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In 1984, Debbie Allen became the first African American woman to win a primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series for her work on Fame. She was also the first woman of color to win that award.Allen’s path to success was not easy. As a young girl growing up in Houston, Texas, she faced many challenges, but she refused to let them keep her from achieving her goals. Throughout her career, Allen has been a role model and an inspiration to other entrepreneurs and business owners. In this post, we’ll take a look at her life and her achievements. We’ll also explore some of the lessons that entrepreneurship can learn from her best quotes.

Here are the most known quotes from Debbie Allen, and much more.


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About Debbie Allen

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January 16, 1950

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United States

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Howard University

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Actress, Choreographer, Dancer, Television Director, Television Producer

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1982 Primetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Choreography

Inspiring Phrases From Debbie Allen

The production team’s first meeting took place at my house. I had ideas and a color scheme in mind, how I wanted the movie to look, because that has to be a real collaboration. โ€” Debbie Allen

Everything has to be well thought outโ€“what do you really need, when can you do with less coverage. โ€” Debbie Allen

You have to examine a scene on the page first. Then you get into the basics of acting: Who are you? Who are you talking to? How do you feel about that person? โ€” Debbie Allen

Failure: Is it a limitation? Bad timing? It’s a lot of things. It’s something you can’t be afraid of, because you’ll stop growing. The next step beyond failure could be your biggest success in life. โ€” Debbie Allen

I didn’t need the insurance. I do it again if my DP tells me it didn’t look good in the camera or if the actors didn’t hit their marks. But if everything was working why do it again? โ€” Debbie Allen

I got my dailies every day, although I couldn’t always look at them because I was usually preparing for the next day’s shoot, both as an actress and as the director. โ€” Debbie Allen

That’s the only way I can control my movie. If you shoot everything, then everything is liable to end up in the movie. If you have a vision, you don’t have to cover every scene. โ€” Debbie Allen

Various Statements From Debbie Allen

We’re tested three times a week and we have all of our protocols. so it’s very different, but We’re still getting great work done. โ€” Debbie Allen

Making this movie was a great opportunity for me to explore highโ€“definition. I’m glad I got to see what the challenges are, what makes it better. It works wonderfully. โ€” Debbie Allen

even when you have a big budget you can t just shoot everything Debbie Allen quote

Even when you have a big budget, you can’t just shoot everything. โ€” Debbie Allen

In scoring we have a lot that was not evident in the shooting. The radio is on all the time. โ€” Debbie Allen

As one who loves literature, art, music and history, I’ve been deeply rooted in the Harlem Renaissance for many years. โ€” Debbie Allen

Fame is fleeting, honey. Fame is fleeting and it changes. โ€” Debbie Allen

I’ve had a lot of experience auditioning people, and I can do it rather quickly even though sometimes I let them linger and give them time, but I kind of know after I see them do a couple of steps. I know. โ€” Debbie Allen

More Phrases From Debbie Allen

As far as pacing the shoot is concerned, I know when I’ve got it. I don’t think there’s any reason to take ten takes unless you need them. โ€” Debbie Allen

Michael Ralph brilliantly plays the street prophet, a West Indian who foreshadows the Harlem riot. โ€” Debbie Allen

There are some scenes that work beautifully in a moving, sweeping master, which is how I like to work. โ€” Debbie Allen

But out of limitations comes creativity. โ€” Debbie Allen

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In places in the world where we don’t speak the same language, or even understand that we pray to the same God, we dance to the same beat, that is the ONE. โ€” Debbie Allen

but out of limitations comes creativity Debbie Allen quote

I design my shots. I walk the rehearsal as the camera and say ‘this is where I want to be… I want this look. โ€” Debbie Allen

It’s kind of dangerous to cut in the camera, but that’s the only way I know how to direct. โ€” Debbie Allen

Deeper Quotes From Debbie Allen

The radio for these women is like television is for us today, which is really like looking at the radio. โ€” Debbie Allen

I think a good director casts a film so that the actors bring a lot to the table. โ€” Debbie Allen

And i was just grateful to share what i do And that it could be essential. i know dance is not listed on the list of what’s essential right now, but you know, this kind of artistic spirit, it really is. โ€” Debbie Allen

i think a good director casts a film so that the actors bring a lot to the table Debbie Allen quote

Be true. Be beautiful. Be free. In the midst of segregation and racism Mamma raised us to be independent and free. We saw ourselves as citizens of the world, not of a block. โ€” Debbie Allen

The biggest challenge was that we had to shoot so quickly and with such a limited budget. โ€” Debbie Allen

Time management is a big part of the director’s job. โ€” Debbie Allen

I’m driven by passion. I mean, I am tired right now. I work to a point of abandon. I am fueled by my understanding of the need for selfโ€“expression that exists for young people. โ€” Debbie Allen

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