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When you think of great American entrepreneurs, Chuck Schumer is probably not the first name that comes to mind. But the truth is, Schumer has been a driving force in the startup community for years, and he has some amazing stories to tell. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the life and career of Chuck Schumer, and we’ll see what lessons we can learn from him.

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President donald trump said it, i’ll take it. — Chuck Schumer

It would be a shame if the country suffered because of trump temper tantrum, It’s up to him. — Chuck Schumer

President trump tried to squirm away from what he said yesterday, it’s twenty–four hours too late, and in the wrong place. — Chuck Schumer

The trump administration has shown towering and dangerous incompetence when it comes to The coronavirus, mr. president, you need to get your act togeTher now. this is a crisis. — Chuck Schumer

president donald trump said it i ll take it Chuck Schumer quote

If president trump sticks to president trump position of a $ 5 billion wall, president trump will get no wall and president trump will get a shutdown. — Chuck Schumer

That president trump would even consider handing over a former u.s. ambassador to hopefully president putin and That president trump cronies for interrogation is bewildering. — Chuck Schumer

Today we enter the third day of the trump shutdown. — Chuck Schumer

Trump and mcconnell could call for joe biden today. president donald Trump don’t want to. president donald Trump know it would turn things into a circus. — Chuck Schumer

Republican leadership can’t get the president on board with anything, the breakdown of compromise is poisoning this congress and it all comes down to president trump. — Chuck Schumer

today we enter the third day of the trump shutdown Chuck Schumer quote

I thInk blue–collar amerIca voted for donald trump more on democratIc Issues than on republIcan Issues. — Chuck Schumer

Our job is going to be to hold Donald Trump and the Republican majority accountable. — Charles Schumer

They are caving to donald trump and proving that the republican party is still drunk off the big lie. — Chuck Schumer

We need hearings as soon as possible to assess what president trump might have committed to president putin in secret, president trump’s public statements Were alarming enough. — Chuck Schumer

I think Donald Trump is trying to use populist rhetoric to cover up a right–wing agenda. — Charles Schumer

In the wake of the 2020 elections…. former president trump told a lie, a big lie, that the election was stolen… poisonIng faith In our democracy and fomentIng an armed Insurrection at the capitol. — Chuck Schumer


You know, we have three branches of government. We have a House. We have a Senate. We have a President. — Chuck Schumer

We believe We ‘ll get it in the omnibus( spending) bill because both house republicans and democrats want it, if daca is in the bill,( president trump) wo n’t veto it. — Chuck Schumer

President trump should understand, there are not the votes for the wall. in white house or the senate, President trump is not going to get the wall in any form. — Chuck Schumer

Leader mcconnell can’t duck out of white house. — Chuck Schumer

leader mcconnell can t duck out of white house Chuck Schumer quote

The hypocrisy, The self–serving nature of The president’s statements and his republican allies here in The house and senate is glaring. — Chuck Schumer

They (republicans) know darned well that $12 billion in additional money for the wall is not going to fly with senate democrats or the house of representatives. — Chuck Schumer

The house will deliver The article of impeachment to The senate. The senate will conduct a trial of The impeachment of donald trump. it will be a full trial. it will be a fair trial. — Chuck Schumer

Every member of the house and senate is going to do what he or she thinks is appropriate. i think, as i said, speaker pelosi is handling this appropriately. — Chuck Schumer

I thInk we had a strategy and It worked, democrats and republIcans In the whIte house and senate were closer to one another than republIcans were to donald trump. — Chuck Schumer


I cannot belIeve republIcans wIll let us default. — Chuck Schumer

Let’s hope that these murmurings among republicans … are real and they will actually stand up to him. — Chuck Schumer

The public knows how many good things there are as part of the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans say they’re going to repeal. They don’t know what to replace it with. — Charles Schumer

It’s my intention to make the first amendment a bipartisan one, but i can’t do that unless our republican colleagues allow us to debate the bill. — Chuck Schumer

The differences among democrats are small compared to The huge chasm of republicans. — Chuck Schumer

i cannot believe republicans will let us default Chuck Schumer quote

We’ve got to continue to do that. we won in states like georgia and arizona, which last instance you would’ve said are republican states. — Chuck Schumer

