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Born in 1952, Douglas Adams is best known for his novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He was an English author who wrote novels, essays and scripts. His style of writing was witty and humorous. He died in 2001 at age 49 due to a heart attack.
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About Douglas Adams

birth of the author

11 March 1952

death of the author

11 May 2001

occupation of the author

Author, Screenwriter, Essayist, Humorist, Satirist, Dramatist And More.

college of the author

Alma Mater:
St John’s College, Cambridge

genre of the author

Science Fiction, Comedy, Satire

award of the author

Notable Awards:
Inkpot Award


Time,’ said Arthur weakly, ‘is not currently one of my problems. — Douglas Adams

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. — Douglas Adams

Time is bunk. — Douglas Adams

You just come along with me and have a good time. The Galaxy’s a fun place. You’ll need to have this fish in your ear. — Douglas Adams

time said arthur weakly is not currently one of my problems Douglas Adams quote

I’ve just had an unhappy love affair, so I don’t see why anybody else should have a good time. — Douglas Adams

This planet has–or rather had–a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much all of the time. — Douglas Adams

Having not said anything the first time, it was somehow even more difficult to broach the subject the second time around. — Douglas Adams

It takes an awful lot of time to not write a book. — Douglas Adams


time is an illusion lunchtime doubly so Douglas Adams quote

Fifteen years was a long time to be stranded anywhere, particularly somewhere as mind–boggingly dull as Earth. — Douglas Adams

The lights went out in his eyes for absolutely the very last time ever. — Douglas Adams

Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now? — Douglas Adams

Time doesn’t necessarily happen in chronological order. — Douglas Adams

Great book stands the test of time unlike my good self……… — Douglas Adams

time is bunk Douglas Adams quote

Look,’ said Arthur, ‘would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now? — Douglas Adams

Why are people born? Why do they die? Why do they want to spend so much of the intervening time wearing digital watches? — Douglas Adams

Time travel, by its very nature, was invented in all periods of history simultaneously. — Douglas Adams

Time affords us the ability to blame past errors on others while whole heartedly pronouncing our futures successes. — Douglas Adams

There was an accident with a contraceptive and a time machine. Now concentrate! — Douglas Adams

it takes an awful lot of time to not write a book Douglas Adams quote

You have a time machine and you use it for… watching television?’ ‘Well, I wouldn’t use it at all if I could get the hang of the video recorder. — Douglas Adams

Time blossomed, matter shrank away. The highest prime number coalesced quietly in a corner and hid itself away for ever. — Douglas Adams

The light was only just visible–except of course that there was no one to see, no witnesses, not this time, but it was nevertheless a light. — Douglas Adams

I wanted to be John Cleese. It took me some time to realise that the job was taken. — Douglas Adams

Most of the time spent wrestling with technologies that don’t quite work yet is just not worth it for end users, however much fun it is for nerds. — Douglas Adams

no admittance not even to authorised personnel you are wasting your time here go away Douglas Adams quote


Good,’ said Arthur. ‘See?’ said Ford. ‘No,’ said Arthur. — Douglas Adams

Arthur lolled. — Douglas Adams

No,’ said Arthur, ‘no,’ he added thoughtfully. ‘no,’ he added again, even more thoughtfully. ‘What?’ he said at last. — Douglas Adams

Shit!’ yelled Arthur as helpfully as he could. — Douglas Adams

This man is the bee’s knees, Arthur, he is the wasp’s nipples. He is, I would go so far as to say, the entire set of erogenous zones of every major flying insect of the Western world. — Douglas Adams

good said arthur see said ford no said arthur Douglas Adams quote

The only person for whom the house was in any way special was Arthur Dent, and that was only because it happened to be the one he lived in. — Douglas Adams

Arthur blinked at the screens and felt he was missing something important. Suddenly he realized what it was. ‘Is there any tea on this spaceship?’ he asked. — Douglas Adams

Arthur Dent: What happens if I press this button? Ford Prefect: I wouldn’t–Arthur Dent: Oh. Ford Prefect: What happened? Arthur Dent: A sign lit up, saying ‘Please do not press this button again. — Douglas Adams


Life,’ said Marvin, ‘don’t talk to me about life. — Douglas Adams

Dirk was, for one of the few times in a life of exuberantly prolific loquacity, wordless. — Douglas Adams

life said marvin don t talk to me about life Douglas Adams quote

The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is…42! — Douglas Adams

Life,’ said Marvin dolefully, ‘loathe it or ignore it, you can’t like it. — Douglas Adams

