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Did you know that Gillian Anderson is not only a phenomenal actress, but also a savvy businesswoman? Anderson has made some major Hollywood moves throughout her career, and she’s not done yet. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at the most interesting aspects of Gillian Anderson’s quotes compilation. From her early days on The X-Files to her more recent work on American Gods, Gillian Anderson has always been fascinating and inspirational.

Discover the most inspiring Character, Life, Time quotes from Gillian Anderson, and much more.


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August 9, 1968

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Depaul University

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Actress, Writer, Producer, Director

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I am more spontaneous than my character. — Gillian Anderson

When I’m inside the character, I feel like I’m a different person, and then when you see that character on screen and I see that it’s me, I find that disappointing. — Gillian Anderson

On her role as Special Agent Dana Scully on The X–Files (1993)] I am more spontaneous than my character. — Gillian Anderson

To re–live these characters would be wonderful, because I know when the show ends it will be huge mourning process. — Gillian Anderson

i am more spontaneous than my character Gillian Anderson quote


Having been Scully for such a long time, I have to prove myself in other roles. — Gillian Anderson

By the time there’s another invasion of artificially intelligent dung–eating robotic probes from outer space, maybe their uber–children will have devised a way to save our planet. — Gillian Anderson

You’re only given as much as you can handle at any given time. Whether it’s true or not, it gives you the strength. — Gillian Anderson

The first time, where Fox Mulder and Scully met, she stands up for herself. She stands right there and gives it to him and that was extremely attractive. — Gillian Anderson

We are all dying. Every single day that we are alive. — Gillian Anderson

having been scully for such a long time i have to prove myself in other roles Gillian Anderson quote


When the show’s not around any more, it’s going to be hard not to have her in my life. — Gillian Anderson

Is that the ultimate paradox of life, she wondered, that the universe should become less clear with age? — Gillian Anderson

I believe people are in our lives for a reason. We’re here to learn from each other. — Gillian Anderson

When a woman becomes her own best friend, life is easier.–DIANE VON FURSTENBERG — Gillian Anderson

People come in and out of our lives to teach us. And we teach other people. It’s part of the process. They come in and they go out. Some stay for longer than others. — Gillian Anderson

when the show s not around any more it s going to be hard not to have her in my life Gillian Anderson quote

What happens in our lives is not really anybody’s fault but our own… When I was in high school, I was in an atheist crowd, and it was the consensus that religion was a crutch. — Gillian Anderson

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I love it when women come up to me and tell me I’m a positive influence on their lives and the lives of their young daughters. That’s a great feeling. — Gillian Anderson

I became an actor because it was the only thing I could do. I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t fit in. But when I started acting everything in my life shifted and I felt happy. — Gillian Anderson

I would never point a finger at anyone and say, ‘They lived their life badly.’ I take it as it comes and deal with each situation as it arrives. — Gillian Anderson

Well, it seems to me that the best relationships–the ones that last–are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. — Gillian Anderson

i believe people are in our lives for a reason we re here to learn from each other Gillian Anderson quote

Directing was a transformative experience for me, one that I really enjoyed. — Gillian Anderson

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