If the republican leader would only back off maximalist demands on corporate immunity, we could get something done. — Chuck Schumer

Independent of any party or politics, everyone will miss georgia republican sen. johnny isakson. — Chuck Schumer

Republicans are stuck shilling for special interests. — Chuck Schumer

We intend to be reasonable, but We don’t intend to abandon our priorities just as our republican friends don’t want to abandon theirs. We have some leverage. — Chuck Schumer

the differences among democrats are small compared to the huge chasm of republicans Chuck Schumer quote

The Democratic Party was always there on crime, but in the past we let the ideologues on the left dominate. The Republicans may still let the ideologues on the right dominate. — Charles Schumer

Once again, the senate republican minority has launched a partisan blockade of a pressing issue. — Chuck Schumer

The lack of any urgency, understanding, and empathy for people who need help from senate republicans has led us to a very precarious moment. — Chuck Schumer

Well, the tough thing for them is that the Republican primary is pretty far over to the right, just as the Democratic primary is further over to the left than the average voter in each party. — Chuck Schumer

When it comes to spending money on these kinds of things, a number of republicans just are not going to be willing to do that. — Chuck Schumer

I want to be clear about what just happened on the senate floor, every sIngle senate republIcan just voted agaInst startIng debate … on legIslatIon to protect amerIcans’ votIng rIghts. — Chuck Schumer

Reconciliation is certainly a serious consideration to get that big, bold action if we can’t get it with republicans. — Chuck Schumer

I’m sorry that it may be bad politics for republicans in their midterm campaigns, the democratic–led congress is not going to just sweep jan. 6 under the rug. the truth will come out. — Chuck Schumer

If senate republicans elevate such a partisan player to a position that requires intelligence expertise and non–partisanship, it would be a big mistake. — Chuck Schumer

If republicans think they can quickly jam through a whole slate of nominees without a fair hearing process, they’re sorely mistaken. — Chuck Schumer


In my view if the president stepped out of it, we could get a budget done friday. — Chuck Schumer

If the president continues this way, there is a chance we could take back the senate. — Chuck Schumer

I asked the presIdent what hIs plan was to contaIn IsIs. he dIdn’t really have one. — Chuck Schumer

Republicans have gone from denying what the president did, to normalizing it by claiming every president does it, to now saying there’s nothing wrong with it even if he did it. — Chuck Schumer

Mitch mcconnell embodied the characteristics nancy pelosi admire in a president : integrity, civility, dignity, humility. — Chuck Schumer

in my view if the president stepped out of it we could get a budget done friday Chuck Schumer quote

When the president stays out of the negotiations, we almost always succeed. — Chuck Schumer

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I’m disappointed in the efforts by president obama. — Chuck Schumer

Certainly any president–Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative–should keep an open mind until they get the briefing. — Charles Schumer

When you don’t believe in truth, you can’t solve the problem. and the president avoids truth in every way, that’s all i’m going to say. — Chuck Schumer

Leader mcconnell and senate democrats republicans have a responsibility, not simply to wait for the president, but to intervene. — Chuck Schumer

if the president continues this way there is a chance we could take back the senate Chuck Schumer quote

We must expand not only demographic diversity, but professional diversity, and i know that president biden agrees with me on this, and this will be something that i will set out to do. — Chuck Schumer

We are discussing all of the options with the president and with speaker [nancy] pelosi. — Chuck Schumer

Well, we have the trial of the president. that’s mandated by law. — Chuck Schumer

We need the president to be able to distinguish betWeen our allies and adversaries, and to treat each accordingly. — Chuck Schumer

We can’t have a Twitter president. This is serious stuff, this governing. — Charles Schumer

i asked the president what his plan was to contain isis he didn t really have one Chuck Schumer quote

There are many reasons why Mitt Romney should not become president, but perhaps the most important of all is the narrowness of his experience, perspective and vision. — Charles Schumer

I fully expect to see some crocodIle tears spIlled on the other sIde of the aIsle over presIdent–elect bIden’s cabInet nomInees, but It wIll be very tough to take those crocodIle tears serIously. — Chuck Schumer

