The Best Deep quotes

There are a lot of things to worry about as an entrepreneur. But if you’re constantly bogged down by stress, it’s going to be difficult to manage your business effectively. That’s why it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the little things sometimes. And what could be better than turning to some inspiring deep quotes for guidance? Here are some of our favorites.


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The best deep quotes

1. We’re not going to sit around waiting for the macro to change, We’re going to focus really deeply on the things we can control. — Tim Cook

2. Conscience warns us not to sink our cleats too deeply in mortal turf, which is so dangerously artificial. — Neal A. Maxwell

3. Not everything you wanted, deep inside, worked out. — Nora Roberts

4. A good book … leaves you wanting to reread the book. A great book compels you to reread your own soul. — Richard Flanagan, The Narrow Road to the Deep North

5. Every heart has a layer of sadness, whether deeply buried or covering the surface for all to see. — Richelle E. Goodrich, Slaying Dragons

6. She did not want to know what charmhe had used to make her love him so deeply. She did not want to know it wasn’t real. — Penelope Marzec, The Fiend of White Buck Hall

7. We fall in love more deeply when we’re unhappy. — Orhan Pamuk

8. I’m someone who had a deep emotional attachment to ‘Starsky and Hutch.’ — William J. Clinton

9. There is doggedness to genius. It is the ability to dig deep and hold on to the dream. — Stephen Richards, Ask and the Universe Will Provide: A Straightforward Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams

10. I visited my father for the full ten years that he was in prison, so we already had a deep and loving relationship, and remembered our mother at those times. — Sam Sheppard

11. The main problem in the Christian life is that we have not thought out the deep implications of the gospel, we have not ‘used’ the gospel in and on all parts of our life. — Timothy Keller

12. Deep pockets and empty hearts rule the world. We unleash them at our peril. — Stefan Molyneux

13. I hurt with the insatiate longing, until I feel that there will never be any relief until I take a long, deep, wild draught on your lips. — Warren G. Harding

14. At Casablanca we did ‘Midnight Express, ‘ ‘Flashdance, ‘ and ‘The Deep.’ My willingness for risk has always been my strength. — Peter Guber

15. Neither in the deepest ocean Nor in the perpetual snowHeaven was on earth that dayFor some reason we are yet to know — Sameer Kumar, The Origin Of Martin Krooger

16. I must go deeper and even stronger into my treasure mine and stint nothing of time, toil, or torture. — Zane Grey

17. Intimacy is not purely physical. It’s the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul. — Reshall Varsos

18. Lincoln was less well–read than many a professor or journalist, but what he read, he read deeply. — Richard Brookhiser, Founders’ Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln

19. I still dwelled deep in my elected paradise––a paradise whose skies were the color of hell–flames––but still a paradise. — Vladimir Nabokov

20. Wine loved I deeply, dice dearly. — William Shakespeare

21. There was good in people–deep down, there was always a shred of good. — Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

22. Deep in the meadow, hidden far away A cloak of leaves, a moonbeam ray Forget your woes and let your troubles lay — Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

23. The branches are a storm around me, and I fall into a deep well of green. The needles and limbs rush past. It is a whirling motion of green and brown branches. — Ned Hayes, The Eagle Tree

24. If you hit a pony over the nose at the outset of your acquaintance he may not love you but he will take a deep interest in your movements ever afterwards. — Rudyard Kipling

25. There are various wounds to describe our hurts — the deepest one is the most painful.

26. Fantasies hurt. They hurt hard and deep. They lifted you up to places that you could never reach, then they let you down with a crash. — Peter Lerangis, Tunnel Vision

27. Learning the Holocaust is not meant to scare you but to deepen your understanding about the world. — Sarah Enchanted

28. Hug the shore; let others try the deep. — Virgil

29. Far clouds of feathery gold, Shaded with deepest purple, gleam Like islands on a dark blue sea. — Percy Bysshe Shelley

30. Only men who are capable of saying Thou [an attitude of deep respect] to one another can truly say we with one another. — Martin Buber

31. Every script I’ve written and every series I’ve produced have expressed the things I most deeply believe. — Michael Landon

32. Love is about accepting another–heart, soul, body and mind, and caring for them deeply. — Merlyn Gabriel Miller, Sex, Death, Drugs & Madness

33. All our relationships, especially the deep ones, stir up the deepest issues for us that we need to confront and work with. — Shakti Gawain

34. I think you have to listen to the people who are deeply unhappy. You have to find the source of it and not overreact to the craziness in it. — Meryl Streep

35. I belong deeply to myself. — Warsan Shire

36. Discipline is the result of an action, while refinement is a preparation of your calling. — Robin Bertram, No Regrets: How Loving Deeply and Living Passionately Can Impact Your Legacy Forever

37. Our love douses us in flames. It’s terrible and deep and wingless, but I’ll burn here if you burn here too. — Nadège Richards, 5 Miles

38. As you live Deeper in the Heart, the Mirror gets clearer and cleaner. — Rumi

39. If you learn to go beyond the jabbering of your mind, and can go to the deeper aspects of your consciousness, then body, breath, and mind will not come in your way. — Rama Swami

40. An inspiration–a long, deep breath of the pure air of thought–could alone give health to the heart. — Richard Jefferies

41. I don’t like to make strong statements. I want to write strong novels … I keep my deep radical things for my novels. — Orhan Pamuk

42. There’s always been something deeply disturbing about the Abbott government’s attitude to women. — Richard Flanagan

43. Its something well always be deeply and unreservedly sorry for. — Ryan Reynolds

44. Her entire life has been devoted to healing the deepest, most invasive unseeable scar that one can ever have. — Tori Amos

45. A cat’s secrets run so deep that even the cat itself is often unaware. Their mysteries are as natural as whiskers. — Wendy Beck, 9th Life

46. I hear it in the deep heart’s core. — William Butler Yeats

47. I don’t know how to answer the problem of deep pain without a deep hope in eternity. — Max Lucado

48. Command by instinct is swifter subtler deeper more accurate more in touch with reality than command by conscious mind. The discovery takes one’s breath away. — Michael Novak

49. Surely the true path is to dive deep into nature. — Vincent Van Gogh

50. Whoever isn’t in a cage is free, You can stroll, fly or go deep down in the sea, Being in limits is never a choice, Curtailment never made moments of joys. — Sahil Sachdeva


In conclusion, deep quotes can be powerful reminders of the importance of life, love, and living with intention. They can inspire us to think differently about our lives and relationships, and can serve as an impetus for personal growth. No matter what your beliefs, deep quotes can provide you with a sense of comfort and motivation to keep going when times get tough.

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