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Did you know that the inventor of the most popular rifle in America, the AR-15, was a reclusive vegan who never wanted to profit from his invention? Eugene Stoner was an engineer and designer who pioneered many technological advances in firearms design. After serving in the military during World War II, he began working for ArmaLite, where he designed the AR-10 rifle. When it was rejected by the military, he created the AR-15, which would go on to become one of the most popular guns ever made. Despite his success, Stoner always sought to keep a low profile, and rarely spoke to the media or appeared in public.

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About Eugene Stoner

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November 22, 1922

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April 24, 1997

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I always like to look on the optimistic side of life. — Walt Disney

Ah, art! Ah, life! The pendulum swinging back and forth, from complex to simple, again to complex. From romantic to realistic, back to romantic. — Ray Bradbury

Life is painful and disappointing. It is useless, therefore, to write new realistic novels. We generally know where we stand in relation to reality and don’t care to know any more. — Michel Houellebecq

To really ‘live,’ that is to find life reasonably satisfying, you must have an adequate and realistic self–image that you can life with. You must find yourself acceptable to ‘you.’ — Maxwell Maltz

When I’ve had hard times in my life, the one thing about being in TV is that it’s positive. I withdrew to ‘Cheers,’ it was familiar in that it was family. It had a kind of realistic positiveness to it. — Bruno Heller

Even from the simplest, the most realistic point of view, the countries which we long for occupy, at any given moment, a far larger place in our actual life than the country in which we happen to be. — Marcel Proust


To think that realistic fiction is by definition superior to imaginative fiction is to think imitation is superior to invention. — Ursula K. Le Guin


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To be perfectly frank: I don’t write women’s fiction. I write intimate, gritty, realistic, character–driven fiction that happens to be thrown into the women’s fiction category. — Jillian Medoff

Today, you’re halfway to 100! Here’s to optimism, whether it is realistic or not. Happy 50th birthday! — T. S. Eliot

Dreams that are realistic, often come out of fantasies. — Mike Vance


To be realistic, you have to believe in miracles.–David Ben — Gurion

I believe politicians should always remain realistic. — Eduard Shevardnadze

I can do anything I set my mind to if I believe and am realistic. — Aleks Paunovic

I don’t believe [monogamy] is realistic. But, I believe that we, as people, have the power to make it happen. — Kate Hudson

We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic. — Susan Jeffers

People in my neighborhood inspired me to sing. Believe in your ability no matter what, but be realistic with yourself and your ability. — Mary J. Blige

Believe that giving up is the same thing as being realistic. — Seth Godin

Although many believe that technology automatically enables more realistic expression, I believe that is just not correct. — Satoru Iwata


There is no perfect love–that’s something I’m very realistic about. — Chaka Khan

There is always a realistic way to fulfill any dream. There has never been a dream that you can’t have–at least, not the heart of it, not the part you love the most. — Barbara Sher

I love acting, especially if it’s a fantasy of some kind, where it’s not just realistic, it’s not naturalism. — Gene Wilder

Let’s be realistic, how many people are buying a $2,000 skirt? I love to design things that people can actually buy. I’m staggered by what a boot costs today. — Vera Wang

It is not realistic, maybe … but art doesn’t have to be realistic. Romeo and Juliet is not realistic, but it is true… it shows the essence of falling in love. — Jan Harlan

I don’t always want to play the wacky, crazy parts. I love having the opportunity to play a regular person in an irregular situation in a very realistic way. — Jon Gries

I don’t think it’s realistic for someone to have an undying loyalty to everything you ever make. — Fka Twigs

Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not. — Deepak Chopra


The people who do the most extraordinary things in the world are never ‘realistic.’ They’re passionate. They trust themselves. — Deepak Chopra

Pixar films are not realistic. They are believable for the worlds we are creating. — John Lasseter

I’ve sought a constructive relationship with Russia, but what I have also been is realistic in recognizing that there is some significant differences in how Russia views the world and how we view the world. — Barack Obama

People with a sense of humor tend to be less egocentric and more realistic in their view of the world and more humble in moments of success and less defeated in times of travail. — Bob Newhart

One has to be realistic. One’s concern for equity and justice in the world must not carry one into the alien territory of unreasoned belief. That’s very important. — Amartya Sen

With gritty action and realistic science, Peter Watts brings to life a dark and vivid world. — David Brin

World federalists hold before us the vision of a unified mankind living in peace under a just world order… The heart of their program–a world under law–is realistic and attainable. — U Thant

In a perfect world, you would be able to hold onto everyone. But It’s not realistic. The changes with NYPD have been progressive and have taken the show to new levels. — Dennis Franz

The child and the poet know that Reality is what does not need to be realistic. — Vicki Lewis Thompson


Humor is important. If you’re going to tell any sort of realistic story, you’re going to have to have humor in it, because people are funny. Clever people especially. — Patrick Rothfuss

Most important to any fake story is a plausible, realistic edge with a satirical twist that is topical. — Joey Skaggs

