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Emilia Clarke is a British actress best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series, Game of Thrones. She has won many awards, including an Emmy award and three Screen Actors Guild Awards. In addition to acting, Emilia Clarke is also involved with charities such as World Vision and The Royal Marsden Hospital Charity.
She was born on October 23rd in 1987 and grew up in Berkshire, England with her mother’s family of English descent. As she started to really show interest in acting at the age of three years old when she would perform scenes from movies for anyone who would watch or listen, it can be assumed that this is where her love for performing began.
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23 October 1986

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Drama Centre London

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I love my Spanish fans! — Emilia Clarke

I’m just a girl who loves mascara. — Emilia Clarke

I do love singing. I wouldn’t say I’m any good, but I definitely love it–especially jazz singing. — Emilia Clarke

American naturalism is what my indulgent actor side loves: a bit of Tennessee Williams, a bit of Clifford Odets, August Wilson–I would just love to tackle some of that. — Emilia Clarke

i love my spanish fans Emilia Clarke quote

I’d give my right arm to be, like, a random extra on ‘Girls,’ just to walk past one of the scenarios. I’d love that more than anything. — Emilia Clarke

One of the shows I would very much love to be a part of is ‘Mad Men’–walking around that office. — Emilia Clarke

One of the many things I love about Daenerys from Game of Thrones is she’s given me an opportunity to fly the flag for young girls and women, to be more than just somebody’s wife and somebody’s girlfriend. — Emilia Clarke


My dad’s a sound designer, and he used to take me to work with him. — Emilia Clarke

You can’t come out of drama school and think, ‘It’s all going to be amazing.’ You have to expect to work in a bar for at least five years and be a waitress for maybe two! — Emilia Clarke

my dad s a sound designer and he used to take me to work with him Emilia Clarke quote

I told my parents I wanted to be an actor and they were getting ready for a life of unemployment so they’re just happy I’m in work! — Emilia Clarke

I spent most of my life watching HBO series wishing that at some point in my career I might be able to work with them. — Emilia Clarke

You have to do whatever jobs you can to pay the rent. — Emilia Clarke

The calibre of TV’s changing. It’s becoming much more epic. To rival film, definitely. — Emilia Clarke


If you spend too much time wondering what you’re going to feel like in year five, you’re not going to feel anything in year one. — Emilia Clarke

elizabeth is something i ve looked to a lot for a strong female leader Emilia Clarke quote

Sometimes I feel like the kid left out–the weirdo with the silver hair that no one likes to talk to. — Emilia Clarke

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Valyrian is oddly easier than Dothraki. It’s got a more lyrical flow to it that feels more familiar to the way I speak. That makes it slightly easier. — Emilia Clarke

Elizabeth’ is something I’ve looked to a lot for a strong female leader. — Emilia Clarke


Drama school is fundamentally practical. I didn’t write any essays, so I came out with a BA honors degree in acting. — Emilia Clarke

I don’t get much studio stuff. I’m usually on location, and I know that some people think that acting is so glamorous, but believe me, it’s not! — Emilia Clarke

i grew up around horses but acting and riding on camera is a whole different thing Emilia Clarke quote

I grew up around horses, but acting and riding on camera is a whole different thing. — Emilia Clarke

All of the press and stuff–that’s the scary stuff. The acting is what I got trained to do. — Emilia Clarke

Being a single girl in New York it’s what you should be doing in your twenties! — Emilia Clarke

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