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Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch humanitarian and author who, along with her father and sister, helped save many Jews from the Holocaust. Despite enduring great personal tragedy and adversity, Ten Boom remained committed to helping others and sharing her best quotes in the hope of inspiring others to do the same. Her story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere, showing that even when times are tough, it is possible to achieve great things. Her life’s work provides a powerful reminder that no obstacle is too big to overcome if you have enough determination and courage.

Here are the most interesting quotes from George Jones, and much more.


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About George Jones

birth of the author

September 12, 1931

death of the author

April 26, 2013

occupation of the author


date of the author

Years Active:

genre of the author

Country, Rockabilly, Gospel

instrument of the author

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

institution of the author

Starday, Mercury, United Artists, Rca, Musicor, Epic And More.

productions of the author

Associated Acts:
Tammy Wynette, Ray Price, Roger Miller, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, Emmylou Harris And More.

Inspiring Phrases From George Jones

If you’re gonna drive me crazy baby, drive me to drink. โ€” George Jones

Loneliness is lessened when you’re lonely by choice. โ€” George Jones

He stopped loving her today, they placed a wreath upon his door. โ€” George Jones

I’ve had a lot of practice and wrong’s what I do best. โ€” George Jones

if you re gonna drive me crazy baby drive me to drink George Jones quote

If people liked your singing well enough, if you were special to them, then you never left their minds throughout all of the years. โ€” George Jones

Different people have their ways of measuring success, maybe it’s not the right way but wrong’s what I do best. โ€” George Jones

Barely two weeks into filming Star Wars, and George Lucas was ready to kill Sir Alec Guinness. ‘It โ€” Brian Jay Jones

Various Statements From George Jones

I was born in Saratoga, Texas, a little town there in the Big Thicket about 60 miles north of Beaumont. Needless to say, we were very, very poor, but we always managed to have enough to keep our bellies full. โ€” George Jones

After the first couple of years recording I did a lot of praying. I said, ‘Lord, please give me a hit.’ I want one so bad. โ€” George Jones

god bless the boys from memphis blue suede shoes and elvis George Jones quote

God bless the boys from Memphis, blue suede shoes, and Elvis. โ€” George Jones

Country fans need to support country music by buying albums and concert tickets for traditional artists or the music will just fade away. And that would be really sad. โ€” George Jones

I tried to be a house painter, but I couldn’t stand all that paint all over me. โ€” George Jones

I hear some new artists that sound country but the record labels and country radio lean more toward a more rock feel for what gets signed to a label and played on the radio. โ€” George Jones

Roy Acuff was a big hero for me, and I was so sad when he passed. It’s hard as you get older to lose your friends and family. โ€” George Jones

More Phrases From George Jones

Before then, Britain was pessimistic and the role of government was largely managing Britain in decline. โ€” George Jones

I would just like to say thank you to each one of my fans for supporting me all these years and continuing to come to the concerts and buy my music. I owe them everything. โ€” George Jones

I’d rather sing a sad song than eat. โ€” George Jones

We’d just go to church and sing. My dad would get me and my sister Doris, and we would sing together. I sung the harmony, and my sister Doris took the lead. โ€” George Jones

Redundant Thematics

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History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t even there.โ€“George Santanaya As โ€” Gerald Everett Jones

i d rather sing a sad song than eat George Jones quote

The only thing different between sinners and saints is one is forgiven and the other ain’t. โ€” George Jones

You can shut out the world. But you always have to stop, and the world is always waiting when you do. โ€” George Jones

Deeper Quotes From George Jones

Walk through this world with me, go where I go. Share all your dreams with me, for I love you so. โ€” George Jones

There’s nothing prettier in the world than a melody. I can get lost in a song with a melody. โ€” George Jones

My mama loved me more than anybody ever did. โ€” George Jones

my mama loved me more than anybody ever did George Jones quote

It didn’t make much difference what time of night it was, whenever [my father would] come in drunk, he’d say, ‘Get up and sing me some songs.’ We didn’t want to sing but we sang. โ€” George Jones

All Patsy Cline had to do was sing somebody else’s song and her version would outsell theirs because it would be so good! โ€” George Jones

Surely, comrades, you don’t want Jones back? โ€” George Orwell

There were a lot of songs during my MCA years that I thought should have been singles but were not. You can’t worry about what wasn’tโ€“I was very lucky to have as many hits as I had. โ€” George Jones

GEORGE JONES Quotes Take Away

George Jones has left behind a rich legacy of music and words that will continue to inspire artists for generations. His voice and lyrics have helped many people through tough times, and his passion for music was evident in every performance. Weโ€™re grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him and we hope his music will continue to bring joy into your life. What is your favorite George Jones song? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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