The Best Courage quotes

So you want to be an entrepreneur? You’ve probably been inspired by all of the rags-to-riches stories of self-made millionaires. And while starting your own business is definitely a courageous act, it’s not without its risks. That’s why it’s important to stay motivated and keep your courage up when things get tough. To help you out, here are some courage quotes to keep you inspired.

1. People don’t follow titles, they follow courage. — William Wells Brown
2. Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time. — Maya Angelou
3. An inspired life is spontaneous. There is no fear — it is courageous.
4. In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing. — Vincent Van Gogh
5. So the brother in black offers to these United States the source of courage that endures, and laughter. — Zora Neale Hurston
6. I should wonder what courage–which is the virtue they most value–has to do with a metal ring through your nostril. — Veronica Roth
7. So many words get lost. They leave the mouth and lose their courage, wandering aimlessly until they are swept into the gutter like dead leaves. — Nicole Krauss, The History of Love
8. Common sense and history tell you that rewarding illegal behavior will only encourage more of it. — Ric Keller
9. I never looked at music as a serious ven­ture. There was very little encouragement from my family. I didn’t have anybody to entertain, so it was hard to get motivated. — Tom Waits
10. Good courage in a bad affair is half of the evil overcome. — Plautus
11. One word of encouragement can be enough to spark someone’s motivation to continue with a difficult challenge. — Roy T. Bennett
12. Andrew or courage. — Neville Goddard
13. It is absolutely essential to hang in there–especially when you feel most discouraged. — Steve Shallenberger, Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders
14. Courage isn’t having the strength to go on–it is going on when you don’t have strength. — Napoleon Bonaparte
15. Divorce fear. Court courage. Pursue hope. Marry love. — Matshona Dhliwayo
16. That’s what being young is all about. You have the courage and the daring to think that you can make a difference. — Ruby Dee
17. We have to ask ourselves if we have become so focused on supporting personal choices that we’re failing to encourage women to aspire to leadership. — Sheryl Sandberg
18. He who whets his steel, whets his courage — Steven Pressfield, Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae
19. Ability is of little account without opportunity. I have very rarely met with two o’clock in the morning courage: I mean instantaneous courage. — Napoleon Bonaparte
20. To fight discouragement, remind yourself of the basics: I can write.I have the opportunity to do so. I love what I write. Now smile and be thankful. — Richelle E. Goodrich
21. The price of greatness is exorbitant — only those rich in courage can afford it.
22. We will meet; and there we may rehearse mostobscenely and courageously.Shakespeare, Midsummer Night’s Dream. Spoken by Bottom, Act I Sc. 2 — William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
23. Write what you know. Write what you can’t forget. Write to give yourself courage and others hope. — Nikki Rosen
24. Fear based mindsets see challenges as problems, that are dangerous and impossible. Courageous Mindsets see problems as challenges, that are possible and exciting. — Tony Dovale
25. To doubt the experience is to discourage it. Let it be developed, see what is in it. — Sri Aurobindo
26. Faith is a necessary prerequisite for a courageous act — Sunday Adelaja
27. Perhaps people hate because it’s more difficult to love. It also takes more courage to do the latter. — Primadonna Angela
28. Employment is the exploitation of the employer’s courage, and, the employed’s fear of failure. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana
29. I know what real courage is, and I understand true compassion. — Mo Yan
30. There are many paths to the truth. We need only the courage to tread our own path, no one else’s. — Narissa Doumani, A Spacious Life: Memoir of a Meditator
31. You don’t know how many people have been strengthened because you asked God to encourage them — how many people have been healed because you prayed for their bodies
32. Have the courage to follow your passion–and if you don’t know what it is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it. — Oprah Winfrey
33. Because I lay with him… I’ve caught a glimpse of heaven. Or I understand what I need. Or I have the courage to be myself. — K.Z. Snow, The Zero Knot
34. Trump has the courage to stand up to Wall Street, to the K Street lobbyists, and say our trade deals have not been best for the ordinary, average citizen American. — Virgil Goode
35. If we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom. — Samuel Adams
36. We need every person on Earth to acknowledge that climate change is real and encourage each other and our leaders to address the challenge. — Richard Branson
37. Women? I love women. Life would have been virtually zero without them. Journalism? I really feel like I am a journalist… And courage? I had a boat named Courageous. — Ted Turner
38. Be courageous! Have faith! Go forward. — Thomas A
39. Physical bravery is an animal instinct moral bravery is much higher and truer courage. — Wendell Phillips
40. The Adequate Protest demands far more than protests. It calls for Great and Daring Leaps of Integrity and Courage to See. — Mary Daly
41. Sometimes the answer to fear does not lie in trying to explain away the causes, sometimes the answer lies in courage. — J. Robert Oppenheimer
42. You must first be willing to fail–and you must have the courage to go for it anyway. — Michael Bloomberg
43. You must study to be frank with the world: Frankness is the child of honesty and courage. — Robert E. Lee
44. It takes a great deal of courage to stand alone even if you believe in something very strongly. — Reginald Rose, Twelve Angry Men
45. It takes courage to become authentic. So many talk about the light but not enough speak the truth about the struggles it takes to get there and the tools to overcome it all. — Nikki Rowe
46. Don’t be discouraged if your children reject your advice. Years later they will offer it to their own offspring. — Oscar Wilde
47. Business demands faith, compels earnestness, requires courage, is honestly selfish, is penalized for mistakes, and is the essence of life. — William Feather
48. There are pretenders to piety as well as to courage. — Moliere
49. It often takes more courage to change one’s opinion than to keep it. — Willy Brandt
50. Success = Wisdom + Courage + Discipline. KNOW what to do, be BRAVE enough to do it, and LEAD YOURSELF to doing it again and again. — Ryan Lilly


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