The Best Cool quotes

We entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for inspiration and motivation. Here is a compilation of some cool quotes that I hope will inspire you too! “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!'” – Audrey Hepburn
“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs
“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.” – J.M. Power
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The best cool quotes

1. By cool Siloam’s shady rill How sweet the lily grows! — Reginald Heber

2. Poetry seems especially like nothing else so much as itself. Poetry is not like, it is the very lining of the inner life. — C.D. Wright, Cooling Time: An American Poetry Vigil

3. Everybody wants to be a Bond villain. That is the coolest. To be able to portray a Bond villain, that is the feather in any actor’s cap. — Steve Carell

4. That would be cool if the earth’s crust was made out of graham cracker. It would disappear just like the ozone layer, but for completely different reasons. — Mitch Hedberg

5. Stay cool, and wait for opportunity. — Tibor Fischer, Good To Be God

6. Music is music, ultimately. If it makes you feel good, cool. — Prince

7. Being a drummer, I’m always like, ‘Oh, that’s got a funky beat. That’s cool, ‘ and I like to dance. — Tommy Lee

8. The thing that’s cool about the recording booth is that it’s so perfunctory, so cut–to–the–chase. — Ron Perlman

9. Keep strong if possible in any case keep cool. — Sir Basil Liddell Hart

10. I think it’s really cool how J. Lo’s been able to balance an acting career and a music career. That’s something I strive for. — Victoria Justice

11. Everything is cool between the commissioner and mike trout. end of story. i am ready to just play some baseball ! — Mike Trout

12. I’m okay. It’s exciting, and a little unnerving–but in a really cool way. Why are you so calm?’ ‘You sucked in all the excitment. — Nora Roberts

13. I’m still a student of fashion, but I like hooking up with the people that really know how to make cool clothes. — Olivia Wilde

14. Time cools time clarifies no mood can be maintained quite unaltered through the course of hours. — Thomas Mann

15. The thing that’s cool about the recording booth is that it’s so perfunctory, so cut–to–the–chase. — Ron Perlman

16. I’d love to date somebody cool, fun, funny. — Rihanna

17. Affection is a coal that must be cooled; else, suffered, it will set the heart on fire. — William Shakespeare

18. The high–spirited man may indeed die, but he will not stoop to meanness. Fire, though it may be quenched, will not become cool. — Ovid

19. It wasn’t something like, ‘oh, how is this going to affect our lives?’ It was like, ‘oh cool, you did It, right?’ i was thinking about where the next party was. — Spencer Pratt

20. Hearing a crowd scream is the coolest sound in the world. It can motivate me to do anything. — Taylor Swift

21. For years I have been going to the South of France to cool out. — Suzanne Somers

22. When the NBA adopted their uniform that they had to wear, I thought that was very interesting. And you see the way NBA players dress: It’s very cool. — Tom Brady

23. I always loved Kate Winslet, but after you meet her you really love her because she’s a cool chick. — Peter Farrelly

24. Confidence is silent, cool, self–assurance. — Susan C. Young, The Art of Being: 8 Ways to Optimize Your Presence & Essence for Positive Impact

25. I like the new, cool, swinging Justin Timberlake. — Roger Stone

26. Every film is exciting because I get new tools and cool new things to do. — Scarlett Johansson

27. You’ve just had the most imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike, which makes you, like, cool. — Stephen Fry

28. I get recognised sometimes, and that’s really cool. I’ve tried certain disguises, but that doesn’t work. — Rupert Grint

29. My father and I had a really good relationship. We’re cool. I am not trying to outdo him or anything like that. — Ziggy Marley

30. If at any moment of the day I ever think I’m remotely cool at all, which is hardly ever, I have two daughters who make sure that never happens. — Pat Benatar

31. One of my favorite things I read was John Steinbeck’s journals while he was writing ‘East of Eden, ‘ which was so cool. — Paul Dano

32. Seeing someone reading a book you love is seeing a book recommending a person — coolstoryreddit

33. Go into one of our cool churches, and begin to count the words that might be spared, and in most places the entire sermon will go. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

34. Itunes kind of feels like Sam Goody to me. I don’t feel cool when I go there. I’m tired of seeing John Mayer’s face pop up. — Trent Reznor

35. People want to go out and travel around and meet cool people. I could just go live in Vermont, but is that what I really want? — Tom Brady

36. Hot–blooded men make war. It’s up to cool–headed queens like us to make the peace. — Mark Noce, Dark Winds Rising

37. Bad faith likes discourse on friendship and loyalty. — Mason Cooley

38. Stay cool, and wait for opportunity. — Tibor Fischer, Good To Be God

39. The real secrets are not the ones I tell. — Mason Cooley

40. That’s the cool thing about having a best friend. They know what your pain feels like already, so you don’t have to explain it. — Susane Colasanti, Take Me There

41. You can think of Hollywood as high school. TV actors are freshmen, comedy actors are maybe juniors, and dramatic actors–they’re the cool seniors. — Owen Wilson

42. Sincerity: willingness to spend one’s own money. — Mason Cooley

43. The cool part of being an entertainer is getting the opportunity to get your feet wet in all areas. — Paula Abdul

44. Draco’s not really a bully. He’s not exactly the biggest, strongest guy in the world. He’s more a rich, snobby person. He thinks of himself as really cool. — Tom Felton

45. I try not to name too many labels–not because it’s not cool, but because it starts getting political. — Nelly

46. The evening laid its cool palm against his weary brow as if feeling for a temperature. — Michael Chabon

47. We had the skirts with the slits up the side, sort of tough, sort of Spanish Harlem cool, but sweet too. — Ronnie Spector

48. I’m not cool enough to hang out with any rock stars. Jay–Z doesn’t come over to my house. I don’t hang out with Ted Nugent. — Ted Cruz

49. Now people think it’s cool to have a baby, but it ain’t cool to take care of it. We have to change that. You make your life for that baby. That’s the future. — Snoop Dogg

50. It is important that you strive for humility, but not humiliation, for a cool, level–headed confidence, not a stiff, delusional arrogance. — Michael Johnson


I hope this blog post has given you some insight into the wonderful world of cool quotes. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just a reminder that you’re cool, these quotes will help you feel more confident and empowered. Remember, no matter what life throws your way, you are cool, and it’s up to you to make the most of it.

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