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Musician, entrepreneur, and punk rock icon Frank Iero is the definition of a self-made man. A stint in a hardcore band at age 14 led to his first record deal at just 16. From there, Iero has never looked back, blazing a trail as an independent artist and building his own successful businesses. In this inspiring quotes compilation, learn how Iero’s creativity and determination have made him one of the most successful artists in the music industry.

Here are the strongest Feelings, Life quotes from Frank Iero, and much more.


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About Frank Iero

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October 31, 1981

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Alternative Rock, Emo, Pop Punk, Post-Hardcore, Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk And More.

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Guitar, Bass, Vocals

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Associated Acts:
Pencey Prep, My Chemical Romance, Leathermouth, Reggie And The Full Effect, Death Spells, Give Up The Ghost And More.


It’s always awkward to pretend to play. I feel like Ashlee Simpson. Oooh, zing. — Frank Iero

My name is Frank Iero and I hate mushrooms. All mushrooms. No matter how they’re prepared, I feel like they’re all slimy and they taste like dirt. — Frank Iero

I grew up in that band. Some people go to college and get a Master’s. I went to My Chem academy, and I feel like I graduated with honors. — Frank Iero

I think my least favourite thing to listen to is perfect songs, perfect performances. They don’t feel human to me, and in that respect ,they lose any kind of sincerity. I don’t know why. It’s just my ears. — Frank Iero

it s always awkward to pretend to play i feel like ashlee simpson oooh zing Frank Iero quote

I’m kind of a feel player. I’ll stretch out before a show a bit and do some playing, but that’s about it. I’m not one of these 10–hour–a–day playing guys. — Frank Iero

You can only hold on to something for so long and enjoy it just by yourself, what’s the point? It’s very selfish. For better or for worse, I feel like the point of all of this is to make someone feel something. — Frank Iero

My tattoos are like a scrapbook of my life. Sometimes you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, so covering it up with pictures helps — Frank Iero

Every experience that you have is important. — Frank Iero

Love what you do and who you truly are. Be willing to die for it. If you are true to yourself, you can never go wrong — Frank Iero

Even as a kid–do all kids think about this? I hope they don’t, I hope my kids don’t think about this–I was always thinking about, ‘Well, what are we doing? What is this all about? — Frank Iero


I have a split–of my real home–life side that’s real–life, and then the creative side that is not necessarily real–life, but it intersects my real–life so much. — Frank Iero

Where my heart lies is in the real–life, but at the same time part of it lies in this creative realm where I need to go in and put out that fire, scratch that itch, in order to be all rounded. — Frank Iero

The future’s too bright to dwell on the past. Life moves fast, run faster. — Frank Iero

Ms is terrible for anybody, and all of the stories are important. — Frank Iero

the future s too bright to dwell on the past life moves fast run faster Frank Iero quote

Inspiring Phrases From Frank Iero

I’m a fan of records you get and you listen to them from beginning to finish–records where everything is there for a purpose. There was never any filler on those records–it was all well planned out. — Frank Iero

I have no want or desire to solo. I’d rather create melodies and accompanying parts. — Frank Iero

I always wanted to be in bands. — Frank Iero

I think the days of just filling the time and putting a disc out is over, and I’m glad, because those are some of my least favourite records. — Frank Iero

Redundant Thematics

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The messenger is not as important as the message. — Frank Iero

i have no want or desire to solo i d rather create melodies and accompanying parts Frank Iero quote

I’ve always been in bands writing songs with friends in order to play shows or record a future record. — Frank Iero

If you lose count of how many cookies you ate, the calorie intake ceases to exist. True story. — Frank Iero

Various Statements From Frank Iero

People don’t always realize that a record is forever. It’ll always be there under your name. You’ve got to be certain that it’s right. — Frank Iero

Publishing the lyric books, poetry or comics of other musicians I know. That’s the thing I really want to break into! — Frank Iero

My dad was very influential with the music he exposed me to. He was really into blues and folk, so he’d play me guys like Muddy Waters and T–Bone Walker and Richie Havens–a lot of very emotional players. — Frank Iero

things don t happen to you they happen for you Frank Iero quote

When you break it all down, my punk rock is my dad’s blues. It’s music from the underground, and it’s real, and it’s written for the downtrodden in uncertain times. — Frank Iero

My first show was when I was a high school freshman, but it was at the junior class dance. My older friend and bandmate booked it. — Frank Iero

Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. — Frank Iero

Anytime you put yourself in a creative box, it’s going to stifle you; it’s not conducive to the writing or recording process. — Frank Iero

FRANK IERO Quotes Take Away

Frank Iero is a musician who has faced many challenges in his life, but he doesn’t let them get him down. In fact, he often turns to writing songs as a way of working through his problems and gaining some insight. His lyrics are often introspective and provide motivation for others who may be going through tough times. If you need a little boost, take a look at some of the inspiring quotes from Frank Iero that we’ve included in this post. And if you want to learn more about how to turn your struggles into something positive, check out our courses – they could help change your life for the better.

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