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Ewan Gordon McGregor was born on March 31, 1971 in Perth, Scotland. He is an actor and a director best known for his roles in the Trainspotting series, Moulin Rouge, and Star Wars. McGregor has won numerous awards throughout his career, including a Golden Globe Award and two British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards. In addition to his work onscreen, McGregor has also starred onstage in several productions over the years. As a director, he has helmed several short films as well as a feature film. McGregor is married to production designer Eve Mavrakis and they have four children together.

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31 March 1971

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United Kingdom

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Guildhall School Of Music And Drama

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I’ve never found acting that difficult. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

I love acting and don’t find it to be very hard. I recognize when I’ve nailed it, and I can be very proud of myself. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

From there I did a one year theatre acting course in Fife, and then three years of drama school in London. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

At school there was no acting to be had other than school plays which I did now and again. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

i ve never found acting that difficult Ewan Mcgregor quote


I’ve never been one who agonizes over my work. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

I think rehearsal can be important if it’s done in a way that works. Often, rehearsal can be a waste of time. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

I never imagined it wouldn’t work out for me. I had that absolute certainty in myself that has seen me through, I think, and my parents were absolutely behind me all the way. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

The beautiful thing about it is that no two directors or actors work the same way. You also learn not to be afraid of discussion and conflict. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

You can be playing a line some way and the director wants you to change that, or you can disagree. But I always think that the creative conversation between director and actor is what leads to good work. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

i ve never been one who agonizes over my work Ewan Mcgregor quote

I won`t buy into the Hollywood thing…I want to be in good movies. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

I don’t pay much attention to career or what other people think. I’ve always been quite arrogant. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor


Ultimately, you have to not worry about people thinking you should have played him differently. You’re the one playing the part so it has to be yours. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

I played music all through school and I kind of performed that way. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

I’ve played in pipe bands in Scotland, and I’ve always played guitars and drums and stuff. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

i played music all through school and i kind of performed that way Ewan Mcgregor quote

Mainly I was able to perform with musicโ€“I played the French horn, I would sing, and I was a drummer in the pipe band. So I think it was a way to show off. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor


Success is tricky to deal with, both professionally and in your personal life. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

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I found my partner, my life partner, and I really am in love with my wife, and we have a lovely time, and we share a long history together and children together, and that’s it. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

He`s quite extraordinary with his moves and spins. I think he was a baton girl in a past life [on his coโ€“star Hayden Christensen]. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

My feeling about seeing the world is that it’s going to change you necessarily, just the very fact of being out there and meeting people from different cultures and different ways of life. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

success is tricky to deal with both professionally and in your personal life Ewan Mcgregor quote

I find that the acting’s getting easierโ€“with experience, everything is more instinctual. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

It’s important, that spirit of youth, and when you’re 16 that can get you kickstarted. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor


I trained in the theatre and I love the theatre. I get such a thrill seeing anything in the theatre. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

I don’t think having separate bathrooms is a key to a successful marriage, if you love one another. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

I got married because I fell in love with this woman. I had a baby with her because we wanted to have children. But that’s not because of some philosophical ideal at all, no. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

As a child I was taken to the pantomime or the theatre and I would always, always fall in love with somebody on the stage. And want to have sex with them. โ€” Ewan Mcgregor

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