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Daveed Diggs is an actor, rapper and singer. His journey to the top has been anything but easy- with a few setbacks along the way. But Daveed has never let these challenges stop him from pursuing his dreams of becoming a successful performer. He was born in Oakland California on March 24th, 1982 and grew up around music as both of his parents were jazz musicians who played professionally. In 1999 he attended Berkeley’s School of Theatre where he majored in Drama. After graduating school he auditioned for one role after another until finally landing himself some roles on Broadway which led to him being cast in 2008 as The Beast in the Tony Award winning musical Avenue Q.
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About Daveed Diggs

birth of the author

January 24, 1982

college of the author

Alma Mater:
Brown University

occupation of the author

Actor, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Screenwriter, Film Producer And More.

date of the author

Years Active:

genre of the author

Experimental Hip Hop, Industrial Hip Hop, Noise

instrument of the author


institution of the author

Sub Pop, Deathbomb Arc

productions of the author

Associated Acts:
Clipping, Rafael Casal


I didn’t aspire to be on Broadway. โ€” Daveed Diggs

To be rapping in a musical on Broadway is justโ€“that sentence doesn’t make any sense in my brain. โ€” Daveed Diggs

I make the energy to go out. You can’t let the Broadway schedule run you. โ€” Daveed Diggs

That’s the great thing about how ‘SVU’ works. They work with so many Broadway actors, they are very used to getting us out in time for the show. โ€” Daveed Diggs

i didn t aspire to be on broadway Daveed Diggs quote


As a kid, you don’t have a ton of spaces where you are honored, where what you think is honored and what you say is revered. โ€” Daveed Diggs

There’s a lot of spaces that care about what kids are buying. There are a lot of spaces that care about what kids are watching. But there aren’t a lot of spaces that care about what kids are saying. โ€” Daveed Diggs

I’m from the Bay Area, so I know a lot about granola. โ€” Daveed Diggs

I have this thing. I can rap really fast. I can rap really, really fast. It’s a thing I’m good at and I’ve trained myself to do; it’s a thing I do in the Bay Area. โ€” Daveed Diggs


The tricky thing about fast raps is not really the delivery of them; it’s the writing of them, with consonants close enough together that you don’t trip up over them. โ€” Daveed Diggs

Writing is writing. It is all about telling stories, and I’ve been doing that for so long, in all realms, that it all feels like the same thing to me anyway. โ€” Daveed Diggs

Writing rap songs is about flow, about one word blending seamlessly into the next and creating a thing that is possible to perform in a way that feels natural. โ€” Daveed Diggs

There’s no reason for somebody who’s good at writing rap to be good at freestyling. They’re different parts of your brain. You can develop both skills. I’m a much better writer. โ€” Daveed Diggs

Inspiring Phrases From Daveed Diggs

The act of being nice to somebody at Starbucks is actually a huge thing. It’s a real change you can effect in somebody’s life every day. โ€” Daveed Diggs

I think people understand I’m not actually the real Thomas Jefferson. โ€” Daveed Diggs

i think people understand i m not actually the real thomas jefferson Daveed Diggs quote

History is about who tells it. โ€” Daveed Diggs

Neither of my parents live in Oakland anymore. They both got priced out. โ€” Daveed Diggs

Redundant Thematics

In Daveed Diggs Statements


I’m an artist, so days don’t start on any regular time. โ€” Daveed Diggs

That’s the great thing about being a teenager. You think you’re a genius. โ€” Daveed Diggs

Being an emcee onstage is mostly about crowd control, about monitoring energy levels. โ€” Daveed Diggs

history is about who tells it Daveed Diggs quote

Various Statements From Daveed Diggs

I’m aware that not everybody gets that feeling of ease walking through the world that I have. โ€” Daveed Diggs

I was really aware, even while it was happening, that the discovery of arts education in my life sort of saved my life. โ€” Daveed Diggs

I call myself a nerd all the time. โ€” Daveed Diggs

Often, the people I’m working with on music are separate from the rest of my life. โ€” Daveed Diggs

My parents are not together, but they were both always around. โ€” Daveed Diggs

i call myself a nerd all the time Daveed Diggs quote

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