The Best Class quotes

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks, and there’s no greater risk than investing in yourself. These quotes compiled from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs will inspire you to keep going when things get tough. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a while, remember that if these entrepreneurs can make it, so can you!

“An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.” – Reid Hoffman
“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates
“Intellectual property is the new oil.


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The best class quotes

1. However much we might deplore the profit motive, or consumerist values, if everyone just wants i–Pods we would probably be better off than if they wanted class revolution. — Steven Pinker

2. Other lands have their vitality in a few, a class, but we have it in the bulk of our people. — Walt Whitman

3. It is to the middle class we must look for the safety of England. — William Thackeray

4. But only a person in the depths of despair neglected to look beyond winter to the spring that inevitably followed, bringing back color and life and hope. — Mary Balogh, A Matter of Class

5. I am such a classic fool, aren’t I?’ ‘No, not a fool. Just in love, ‘ ‘It’s all the same.”No, it’s not. — Sapan Saxena, Unns–The Captivation

6. I’m the girl nobody knows until she commits suicide. Then suddenly everyone had a class with her. — Tom Leveen, Party

7. In the hierarchy of colors, green represents the social middle class, self–satisfied, immovable, narrow. — Wassily Kandinsky

8. From 30 feet away she looked like a lot of class. From 10 feet away she looked like something made up to be seen from 30 feet away. — Raymond Chandler

9. The purpose of learning is not to give exams in class and forget about it, but to increase the knowledge until they possess an area of the earth for God almighty — Sunday Adelaja

10. If you ask most high schoolers who Bruce Lee is, they will say that it someone they sit next to in English class. — Seth Rogen

11. ‘in short, we can only learn from our ”betters”.’ — Mortimer J. Adler, How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading

12. Poetry is not an issue of form and enjambments. Poetry, as the word is classically used, has to do with sound and sense. It can be rhyme. It can be rhythm, pace, breath. — Tim O’Brien

13. I’m a teacher still, but with a much larger classroom. — Rick Riordan

14. This is class war on an international scale, and power is in the hands of those who control the international economic system. — Noam Chomsky

15. ‘love this quote from a teacher about their class ”This is four walls around the future!’ — Anonymous teacher

16. I imagine the whole universe moving into hell because of licking God’s candy. — Michael Bassey Johnson, Classic Quotations From The Otherworlds

17. The job creators are members of America’s vast middle class and the poor, whose purchases cause businesses to expand and invest. — Robert Reich

18. One of the bigger misconceptions of learning is that many skills take a lifetime to get world–class at, or 10, 000 hours to become world–class at. — Tim Ferriss

19. All through college, I had frequently been the only girl in a science class–which wasn’t such a bad deal. — Sylvia Earle

20. I believe that the existence of the classical ‘path’ can be pregnantly formulated as follows: The ‘path’ comes into existence only when we observe it. — Werner Heisenberg

21. Class is not a fixed designation in this country. We are an upwardly mobile society with a lot of movement between income groups. — Paul Ryan

22. Black people have always been used as a buffer in this country between powers to prevent class war. — Toni Morrison

23. The classics are only primitive literature. They belong to the same class as primitive machinery and primitive music and primitive medicine. — Stephen Leacock

24. I class myself with Rin Tin Tin. People in the Depression wanted something to cheer them up, and they fell in love with a dog and a little girl. — Shirley Temple

25. I was a big fan of how Johnny Carson hosted awards shows. Dick Cavett, as well, I think did a really great job of providing a nice blend of comedy, wit and class. — Neil Patrick Harris

26. The Democratic Party has lost much of it credibility with working class and low–income people. It retards progress toward presenting a genuine alternative. — Paul Wellstone

27. The world’s greatest classroom has no walls: nature. — Matshona Dhliwayo

28. You had to admire a guy who called his own new book a classic before it was published and anyone else had a chance to read it. — William Goldman, The Princess Bride

29. If we were second class citizens we’d be driving old Cadillacs and living good. If we were first class we’d be driving a Rolls Royce. — Muhammad Ali

30. When the middle class does well, everybody does well. the economy expands, just give them a fighting chance. — joe biden

31. If one is seeking for Heaven on earth, has slept in geography class. — Stanisław Jerzy Lec

32. I think any classical training in the theatre is of enormous value. — Vivien Leigh

33. I’m from Indiana the home of more first–rate second–class men than any other state in the union. — Thomas R. Marshall

34. I’m not working–class: I come from the criminal classes. — Peter O

35. In fact, the capitalist class in the ’50s was sort of part of a social contract. It was part of the tenor of the times. — Noam Chomsky

36. She came from the most worthless of classes–the rich, with a smattering of culture. — Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway

37. Inanimate objects can be classified scientifically into three major categories; those that don’t work, those that break down and those that get lost. — Russell Baker

38. In handing over the Government of India to these so–called political classes, we are handing over to men of straw, of whom, in a few years, no trace will remain. — Winston Churchill

39. In my personal life, I’m a huge fan of Carolina Herrera. I just think her stuff is timeless and classic. — Vanna White

40. There are two ways to travel, first class or with children. — Robert Benchley

41. All through college, I had frequently been the only girl in a science class–which wasn’t such a bad deal. — Sylvia Earle

42. From 30 feet away she looked like a lot of class. From 10 feet away she looked like something made up to be seen from 30 feet away. — Raymond Chandler

43. My school was really small, but I was called the Class Clown! — Serena Williams

44. When I need some energy in the morning I can put a metal CD in my player, because it gets me going! Classical music will send me off the road! — Tarja Turunen

45. I was told that I was good in my dance movement classes and that I should concentrate on dance because it would enhance my ability to get acting work. — Morgan Freeman

46. I met Evan Goldberg at bar–mitzvah class. It was called tallis and tefillin. — Seth Rogen

47. I’ve been blessed by doing classic plays on Broadway, which was one of my great dreams forever. — Michael Emerson

48. A classic is a book which people praise and don’t read. — mark twain

49. I was the class innuendist. — Michael Feldman

50. I graduated a the top of my class in the ’84 Olympic Games; I won a gold medal. — Scott Hamilton


We hope that this list of quotes about class has helped you to consider the various aspects of class and its role in our society. Class is a complex topic that affects us all, whether we are conscious of it or not. We must all strive to understand it, and appreciate the diversity of perspectives on the matter. Class can be both a source of division and a unifying force, and it is up to us to decide how we will use it.

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