He had got himself a life. Now he had to find a purpose in it. — Douglas Adams

Funny, how just when you think life can’t possibly get any worse it suddenly does. — Douglas Adams

Everybody has their moment of great opportunity in life. If you happen to miss the one you care about, then everything else becomes eerily easy. — Douglas Adams

dirk was for one of the few times in a life of exuberantly prolific loquacity wordless Douglas Adams quote

Ha, but my life is a box of wormgears. — Douglas Adams

Life… is like a grapefruit. It’s orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast. — Douglas Adams

He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and He sometimes wondered whose it was and wHetHer tHey were enjoying it. — Douglas Adams

If life is going to exist in a Universe of this size, then the one thing it cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion. — Douglas Adams

Life is wasted on the living. — Douglas Adams

the ultimate answer to life the universe and everything is 42 Douglas Adams quote

You see, the quality of any advice anybody has to offer has to be judged against the quality of life they actually lead. — Douglas Adams

He attacked everything in life with a mix of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence, and it was often difficult to tell which was which. — Douglas Adams

A life that is burdened with expectations is a heavy life. Its fruit is sorrow and disappointment. — Douglas Adams

Life, will be a very great deal less weird without you! — Douglas Adams

The Universe, as has been observed before, is an unsettlingly big place, a fact which for the sake of a quiet life most people tend to ignore. — Douglas Adams

life said marvin dolefully loathe it or ignore it you can t like it Douglas Adams quote

Trillian had come to suspect that the main reason [Zaphood] had had such a wild and successful life was that he never really understood the significance of anything he did. — Douglas Adams

In moments of great stress, every life form that exists gives out a tiny subliminal signal. — Douglas Adams

Nobleness was one word for making a fuss about the trivial inevitabilities of life, but there were others. — Douglas Adams

And we’ll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere … And to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys. — Douglas Adams

One of the extraordinary things about life is the sort of places it’s prepared to put up with living. — Douglas Adams

he had got himself a life now he had to find a purpose in it Douglas Adams quote


Just believe everything I tell you, and it will all be very, very simple. ‘ ‘Ah, well, I’m not sure I believe that. — Douglas Adams

I don’t say that I don’t believe in God because that implies that there is a God for me not to believe in. — Douglas Adams

Redundant Thematics

In Douglas Adams Statements


I don’t believe it. Prove it to me and I still won’t believe it. — Douglas Adams

Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too? — Douglas Adams

I have terrible periods of lack of confidence. I just don’t believe I can do it and no evidence to the contrary will sway me from that view. — Douglas Adams

i don t believe it prove it to me and i still won t believe it Douglas Adams quote

Believe me, it is a great deal better to find cast–iron proof that you’re innocent than to languish in a cell hoping that the police–––who already think you’re guilty–––will find it for you. — Douglas Adams


The difference between us and a computer is that, the computer is blindingly stupid, but it is capable of being stupid many, many million times a second. — Douglas Adams

Only by counting could humans demonstrate their independence of computers. — Douglas Adams

The future of computer power is pure simplicity. — Douglas Adams

There are two things in particular that it [the computer industry] failed to foresee: one was the coming of the Internet(…); the other was the fact that the century would end. — Douglas Adams

only by counting could humans demonstrate their independence of computers Douglas Adams quote

I am rarely happier than when spending an entire day programming my computer. — Douglas Adams

A computer chatted to itself in alarm as it noticed an airlock open and close itself for no apparent reason. This was because Reason was in fact out to lunch. — Douglas Adams

I think a nerd is a person who uses the telephone to talk to other people about telephones. And a computer nerd therefore is somebody who uses a computer in order to use a computer. — Douglas Adams

I wrote an ad for Apple Computer: ‘Macintosh–We might not get everything right, but at least we knew the century was going to end’. — Douglas Adams

Ford carried on counting quietly. This is about the most aggressive thing you can do to a computer, the equivalent of going up to a human being and saying ‘Blood…blood…blood…blood… — Douglas Adams

the future of computer power is pure simplicity Douglas Adams quote

I really didn’t foresee the Internet. But then, neither did the computer industry. Not that that tells us very much of course––the computer industry didn’t even foresee that the century was going to end. — Douglas Adams

