Dangers & Costs Of A Digital Addiction

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Costs and dangers of a digital addiction can be dramatic.

More and more studies show how toxic our screens (phone, computer, tv…) reveal to be.

You are wondering what your digital bad habits do to you? You are thinking about reducing your screen time? To motivate you, we have selected for you the most impactful screen effects, so you can avoid building suffering, shame, and regret:

– Eyestrain, muscle and articulation pain

– Depression & anxiety: FOMO, fantasies, virtual abundance… For your brain, things on a screen are so incredible that they make real life tasteless and depressing.

Self-esteem & confidence depravation. Hyper-competition and permanent comparison to high standards slowly deprive you and your self-image.

Procrastination + sacrificing what really matters. By absorbing all your time, screens slowly bury your dreams and depreciate what you think you are able to accomplish.

Sleep depravation. Everything gets worse with a night spent on screens rather than a restoring sleep.

Here you are, now, we will not push you to quit or do anything, but at least you know.

However, if you would like to slow down or quit some of your toxic habits regarding screens, or you are thinking about a dopamine detox, check out our 7-day course: The Digital Purge.

I believe it could be a life changer for you.

Until then, stay strong.
The Following Fulfillment Team

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