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[LIST] 100 things to be grateful for

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[LIST] 100 things to be grateful for

Don't break your gratitude flow, here are 100 things that deserve your gratitude.

Chester Bennington was an American singer and songwriter. He was the lead vocalist for Linkin Park, a rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Chester’s voice can be described as gritty and raw with a deep tone that is recognizable to many people around the world. Chester passed away in July 2017 at age 41 due to suicide by hanging himself but his legacy will live on through his music and lyrics which are inspiring many people all over the world.
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About Chester Bennington

birth of the author

March 20, 1976

death of the author

July 20, 2017

deathcause of the author

Cause Of Death:
Suicide By Hanging

occupation of the author

Singer, Songwriter, Actor

date of the author

Years Active:

genre of the author

Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Electronic Rock, Heavy Metal And More.

instrument of the author


productions of the author

Associated Acts:
Linkin Park, Dead By Sunrise, Julien-K, Grey Daze, Kings Of Chaos, Stone Temple Pilots And More.


If fans come up to me, I talk to them. — Chester Bennington

The fans are the biggest reason we do what we do. — Chester Bennington

Our fans are the best fans in the world, don’t mess with them. — Chester Bennington

There are always going to be encounters that you kind of wish went differently. But the average fan really isn’t fanatical. — Chester Bennington

if fans come up to me i talk to them Chester Bennington quote

Inspiring Phrases From Chester Bennington

We’d like to think that our music will always be bigger than any one of our individual personalities. — Chester Bennington

Asking someone to describe what something sounds like is like telling a blind person to guess what I look like. — Chester Bennington

We’re shooting for the title of hardest–working band in America. — Chester Bennington

You think I’m stupid. Stay out of my way. You think I’m stupid. — Chester Bennington

I really wish Mike and Joe would stop drawing on me while I’m sleeping. — Chester Bennington

we re shooting for the title of hardest working band in america Chester Bennington quote

I don’t drink. I choose to be sober now. I have drunk over the last six years, but I just don’t want to be that person anymore. — Chester Bennington

For me, you say the words ‘concept record,’ and the first thing I think of is theater or the opera or something. — Chester Bennington

Various Statements From Chester Bennington

To pigeonhole a genre as being successful or unsuccessful is weird. — Chester Bennington

We’re not a political band, we’re a socially minded band. — Chester Bennington

We don’t sit down and go, ‘People are uneasy about the economy. Let’s write about that.’ — Chester Bennington

to pigeonhole a genre as being successful or unsuccessful is weird Chester Bennington quote

When you’re a young artist, it’s really important to like pay attention to what you’re doing and be honest with yourself and in the creative process. — Chester Bennington

In a sky of a million stars. It flickers, flickers. Who cares when someone’s time runs out? If a moment is all we are. We’re quicker, quicker. Who cares if one more light goes out? Well, I do. — Chester Bennington

Making my way back from the madness, shifting my thoughts from the blackness and the sadness, but the fact is I’m swinging through life like a clenched fist. — Chester Bennington

We like playing smaller venues, but we know how many people want to come and see us so we don’t ever want to stop anyone who wants to come to a show from coming. — Chester Bennington

More Phrases From Chester Bennington

My favorite jellybean is the pink one with the flavor inside. — Chester Bennington

my favorite jellybean is the pink one with the flavor inside Chester Bennington quote

So, picking up the pieces, now where to begin? The hardest part of ending is starting again. — Chester Bennington

Redundant Thematics

In Chester Bennington Statements


I don’t like to hold back, because that’s how you hurt yourself. — Chester Bennington

Once we start hitting lyrical themes that can whack you from all these different perspectives, we know we’re onto something special. — Chester Bennington

Tattoos exude pain and pleasure all at the same time. — Chester Bennington

Success is nice, but it shouldn’t be the only reason why you’re a musician. — Chester Bennington

i don t like to hold back because that s how you hurt yourself Chester Bennington quote

Touring for two years is excruciating. — Chester Bennington

Deeper Quotes From Chester Bennington

Tattoos are permanent and a lifelong commitment, the same as marriage. — Chester Bennington

I hear my battle symphony, all the world in front of me. If my armor breaks, I’ll fuse it back together. — Chester Bennington

It’s cool to be a part of recovery. This is just who I am, this is what I write about, what I do, and most of my work has been a reflection of what I’ve been going through in one way or another. — Chester Bennington

Alone in a world, with millions of souls walking in circles trapped in their dreams unhealthy, unclean walking in circles, now do not disturb scream in silence everyone’s sleeping. — Chester Bennington

tattoos are permanent and a lifelong commitment the same as marriage Chester Bennington quote

When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind. — Chester Bennington

And the sun will set for you. — Chester Bennington

I always wanted to be a rock star. That was my childhood dream. That’s what I told everybody I was going to be when I grew up. — Chester Bennington

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