We notice things that don’t work. We don’t notice things that do. We notice computers, we don’t notice pennies. We notice e–book readers, we don’t notice books. — Douglas Adams


Space is big. you just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind–bogglingly big it is… — Douglas Adams

How can I tell,’ said the man, ‘that the past isn’t a fiction designed to account for the discrepancy between my immediate physical sensations and my state of mind? — Douglas Adams

How do I know the past is not a fiction conceived to reconcile the difference between my state of mind and the present. — Douglas Adams

space is big you just won t believe how vastly hugely mind bogglingly big it is Douglas Adams quote

Deep in the fundamental heart of mind and Universe there is a reason. — Douglas Adams

A beach house isn’t just real estate. It’s a state of mind. — Douglas Adams

You can’t possibly be a scientist if you mind people thinking that you’re a fool. — Douglas Adams

Their minds sang with the ecstatic knowledge that either what they were doing was completely and utterly and totally impossible or that physics had a lot of catching up to do. — Douglas Adams

Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind–bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the drug store, but that’s just peanuts to space. — Douglas Adams

deep in the fundamental heart of mind and universe there is a reason Douglas Adams quote

I only know as much about myself as my mind can work out under its current conditions. And its current conditions are not good. — Douglas Adams


He was alone with his thoughts. They were extremely unpleasant thoughts and he would rather have had a chaperon. — Douglas Adams

Exactly!’ said Deep Thought. ‘So once you do know what the question actually is, you’ll know what the answer means. — Douglas Adams

What do you get if you multiply six by nine?’ ‘Six by nine. Forty two.’ ‘That’s it. That’s all there is.’ ‘I always thought something was fundamentally wrong with the universe — Douglas Adams

When people you greatly admire appear to be thinking deep thoughts, they probably are thinking about lunch. — Douglas Adams

forty two said deep thought with infinite majesty and calm Douglas Adams quote

Forty–two,’ said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm. — Douglas Adams

Oh dear,’ says God, ‘I hadn’t thought of that,’ and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic. — Douglas Adams

I’m 48, which is a bit of a shock to me. Why only last year I thought I was a precocious young thing! — Douglas Adams

Much to his annoyance, a thought popped into his mind. It was very clear and very distinct, and he had now come to recognize these thoughts for what they were. His instinct was to resist them. — Douglas Adams

Where do you get inspiration for your books? I tell myself I can’t have another cup of coffee till I thought of an idea. — Douglas Adams

oh dear says god i hadn t thought of that and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic Douglas Adams quote

The Answer to the Great Question… Of Life, the Universe and Everything… Is… Forty–two,’ said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm. — Douglas Adams

Zaphod Beeblebrox, adventurer, ex–hippie, good–timer (crook? quite possibly), manic self–publicist, terrible bad at personal relationships, often thought to be completely out to lunch. — Douglas Adams

The mere thought hadn’t even begun to speculate about the merest possibility of crossing my mind. — Douglas Adams

If they don’t keep exercising their lips, he thought, their brains start working. — Douglas Adams

I think media are at their most interesting before anybody’s thought of calling them art, when people still think they’re just a load of junk. — Douglas Adams

Mc Donalds he thought. There’s no longer any such thing as a Mc Donalds hamburger. He passed out. When he came around seconds later he found he was sobbing for his mother. — Douglas Adams

I love to keep poking and prodding at it. I’ve thought about it so much over the years that that fascination is bound to spill over into my writing. — Douglas Adams

It’s good to leave your room super–messy when you’re away. Whoever tries to break into your room will thought it has already been ransacked. — Douglas Adams


It can be very dangerous to see things from somebody else’s point of view without the proper training. — Douglas Adams

If everyone knew exactly what I was going to say, then there would be no point in my saying it, would there? — Douglas Adams

there was a point to this story but it has temporarily escaped the chronicler s mind Douglas Adams quote

There is no point in using the word ‘impossible’ to describe something that has clearly happened. — Douglas Adams

He was constantly reminded of how startlingly different a place the world was when viewed from a point only three feet to the left. — Douglas Adams

Solutions nearly always come from the direction you least expect, which means there’s no point trying to look in that direction because it won’t be coming from there. — Douglas Adams

There was a point to this story, but it has temporarily escaped the chronicler’s mind. — Douglas Adams

Bypasses are devices that allow some people to dash from point A to point B very fast while other people dash from point B to point A very fast. — Douglas Adams

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