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We are glad to present you the most inspiring words from Edith Piaf.

Here are the deepest quotes from Edith Piaf, and much more.


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About Edith Piaf

birth of the author

19 December 1915

death of the author

10 October 1963

genre of the author

Cabaret, Torch Songs, Chanson, Musical Theatre

occupation of the author

Singer, Songwriter, Cabaret Performer, Film Actress

instrument of the author


date of the author

Years Active:

institution of the author

Pathé, Pathé-Marconi, Capitol/Emi

productions of the author

Associated Acts:
Théo Sarapo, Jacques Pills, Yves Montand, Charles Aznavour, Les Compagnons De La Chanson And More.

Inspiring Phrases From Edith Piaf

People say that I could sing the phone book and make it sound good. — Edith Piaf

My conservatory is in the streets. My intelligence is instinct. — Edith Piaf

Never acknowledge the limitations of man. Smash all boundaries! Deny whatever your eyes see. Die every moment, but say: ‘Death does not exist. — Edith Piaf

To sing is to bring to life; impossible if the words are mediocre, however good the music. — Edith Piaf

people say that i could sing the phone book and make it sound good Edith Piaf quote

I think you have to pay for love with bitter tears. — Edith Piaf

When you reach the top, you should remember to send the elevator back down for the others. — Edith Piaf

Money? How did I lose it? I never did lose it. I just never knew where it went. — Edith Piaf

Various Statements From Edith Piaf

I’ve been thinking about Jesus. Don’t you find it a bit strange that, since He was living with His family and all, He up and left them just when they needed him most? — Edith Piaf

For me, sleeping is a waste of time. I’m afraid to sleep. It’s a form of death. — Edith Piaf

for me sleeping is a waste of time i m afraid to sleep it s a form of death Edith Piaf quote

I’ve always wanted to sing, just as I’ve always known that one day I would have my own niche in the annals of song. It was a feeling I had. — Edith Piaf

I want to die young. I think it’s awful to get old, and sickness is ugly. — Edith Piaf

I was hungry. I was cold. But I was also free. Free not to get up in the morning, not to go to bed at night, free to get drunk if I liked, to dream… to hope. — Edith Piaf

I wouldn’t mind at all coming back to earth after my death. — Edith Piaf

Tell me what you’d like to hear me sing. I’ll sing whatever you like, after which I’ll take up a collection, if you don’t mind. — Edith Piaf

i want to die young i think it s awful to get old and sickness is ugly Edith Piaf quote

More Phrases From Edith Piaf

Death is the beginning of something. — Edith Piaf

Use your faults, use your defects; then you’re going to be a star. — Edith Piaf

Drugs are a carnival in hell. — Edith Piaf

What was Edith Piaf’s early life like?

Edith Piaf, abandoned at birth by her café-singer mother, was taken in by her grandmother and reared in a brothel.

Piaf was blinded by complications of meningitis but recovered her sight four years later.


I don’t want to die an old lady. — Edith Piaf

I’d like to see one person–just one–who would own up to having been a coward. — Edith Piaf

death is the beginning of something Edith Piaf quote

I don’t lie; I improve on my life. — Edith Piaf

Americans want beauties, not me. I’m not the Parisian bombshell they expected. Can you see me as a chorus girl? Where’s my feather up the ass? They think I’m sad, they’re dumb. I don’t connect to them. — Édith Piaf

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Deeper Quotes From Edith Piaf

If God has allowed me to earn so much money, it is because He knows I give it all away. — Edith Piaf

American journalist: If you were to give advice to a woman, what would it be? Edith Piaf: Love. American journalist: To a young girl? Edith Piaf: Love. American journalist: To a child? Edith Piaf: Love. — Édith Piaf

To be successful in my native France, where people speak the same language and understand me, is nothing. — Edith Piaf

if god has allowed me to earn so much money it is because he knows i give it all away Edith Piaf quote

I can die now. I’ve lived twice. — Edith Piaf

Performers and their public should never meet. Once the curtain comes down, the performer should fly away like a magician’s dove. — Edith Piaf

Every damn fool thing you do in this life you pay for. — Edith Piaf

I’m the only one who still believes in Santa Claus! — Edith Piaf

Amazing Thoughts From Edith Piaf

I want to make people cry even when they don’t understand my words. — Edith Piaf

i want to make people cry even when they don t understand my words Edith Piaf quote

Don’t care what people say. Don’t give a damn about their laws. — Edith Piaf

Singing is a way of escaping. It’s another world. I’m no longer on earth. — Edith Piaf

All I’ve done all my life is disobey. — Edith Piaf

When he takes me in his arms, and speaks to me softly, I see the world through rose–colored glasses. — Edith Piaf

You say things that make my eyes close and I find that marvelous. — Édith Piaf

don t care what people say don t give a damn about their laws Edith Piaf quote

Death does not exist. — Edith Piaf

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