The Best Gaiman quotes

Some people have all the luck. Others have to work for it. If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make your business a success. But what if you could get some inspiration from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs? Check out these motivational quotes from Neil Gaiman to help power you through your day.


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The best gaiman quotes

1. I have always felt that violence was the last refuge of the incompetent, and empty threats the last sanctuary of the terminally inept. โ€” Neil Gaiman

2. Something told him that something was coming to an end. Not the world, exactly. Just the summer. There would be other summers, but there would never be one like this. Ever again. โ€” Neil Gaiman

3. You hurt. It’s okay. I hurt too. Hold my hand. โ€” Neil Gaiman

4. If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you will have gained. โ€” Neil Gaiman

5. ‘we think that tomorrow, unless we surrender, they may drop the moon on us.” ”You’re joking.””Wish I was.’ โ€” Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders

6. Because there are mysteries. Because there are things that people are forbidden to speak about. Because there are things they do not remember. โ€” Neil Gaiman

7. Writing imaginative tales for the young is like sending coals to Newcastle. For coals. โ€” Neil Gaiman

8. Goodnight world. While I sleep, I hope you’ll all continue to do whatever it is you do. Unless you murder sleeping authors. Don’t do that. โ€” Neil Gaiman

9. Say ‘Nevermore, ” said Shadow. ‘Fuck You, ‘ said the Raven. โ€” Neil Gaiman

10. It’s easier to believe in aliens than in gods. โ€” Neil Gaiman

11. Fiction is the lie that tells the truth, after all. โ€” Neil Gaiman

12. Writing is flying in dreams. When you remember. When you can. When it works. It’s that easy. โ€” Neil Gaiman

13. And if you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone who is wise, and then just behave like they would. โ€” Neil Gaiman

14. ‘the cat wrinkled its nose and managed to look unimpressed. ”Calling cats, ” it confided, ”tends to be a rather overrated activity. Might as well call a whirlwind.’ โ€” Neil Gaiman, Coraline

15. Without our stories we are incomplete. โ€” Neil Gaiman

16. I don’t think you should ever insult people unintentionally: if you’re doing it, you ought to mean it. โ€” Neil Gaiman

17. A book is a dream you hold in your hands โ€” Neil Gaiman

18. I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else. โ€” Neil Gaiman

19. He goes his way. We travel a spiral. The quickest way is sometimes the longest. โ€” Neil Gaiman

20. ‘q: I want to be an author when I grow up. Am I insane?”Neil Gaiman: ”Yes. Growing up is highly overrated. Just be an au’ โ€” Neil Gaiman

21. I was a scholarship minor public school day boy at Ardingly College and later Whitgift School. Then, straight into work as a journalistโ€“a wonderful thing for a writer. โ€” Neil Gaiman

22. Empathy is a tool for building people into groups, for allowing us to function as more than selfโ€“obsessed individuals. โ€” Neil Gaiman

23. Adults follow paths. Children explore. โ€” Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane

24. Bod shrugged. ‘So?’ he said. ‘It’s only death. I mean, all of my best friends are dead. โ€” Neil Gaiman

25. Life and death are different sides of the same coin. โ€” Neil Gaiman

26. There’s none so blind as those who will not listen. โ€” Neil Gaiman

27. Only the phoenix rises and does not descend. And everything changes. And nothing is truly lost. โ€” Neil Gaiman

28. I lost some time once. It’s always in the last place you look for it. โ€” Neil Gaiman

29. Human beings do not like being pushed about by gods. They may seem to, on the surface, but somewhere on the inside, underneath it all, they sense it, and they resent it. โ€” Neil Gaiman

30. Dahling, when God put teeth in your mouth, he ruined a perfectly good arsehole. โ€” Neil Gaiman

31. I’ll show you an imaginative reโ€“creation, my fist imaginatively reโ€“creating your fucken face for starters. โ€” Neil Gaiman, American Gods

32. All your tomorrows start here. โ€” Neil Gaiman

33. Going off the grid is always good for me. It’s the way that I’ve started books and finished books and gotten myself out of deadline dooms and things. โ€” Neil Gaiman


35. Stories are made up by people who make them up. If they work, they get retold. There’s the magic of it. โ€” Neil Gaiman

36. I think hell is something you carry around with you, not somewhere you go. โ€” Neil Gaiman

37. I wish being a beekeeper, which I am, gave you a free pass on the carbon footprint, but it doesn’t. โ€” Neil Gaiman

38. Yes. Growing up is highly overrated. Just be an author. โ€” Neil Gaiman

39. He was no longer scared of what tomorrow might bring because yesterday has brought it. โ€” Neil Gaiman

40. After that, he had more or less stopped reading. You could not trust fiction. What good were books, if they couldn’t protect you from something like that? โ€” Neil Gaiman

41. The only reason people die, is because EVERYONE does it. You all just go along with it. It’s RUBBISH, death. It’s STUPID. I don’t want nothing to do with it. โ€” Neil Gaiman

42. And there was a voice, a high clear, female voice, which said ‘Ow’, and then, very quietly, it said ‘Fuck’, and then it said ‘Ow’, once more. โ€” Neil Gaiman

43. I’m probably slightly more famous than I’ve been comfortable with. Famous enough to have my phone calls returned is about as famous as I want to be. โ€” Neil Gaiman

44. I’ll agonize over sentences. Mostly because you’re trying to create specific effects with sentences, and because there are a number of different voices in the book. โ€” Neil Gaiman

45. Joy and sorrow are like milk and cookies. That’s how well they go together. โ€” Neil Gaiman

46. Can you believe it? Fifty miles from McDonald’s. I didn’t think there was anywhere in the world that was fifty miles from McDonald’s. โ€” Neil Gaiman

47. Of course it was Loki. It’s always Loki. โ€” Neil Gaiman

48. I don’t think you should ever insult people unintentionally: if you’re doing it, you ought to mean it. โ€” Neil Gaiman

49. This is not a place, after all. It is BETWEEN places. This is NOWHERE. A brief thought: I could stay here, abandon my quest, hang forever in the void, safe and cold and alone. โ€” Neil Gaiman

50. There is something about riding a unicorn, for those people who still can, which is unlike any other experience: exhilarating, and intoxicating, and fine. โ€” Neil Gaiman


In conclusion, Neil Gaiman is a celebrated author whose works have been loved and admired by readers of all ages. His thought-provoking and inspirational words have served as a source of wisdom and comfort for many. We hope that this collection of Neil Gaiman quotes has provided you with enough inspiration to get through life’s toughest moments.

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