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koontz is one of the most successful writers in history. with over 450 million copies of his books sold, he has established himself as one of the most popular and best-selling authors of all time. common themes in his work include horror, science fiction, and mystery. born december 9, 1945, in orange county, california, koontz attended ohio state university and graduated with a degree in journalism. he then worked as a copywriter for various advertising agencies before publishing his first novel in 1968. since then, he has written dozens of novels and become one of the most successful authors alive today.

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About Dean Koontz

birth of the author

July 9, 1945

occupation of the author

Short Story Writer, Screenwriter, Poet

college of the author

Alma Mater:
Shippensburg State College

genre of the author

Suspense, Horror Fiction, Science Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy And More.

award of the author

Notable Works:
Odd Thomas, Demon Seed, Watchers, Hideaway, Intensity, Phantoms And More.


That Love is all there is, Is all we know of Loveโ€ฆ.โ€“Emily Dickinson โ€” Dean Koontz

How passionately we love everything that cannot last… โ€” Dean Koontz

Love and sausage are alike. Can never have enough of either. โ€” Dean Koontz

With lead he shaded love into the woman’s eyes. โ€” Dean Koontz

that love is all there is is all we know of love emily dickinson Dean Koontz quote

But the more people we love and the more deeply we love them, the more vulnerable we are to loss and grief and loneliness. โ€” Dean Koontz

I love you more than life. โ€” Dean Koontz

Dogs might love a place, as people do, but the only place they love beyond all others is the place where you are. โ€” Dean Koontz

Don’t you love your mother, dear?’ ‘I guess so. A hard, sharp, thorny kind of love that might be pity more than anything else. โ€” Dean Koontz

Being paid well for something you love to doโ€“it’s a grace. โ€” Dean Koontz

how passionately we love everything that cannot last Dean Koontz quote

The functions of intellect are insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion and empathy. โ€” Dean Koontz

We are an arrogant species, full of terrible potential, but We also have a great capacity for love, friendship, generosity, kindness, faith, hope, and joy. โ€” Dean Koontz

I love my editor, but that would be the definition of hell to me to live with someone and have them go page by page through my manuscript. That I want to avoid at all costs. โ€” Dean Koontz

All she wanted was love with respect, respect was so important to her, and I could give her that. โ€” Dean Koontz

She’d been acutely aware that terror, betrayal, and cruelty had a human face, but she had not sufficiently appreciated that courage, kindness, and love had a human face as well. โ€” Dean Koontz

love and sausage are alike can never have enough of either Dean Koontz quote

In this age, lies were the universal lubricant of the culture. A love of Truth and commitment to it were seldom rewarded and were often punished. โ€” Dean Koontz

When we love someone, we’re held hostage by fate, because if we lose that person, then we, too, are lost. โ€” Dean Koontz

Falling in love could be like falling off a cliff, no water below but plenty of rocks. โ€” Dean Koontz

In this uncertain space between birth and death, especially here at the end of the world in Moonlight Bay, we need hope as surely as we need food and water, love and friendship. โ€” Dean Koontz

Love scrubs the worst stains clean. Anyway, there can be no retreat in the face of evil, only resistance. And commitment. โ€” Dean Koontz

with lead he shaded love into the woman s eyes Dean Koontz quote


The world is beautiful and glorious. Humanity can be mean, and turn away from what’s good. โ€” Dean Koontz

You have a messiah complex, got to save the world. โ€” Dean Koontz

In this world only the paranoid survive. โ€” Dean Koontz


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It’s a world of sorrow, Oddie, because we make it so. โ€” Dean Koontz

This world, which has the potential to be Eden, is instead the hell before Hell. In our arrogance, we have made it so. โ€” Dean Koontz

the world is beautiful and glorious humanity can be mean and turn away from what s good Dean Koontz quote

There are other worlds to sing in. โ€” Dean Koontz

The world is a very complex and interesting place and that is what I really want my fiction to say: wake up to how amazing the world is. โ€” Dean Koontz

The wives of Spartans are the secret pillars of the world. โ€” Dean Koontz

It will be a world made not bright but brighter, not clean but cleaner. โ€” Dean Koontz

The world howls for social justice, but when it comes to social responsibility, you sometimes can’t even hear crickets chirping. โ€” Dean Koontz

you have a messiah complex got to save the world Dean Koontz quote

The world has too few modest fry cooks and far too many selfโ€“important professors. โ€” Dean Koontz

I think the world is full of evil people. I think in some ways we’re in more danger now than before. โ€” Dean Koontz

No one will disagree that bringing laughter to children in a dark world is admirable. โ€” Dean Koontz

I hate violence. I hate injustice more. I just want to be a fry cook, but the world demands more from me than eggs and pancakes. โ€” Dean Koontz

The world is hat we make it, and our future is ours to shape. โ€” Dean Koontz

in this world only the paranoid survive Dean Koontz quote

We have all been brought into the world for some reason, and we must wonder why and hope to learn. โ€” Dean Koontz

In the real world as in dreams nothing is quite what it seems.โ€“The Book of Counted Sorrows โ€” Dean Koontz

