of simplicity and elegance. — Giorgio Armani

My aesthetic is about simplicity, elegance, and comfort, whether that is interpreted in a man’s suit or a track suit. — Giorgio Armani

Elegance does not catch the eye. It stays in memory. — Giorgio Armani


The essence of style is a simple way of saying something complex. — Giorgio Armani

The difference between style and fashion is quality. — Giorgio Armani

the essence of style is a simple way of saying something complex Giorgio Armani quote

Style is having the courage of one’s choices and the courage to say no. It’s good taste and culture. — Giorgio Armani

The goal I seek is to have people refine their style through my clothing without having them become victims of fashion. — Giorgio Armani

Being famous very often means sacrificing your privacy and that of others. You have to impose on those close to you a pace and lifestyle that might be a bigger sacrifice for others than it is for you. — Giorgio Armani


I prefer to look at a natural woman. A woman should be courageous to become older, not desperate to look younger than her age. — Giorgio Armani

I don’t like women who follow fashion in the sense of becoming victims of it. I like women who have elegance, who have allure, who use fashion, rather than the other way around. — Giorgio Armani

a woman should always dress to be remembered not simply to be noticed Giorgio Armani quote

A woman should always dress to be remembered, not simply to be noticed. — Giorgio Armani

Of course sportsmen and women are not only great role models, they are great fashion models too, as they are at the peak of physical perfection. — Giorgio Armani

My success was also owed to career women who maybe had big legs or ample thighs, who felt well–protected by my fluid clothing that hid their flaws. — Giorgio Armani

My philosophy has always been to help women and men feel comfortable and confident through the clothes they wear. — Giorgio Armani

I sensed that women wanted to be a little different. My fluidity gave them a way of interpreting their bodies in a more personal, individual way. — Giorgio Armani

From the elitism of luxury to the democracy of beauty. — Giorgio Armani


The human body is something that I truly love, above all else. — Giorgio Armani

Anyhow, even though I have this home theater, I love going out to the movies. Movies are meant to be experienced together. — Giorgio Armani

I love things that age well–things that don’t date, that stand the test of time and that become living examples of the absolute best. — Giorgio Armani

There can be nothing without love. No money, no power. Love is very important. When you wake up in the morning, you need to know that somebody else is waking up, thinking of you. — Giorgio Armani

the human body is something that i truly love above all else Giorgio Armani quote

I think that everyone has the right to fall in love at any age. But in life you have to learn how to control your emotions. You must know self–discipline. — Giorgio Armani

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You have to have doubts. I have collaborators I work with. I listen and then I decide. That’s how it works. — Giorgio Armani

I’ve always worked. I have always been too responsible. But I don’t know how to live any other way. I think that this discipline was also demanded of me by my work. — Giorgio Armani

During a fashion show, I want the clothes to speak. The effort I put into my work must be respected. — Giorgio Armani

I’m sick of hearing the word ‘trend’. we need to try to work for today’s woman. there shouldn’t be trends. — Giorgio Armani

creative work gives you an almost indissoluble connection with people Giorgio Armani quote

The stars I have worked with not only look good in my clothes, but they also embody a spirit of dedication and hard work that I relate to and admire. — Giorgio Armani

Creative work gives you an almost indissoluble connection with people. — Giorgio Armani

I’ve always had a great interest in sports that embody the values of commitment, hard work and teamwork–all values I strongly believe in. — Giorgio Armani

All my work at Armani is based primarily on my personal vision of style, and while I differentiate between the look and mood of my various labels, I am never overly concerned with being ‘on trend.’ — Giorgio Armani

Today we no longer live in a way that is constrained by simple working or leisure environments–we travel, we work on laptops in coffee shops, we go out to dinner straight from work. — Giorgio Armani

i wanted to dress the woman who lives and works not the woman in a painting Giorgio Armani quote

I wanted to dress the woman who lives and works, not the woman in a painting. — Giorgio Armani

My work has taught me to pay great respects towards human beings. — Giorgio Armani

My work today is perceived as being classic, but when I first started out, it was a break from the norm. Since then, I have continued to reinvent myself. I don’t change my style, but I allow it to evolve. — Giorgio Armani

You can think you’ve made it and yet the next day’s press will always be waiting for you, the public will always ask more of you. In short, you can always do better! — Giorgio Armani

Without insecurities, I think one becomes a little bit of an idiot. — Giorgio Armani


Youth culture adopts Armani and adapts it in its own way, as befits youthful enthusiasm. — Giorgio Armani

Italy is not widely thought of as a pioneer of youth culture in the way, say, the UK is. — Giorgio Armani

That is what [Andy] Warhol portraits do: They elevate the subject into an icon of the pop culture he was documenting. — Giorgio Armani

Sports will always be important in global culture, and so fashion, as a reflection of cultural trends, will always incorporate influences from sports. — Giorgio Armani

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