Clarifying Paths Towards Your Dreams

The problem

Lack of clear vision kills motivation and inspiration, leading to roaming and procrastination.


Define a clear goal and a clear path toward it.


A clear vision of your goal and its path make daily tasks more meaningful and appealing, therefore reduce procrastination and increase productivity.

4 powerful steps to find your life paths


Energy is required for motivation, efforts, and excellence, however, it’s a limited and picky resource that only develop fully when one is fully aligned.

1. Don’t create, copy!

Many people failed for you. It’s one of the most human aptitudes to take benefits of what our predecessors have built and use it to build something our successors will take benefit of.
Trying to reinvent and do everything on your own may be a time and energy trap leading to failure and regrets.
That being said, how can you build a strong vision thanks to your peers?


Biographies are unique chances to live several lives in one. Somebody dedicated his own to experiment and discover unique insights that we can all benefit of to build our own path and avoiding reproducing already solved mistakes, and this at a ridiculous cost. As goes the saying “you can learn from mistakes, but it doesn’t always to have yours”. What are the biographies that could give you a clear idea of how to reach your goals?

Courses & Mentoring

Time is a hell of a price to gain knowledge and insights. Fortunately, those can be transferred. Studying earning materials on a regular basis will spare you costly mistakes and help you develop a critical and creative mind regarding your niche. You can find here a list of great websites for courses. Sometimes you’ll have a specific brake only a person-to-person interaction can solve. This is where mentoring can boost you. Because you don’t know what you don’t know, a mentor can enlighten you and save you hours of wrong direction.

2. Navigating in the dark

The road to success is long and obscure. A good vision is like a north star, it guides you into a direction, but not to somewhere. This means you may get lost on your way. This is part of any journey. When this happens, your life will fill with self-doubt, questioning, regrets, fears… Part of this process is useful as it questions your path and seek for more knowledge and confirmation. Other part of it is toxic because it can lead you to opaque anxiety, self-sabotage and ultimately, declining possibilities of success. When those periods come to you, you won’t be able to navigate with your usual map (habits, routines and rational processes). You will have to use you openness to consider objectively some new possibilities and opportunities. Getting more knowledge or inspiration can be necessary to set you back on track. Getting spiritual (for example having faith in yourself and in the world) can also help you crossing those thrilling moments.

3. From dreams to reality

As impossible your dream may seem, it’s always possible to get closer of it. Life visioning is the art of turning that end goal into steps and actions you can concretely implement. That way you insure daily progress, and more importantly, daily meaning. Here is an article to help you with Building A Massive Results System.

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