The true nature of the world was weirder than any bizarre fabric that anyone might weave from the warp and weft of imagination’s loom. โ€” Dean Koontz

In a world where McDonald’s now sells salads with lowโ€“fat dressing, anything is possible. โ€” Dean Koontz

There’s evil in the world, all right. Being aware of it makes you a realist, not a paranoid. โ€” Dean Koontz

it s a world of sorrow oddie because we make it so Dean Koontz quote


It’s only life. We all get through it. โ€” Dean Koontz

Play hard. Play, play, play like your life depends on it. Because it does. โ€” Dean Koontz

While life could be evaded, death could not. โ€” Dean Koontz

What doesn’t quicken dies. That’s an indisputable truth of life. โ€” Dean Koontz

You won’t find the truth of life in morbidity, only in hope. โ€” Dean Koontz

it s only life we all get through it Dean Koontz quote

When you start life as a tumor with a brain, there’s no where to go but up. โ€” Dean Koontz

It had sure felt like death, but then everything since had felt like life. โ€” Dean Koontz

Every life is complicated, every mind a kingdom of unmapped mysteries. โ€” Dean Koontz

I am sustained by the certainty that life has meaning…as does death. โ€” Dean Koontz

Life packed a clever oneโ€“two punch: cruelty and absurdity. โ€” Dean Koontz

play hard play play play like your life depends on it because it does Dean Koontz quote

Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished. โ€” Dean Koontz

That’s life. Something always happens. We don’t live in stasis, frozen in amber. โ€” Dean Koontz

Home is the first refuge fromโ€“and last defense againstโ€“the disappointments and the terrors of life. โ€” Dean Koontz

Patterns exist in our seemingly patternless lives, and the most common pattern is the circle. โ€” Dean Koontz

Some lives, conducted with grace, are beautiful arcs bridging this world to eternity. โ€” Dean Koontz

while life could be evaded death could not Dean Koontz quote

Life had not taught me to distrust ministers, but it had taught me to trust no one more than dogs. โ€” Dean Koontz

Life is so filled with unavoidable conflict that I see no reason to promote more confrontations. โ€” Dean Koontz

I stood there, inexpressibly grateful that my life, for all its terrors, is so filled with moments of grace. โ€” Dean Koontz

Perhaps this was a day of firsts. The day one dies, of course, is a first in any life. โ€” Dean Koontz

Books showed me that there were other ways to live a life. โ€” Dean Koontz

what doesn t quicken dies that s an indisputable truth of life Dean Koontz quote


Virtue is imaginative. Evil, repetitive. โ€” Dean Koontz

There are no explanations for human evil. Only excuses. โ€” Dean Koontz

Vladimir Nabokov said the two great evils of the 20th century were Marx and Freud. He was absolutely correct. โ€” Dean Koontz

Evil was coming. I wondered whose face it would be wearing. โ€” Dean Koontz

Redundant Thematics

In Dean Koontz Statements



There is nothing fatherly about time and what it does to us, either. โ€” Dean Koontz

there is nothing fatherly about time and what it does to us either Dean Koontz quote

We wasn’t born to be all the time scared, we was born happy, โ€” Dean Koontz

What will happen will happen. There is time for miracles until there is no more time, but time has no end. โ€” Dean Koontz

You’ve got today, and there’s all of time and all the world in today. โ€” Dean Koontz

Only time conquers time and its burdens. โ€” Dean Koontz

Death lies dormant in each of us and will bloom in time. โ€” Dean Koontz

we wasn t born to be all the time scared we was born happy Dean Koontz quote

Civilization rests on the fact that most people do the right thing most of the time. โ€” Dean Koontz

The only thing we can’t buy more of is time.’ she said. ‘And dodo birds. We can’t buy any more of them. they’re extinct. And dinosaurs. โ€” Dean Koontz

How obvious can it be? … The purpose of makeup is to defy the degradations of time, and time is just a synonym for death. โ€” Dean Koontz

What year these events transpired is of no consequence. Where they occured is not important. The time is always, and the place is everywhere. โ€” Dean Koontz

I try not to spend too much time on partisan politics. Life’s too short for that. I don’t really believe that there have been many human problems solved by politics. โ€” Dean Koontz

you ve got today and there s all of time and all the world in today Dean Koontz quote

We don’t have time for such uncertainty because it reliably breeds indecision, and indecision is one of the mothers of failure. โ€” Dean Koontz

Sometimes many publishers prefer that you write the same book every time, but I have a low boredom threshold so that isn’t going to happen. โ€” Dean Koontz

From time to time, I do consider that I might be mad. Like any selfโ€“respecting lunatic, however, I am always quick to dismiss any doubts about my sanity. โ€” Dean Koontz

What looks tragic might be comic on second consideration, and what is comic might bring tears in time. โ€” Dean Koontz

When my time is up, I want to cross a River Styx of pure root beer. โ€” Jilly Page 30

only time conquers time and its burdens Dean Koontz quote

If you can spend enough time playing other people, you don’t have to think too much about your own character motivations. โ€” Dean Koontz

