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A man who was born in the slums of Chicago and rose up to be a powerful voice for equality, fred hampton is one of America’s most influential leaders. In 1968, at the age of 21, he became chairman of Illinois Black Panther party and organized demonstrations against police brutality. He also helped with organizing the watts rebellion that same year. This led to his arrest in 1969 on charges which were later dropped. From 1971-1972, Hampton led an eight-month campaign called Operation Breadbasket that targeted large corporations such as Campbell Soup Company and General Electric to get them to hire more blacks and do business with black-owned banks and suppliers. His work has been recognized by many people including Dr Martin Luther King

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About Fred Hampton

birth of the author

August 30, 1948

death of the author

December 4, 1969

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Cause Of Death:

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Triton Junior College, Proviso East High School

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Activist, Revolutionary

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Chairman Of The Illinois Chapter Of The Black Panther Party

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Political Party:
Black Panther Party


If you dare to struggle, you dare to win. โ€” Fred Hampton

If you dare to struggle, you dare to win. If you dare not struggle, then damn it, you don’t deserve to win. โ€” Fred Hampton

Why don’t you live for the people? Why don’t you struggle for the people? Why don’t you die for the people? โ€” Fred Hampton

You have to understand that people have to pay a price for peace. If you dare to struggle, you dare to win. โ€” Fred Hampton

if you dare to struggle you dare to win Fred Hampton quote


Let me just say: Peace to you, if you’re willing to fight for it. โ€” Fred Hampton

We’re going to fight racism not with racism, but we’re going to fight with solidarity. We say we’re not going to fight capitalism with black capitalism, but we’re going to fight it with socialism. โ€” Fred Hampton

I’m not afraid to say I’m at war with the pigs. โ€” Fred Hampton

We understood that politics is nothing but war without bloodshed and war is nothing but politics with bloodshed. โ€” Fred Hampton

Inspiring Phrases From Fred Hampton

We say it’s no longer a question of violence or nonโ€“violence. We say it’s a question of resistance to fascism or nonโ€“existence within fascism. โ€” Fred Hampton

power anywhere where there s people Fred Hampton quote

We say that we will work with anybody and form a coalition with anybody that has revolution on their mind. โ€” Fred Hampton

Power anywhere where there’s people! โ€” Fred Hampton

In plain proletarian worker’s language, it takes two to tango. โ€” Fred Hampton

Redundant Thematics

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We do not support people who are anarchistic, opportunistic, adventuristic, and Custeristic. โ€” Fred Hampton

Everything would be alright if everything was put back in the hands of the people, and we’re going to have to put it back in the hands of the people. โ€” Fred Hampton

We know that political power doesn’t flow from the sleeve of a dashiki. We know that political power flows from the barrel of a gun. โ€” Fred Hampton

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