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What can be said about Demi Moore that has not already been said? She is one of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood and has enjoyed a long and successful career. But what is the story behind that success? This quotes compilation takes a look at Moore’s life from her early years to her current affairs. It will explore her personal relationships, her professional achievements, and everything in between.

Here are the most known Love, Feelings, Life quotes from Demi Moore, and much more.


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November 11, 1962

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Actress, Film Producer

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Life isn’t always easy, but it’s simple. โ€” Demi Moore

You don’t come into this life wanting to be anything other than happy. โ€” Demi Moore

I had an essence in my life that I was nothing. โ€” Demi Moore

I would say what scares me is that I’m going to ultimately find out at the end of my life that I’m really not lovable, that I’m not worthy of being loved. That there’s something fundamentally wrong with me. โ€” Demi Moore

life isn t always easy but it s simple Demi Moore quote

Models, even male modelsโ€“how small they’ve gotten! It looks great for clothes, but it’s not what you want in real life. Why do we have to keep looking at ourselves and measuring? โ€” Demi Moore

I had worked my whole life. Until I became a mother, that’s the only way I measured my value. โ€” Demi Moore

You could either be trapped by what was going on around you, or you could find a way out. I think that everything, even if it is scary or good, comes into our life to help elevate and expand us as human beings. โ€” Demi Moore

I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of makeup. โ€” Demi Moore


People can only be as good as they are, no matter how much they love you. โ€” Demi Moore

people can only be as good as they are no matter how much they love you Demi Moore quote

I have since come to understand that there is no such thing as someone ‘loving you enough’ to be better. People can only be as good as they are, no matter how much they love you. โ€” Demi Moore

Emilio Estevez was definitely my first love. โ€” Demi Moore

There is no way to reach your fullest potential if you don’t really find the love of yourself. โ€” Demi Moore

I have had a loveโ€“hate relationship with my body. โ€” Demi Moore

I truly believe you can’t buy your way into genuine love. You can surely buy companionship, but I don’t think [love] has a price tag on it. โ€” Demi Moore

emilio estevez was definitely my first love Demi Moore quote

Think we treat the people we love the way we believe, in our deepest hearts, that we deserve to be treated ourselves. โ€” Demi Moore

I don’t know anybody who is raising their hand saying, ‘Oh God, I love being vulnerable and needy. โ€” Demi Moore

Not caring more about what other people think than what you think. That’s freedom. โ€” Demi Moore

I think that laughter and smiling are some of the best antidotes to ageing that you could possibly have. In general, I pretty much think of myself as still being about 5. โ€” Demi Moore

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While you’re pregnant you’re made to feel not beautiful or sexually viable. You’re either sexy, or you’re a mother. I didn’t want to have to choose, so I challenged that. โ€” Demi Moore

i feel like i have the fortune of privilege particularly as it relates to my children Demi Moore quote

There’s something about smoking a cigar that feels like a celebration. It’s like a fine wine. There’s a quality, a workmanship, a passion that goes into the smoking of a fine cigar. โ€” Demi Moore

With Twitter people oddly feel accountable for what they write. When someone is unkind, the community rallies like you wouldn’t believe to shut it down. โ€” Demi Moore

Unwillingness to risk failure is always there, but it gets harder when you feel you have more to lose. โ€” Demi Moore

I feel like I have the fortune of privilege, particularly as it relates to my children. โ€” Demi Moore

When you feel sexy or sensuous, you naturally want to open up and give, and I think that comes from being able to receive love and desire. โ€” Demi Moore

At its core Twitter is about sharing, and I think that in life we never feel better or more energized than when we’re giving to someone else. โ€” Demi Moore

In a way, I feel that film roles haven’t given me the opportunity to show I have a sense of humor. โ€” Demi Moore

Talk about meeting your soul mate … I truly feel I have been given that gift. And believe me, I wasn’t some lightweight package. I’m, like, the package that didn’t just come with luggageโ€“I had trunks. โ€” Demi Moore

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