The problem thus far has been president trump’s insistence on a completely ineffective and absurdly expensive border wall as a part of any deal on daca. — Chuck Schumer

The president has agreed to our request to open The government and Then debate border security. — Chuck Schumer

For him to talk to the president is one thing. For him to say,’ i’m going to do just what the president wants,’ is totally out of line. — Chuck Schumer

when the president stays out of the negotiations we almost always succeed Chuck Schumer quote


At the time when these things are coming forward, to undo the sanctions on rusal? very suspect, very suspect. — Chuck Schumer

We have discussions in our caucus all the time. our leadership team is broad. it goes from sen. bernie sandersto joe manchin. and in the past We have come together on every major issue. — Chuck Schumer

We believe the republican leaders should tell donald trump We can do this at a later time. i don’t think it will pass. — Chuck Schumer

Second time we talked a little about infrastructure. — Chuck Schumer

If we are going to stay a great power and I hope and pray we will we need the truth. We need to know what is going right and we need to know what is going wrong. There is no greater time than now. — Charles Schumer

second time we talked a little about infrastructure Chuck Schumer quote

They need a little more time, i’m prepared to give it to them. — Chuck Schumer


At the very least, the senAte deserves the opportunity for an up–or–down vote. — Chuck Schumer

Senate majority leader mitch mcconnell got a good mentor here. — Chuck Schumer

The first thing we are going to do, when we get back There in The senate, is put a vote on The floor urging an intervention in The case. — Chuck Schumer

The senate is going to debate and address The epidemic of gun violence in this country. — Chuck Schumer

at the very least the senate deserves the opportunity for an up or down vote Chuck Schumer quote

The process that i outlined for s.1 is a process that, i think, could very well cause The senate to evolve. — Chuck Schumer


Substantively Democrats are much closer to where the American people are than Republicans are. — Charles Schumer

Out of fear or fealty to donald trump, the republican minority just prevented the american people from getting the full truth abOut january 6. — Chuck Schumer

Millions are jobless, 170,000 americans have died from covid, and donald trump says, it is what it is. america, donald trump has quit on you. — Chuck Schumer

I think there’s going to be a lot of Americans who are really willing to be much more active than they were before, because they’re worried about where Trump is headed. — Charles Schumer

This is not a republican issue or democratic issue. a red state issue. a blue state issue. This is an american issue. in every state, americans deeply care for their security. — Chuck Schumer

Thousands of americans will die if this legislation is passed and we have to do everything that we can to see that is defeated. that’s because people realize by losing it they are going to be in real trouble. — Chuck Schumer

There is chaos now, this week was one of the most chaotic weeks we’ve ever seen in american government. — Chuck Schumer

Mitch mcconnell said proudly Mitch mcconnell is not Mitch mcconnell. the american people want Mitch mcconnell to be an impartial juror in this situation. — Chuck Schumer

The president’s support for inviting russia back into The g–7, just after They meddled in The election to support his campaign, will leave millions of americans with serious questions and suspicions. — Chuck Schumer

It’s hard to imagine a trial not having documents and witnesses. if it doesn’t have documents and witnesses, It’s going to seem–to most of the american people–that it is a sham trial, a show trial. — Chuck Schumer

I think it’s a little insulting, a bit insulting to American workers when Rand Paul says that unemployment insurance is a disservice. — Chuck Schumer

This place is full of people who want to do finger pointing and partisan games. the american people are sick of it. — Chuck Schumer

To destroy them would be a violation of law, he should turn them over To congress and To the investigaTors. if there are no tapes, he should apologize To both jim comey and the american people. — Chuck Schumer

Nothing less is at stake than the american people’s faith in our criminal justice system and the integrity of the executive branch of our government. — Chuck Schumer

Job number one is for us to bring back, first, all american personnel … but second, all of the brave afghans who helped our military, they have to be provided an exit to come to america. — Chuck Schumer

Let me say this, to all of the chattering class that so much focuses on those little tiny, yes, porky amendments–the American people really don’t care. — Charles Schumer

For the president of the united states to side with president putin against american law enForcement, american defense officials, and american intelligence agencies is thoughtless, dangerous, and weak. — Chuck Schumer

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