The hands of every clock are shears, trimming us away scrap by scrap, and every time piece with a digital readout blinks us towards implosion. โ€” Dean Koontz

This time I would choose to err on the side of illogic. I had to trust intuition, and plunge as I had never plunged before, with blind faith. โ€” Dean Koontz

Hunches [are] just messages from the subconscious, which [is] thinking furiously all the time and processing information we have not consciously noted. โ€” Dean Koontz


The hatred of truth is the taproot of violence. โ€” Dean Koontz

the hatred of truth is the taproot of violence Dean Koontz quote

The truth was stranger than the official fiction. โ€” Dean Koontz

You should have more faith in fiction. It lets you come sideways at the truth, which is the only way anyone ever gets near it. โ€” Dean Koontz

A species that can blind itself to truth, that can plunge so enthusiastically along roads that lead nowhere but to tragedy, is sometimes amusing in its recklessness… โ€” Dean Koontz

In such moments i can’t escape the truth that i’m not copIng as well as i pretend to be. โ€” Dean Koontz


Believing isn’t wishing, Grady. What you know with your heart is the only thing you really ever know. โ€” Dean Koontz

no one can tell you what your heart should feel Dean Koontz quote

No one can tell you what your heart should feel. โ€” Dean Koontz

We may lack riches, but the greatest fortune is what lies in our hearts. โ€” Dean Koontz

She lived for others, her heart tuned to their anguish and their needs. โ€” Dean Koontz

Each reader needs to bring his or her own mind and heart to the text. โ€” Dean Koontz

The brain acknowledged the approach of death while the heart stubbornly insisted upon immortality. โ€” Dean Koontz

we may lack riches but the greatest fortune is what lies in our hearts Dean Koontz quote

Sometimes it seems that to exit this world, they must go through my heart, leaving me scarred and sore. โ€” Dean Koontz

Although the constant shadow of certain death looms over everyday, the pleasures and joys of life can be so fine and affecting that the heart is nearly stilled in astonishment. โ€” Dean Koontz

If a man is a beast, he’s a beast in his heart, and that’s not the kind of heart that beats in you. โ€” Dean Koontz

Beauty that steals the heart is often imperfect, suggests grace and kindness, and inspires tenderness more than it incites lust. โ€” Dean Koontz

The terrible pain of loss teaches humility to our prideful kind, has the power to soften uncaring hearts, to make a better person of a good one. โ€” Dean Koontz

she lived for others her heart tuned to their anguish and their needs Dean Koontz quote

If allowed to be, the heart is selfโ€“policing, and a reasonable measure of guilt guards against corruption. โ€” Dean Koontz

Storytelling can heal broken hearts and damaged minds. โ€” Dean Koontz


Your mind always does worse things than people can show in a movie. โ€” Dean Koontz

The depth of your wardrobe dazzles the mind. Ralph Lauren weeps. โ€” Dean Koontz

Like a scene from the swamps of Louisiana or the mind of Poe on opium. โ€” Dean Koontz

your mind always does worse things than people can show in a movie Dean Koontz quote

Without trust, there can be no tranquil resting of the mind. โ€” Dean Koontz

Sometimes there is no darker place than our thoughts, the moonless midnight of the mind. โ€” Dean Koontz

In ecstasy, it is essentially not about sensation but about passion, and passion is not of the flesh but of the mind and heart. โ€” Dean Koontz

Without faith to act as a governor, the human mind is a runaway worry generator, a dynamo of negative expectations. โ€” Dean Koontz

Most people tend to think the best of those who are blessed with beauty; we have difficulty imagining that physical perfection can conceal twisted emotions or a damaged mind. โ€” Dean Koontz

the depth of your wardrobe dazzles the mind ralph lauren weeps Dean Koontz quote

In his mind he saw them standing with the tips of their organs pressed together ejaculating into each other’s penis. โ€” Dean Koontz

Of all the things we can feel with our minds and bodies, severe pain is the purest, for it drives everything else from our awareness and focuses us as perfectly as we can ever be focused. โ€” Dean Koontz

A long walk and grooming with a wellโ€“mannered dog is a Zen experience that leaves you refreshed and in a creative frame of mind. โ€” Dean Koontz


Like me, you are human, after all, and we know what a joy and terror that is. โ€” Dean Koontz

One of the greatest sorrows of human existence is that some people aren’t happy merely to be alive but find their happiness only in the misery of others. โ€” Dean Koontz

like me you are human after all and we know what a joy and terror that is Dean Koontz quote

Hell of a thing to have to experience, hell of a thing to have to see, to be reminded you’re a human being and all it meant to be one. โ€” Dean Koontz

Human cruelty and treachery surpassed all understanding. There were no answers. Only excuses. โ€” Dean Koontz

Every human being has appetites difficult to control but far fewer have humility, gentleness, and an awareness of their weaknesses. โ€” Dean Koontz

Loving the ideal more than the reality is the cause of all the misery the human species creates for itself. โ€” Dean Koontz

He would pray…for everyone who knew pain, which meant everyone who wore a human face. โ€” Dean Koontz

he would pray for everyone who knew pain which meant everyone who wore a human face Dean Koontz quote

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