I set myself up for a lot of trouble by wanting to tell a story that is fairly earnest and emotional and expressive, but to do it in the most subtle, realistic way. — Adrian Tomine

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I think I do pretty well with child characters. It’s hard to write kids that are realistic, not annoying, and bring something to the story. — Elizabeth Hoyt

I’m a hopeless romantic. I consider myself a realistic person who usually finds stories from real life people. — Mabel Cheung

The thing to me that’s fun is trying to make the characters seem believable, or realistic. And it’s especially challenging when you’re doing fantasy stories, when you’re doing superhero types of things. — Stan Lee

In Japan they prefer the realistic style. They like answers and conclusions, but my stories have none. I want to leave them wide open to every possibility. I think my readers understand that openness. — Haruki Murakami

I think human beings exist in a social world. I write realistic fiction, and so it isn’t that surprising that the social realities of their existence would be part of the story. — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I can work in films as long as the story doesn’t have a realistic nature. If I’m working with an allegory, a fantasy, it can be developed in synthetic terms. — Manuel Puig

I love a good cliffhanger. I love when big events happen in shows. I love shows that aren’t afraid to take risks and to really do what’s best for the story line and realistic for the story line. — Candice Accola

It’s my opinion that if you’re trying to tell a realistic story that centers around realistic characters, you can’t help but touch on important issues. Those issues are what make us human. — Patrick Rothfuss


Don’t front, don’t put something out there that you feel isn’t realistic and doesn’t portray who you are. Just be yourself, be you, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. — Chloe Grace Moretz

It’s a funny thing with documentary films–you want them to feel as entertaining and as gripping as a fictional film. With a fictional film you want it to feel as realistic as a documentary film. — Jonathan Demme

I was giving up––being realistic, as people liked to say, meaning the same thing. Being realistic made me feel bitter. — Tobias Wolff

I’m not there to be the token sexy girl. I don’t know that I would ever be able to pull that off. It’s nice that those characters I’ve played feel uncomfortable as well because it’s so much more realistic. — Emma Stone

If we do have realistic confidence in our mind and value, if we feel secure within ourselves, we tend to experience the world as open to us and to respond appropriately to challenges and opportunities. — Nathaniel Branden

Because I write realistic fiction, I generally don’t think about fixing anyone–I just think about how I want to feel at the end of the book–And I try to write toward that feeling. — Jacqueline Woodson

We’re human beings trying to understand and cultivate what it means to feel divine love. We have to start with small, realistic goals. — Surya Das


I wasn’t trying to make a following. I was just trying to make interesting music. That’s not being modest, that’s just being realistic. — Girl Talk

But I’m not trying to convince anybody how to vote or how to live. Nobody’s ever successfully accused me of being realistic. — Frank Miller

If you’re trying to be realistic and bring real life to the screen, you are going to have different elements. That’s what I’m trying to do. As I make the movie, different elements come in naturally. — Takashi Miike

That’s the kind of visual that you’re trying to attract–something that in some way or another, connects you to what’s happening there in a realistic way. — Frank Luntz

When people say, ‘You’re not being realistic,’ they’re just trying to tag some thoughts that they can’t otherwise handle. — David R. Brower

Guy) Pearce, as the hero, makes the mistake of trying to give a good and realistic performance. (Jeremy) Irons at least knows what kind of movie he’s in, and hams it up accordingly. — Roger Ebert


You can’t predict tomorrow. And because you can’t predict tomorrow, you have to be realistic with what you have today. It doesn’t mean don’t enjoy yourself but enjoy yourself at the right time. — Lemar

I think everybody wants to be loved, all the time, but it’s not realistic. It’s also not realistic, if you’re going to be ambitious, in terms of changing the form or evolving. — Mitchell Hurwitz

I’m relatively physically adept and I like throwing myself around. Once, twice, but then you get to nine, ten, eleven and to try and make it look realistic all the time, that’s not very pleasant. — Marton Csokas

I don’t intend to be insensitive to the victims and their families but, at the same time, as an actor, it’s our job, and we are obligated to portray the characters in the most realistic way possible. — Mark Wahlberg

It’s not realistic to live in the country at this stage. I’ve got a business in London. I beat myself up about it all the time. — Stella Mccartney

For me it’s important to get the origin of the character like in the Richard Donner superman. We saw him became slowly a super hero but i think it’s important to take time and stay realistic. — Xavier Gens

Those of you who have spent time with Australians know that we are not given to overstatement. By nature we are laconic speakers and by conviction we are realistic thinkers. — Julia Gillard

I liked being in the Marines. They gave me discipline I could live with. By the time I got out, I was able to cope with things on a more realistic level. — Steve Mcqueen

Make sure you’re realistic about what you can do, but if you have a good lead with something, making the plunge into full–time writing is the only way to go. — Ben Clymer

The goal you set must be challenging. At the same time, it should be realistic and attainable, not impossible to reach. It should be challenging enough to make you stretch, but not so far that you break. — Rick Hansen

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