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When you think of great American entrepreneurs, who comes to mind? For many, the answer would beCharles Darwin. What about Charles Heston? In a creative and engaging new quotes compilation, author Paul Almonte reveals the fascinating life story of this overlooked businessman and entrepreneur. From his early days as a traveling salesman to his later years as owner of several successful businesses, Heston was a man who never gave up on his dreams.

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About Charleton Heston

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October 4, 1923

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April 5, 2008

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Northwestern University

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Actor, Activist

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Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? — Charlton Heston

As an actor, I’m thankful I have lived not one life, but many. — Charlton Heston

I’ve been a public person for most of my life. It has advantages and disadvantages. I can’t take my kids to Disneyland. On the other hand, I can get a table at a restaurant or tickets to a play. — Charlton Heston

I have lived my whole life on the stage and screen before you. I found purpose and meaning in your response. — Charlton Heston


The big studio era is from the coming of sound until 1950, until I came in … I came in at a crux in film, which was the end of the studio era and the rise of filmmaking. — Charlton Heston

Undeniably the American art form, too. And yet more and more, we see films made that diminish the American experience and example. And sometimes trash it completely. — Charlton Heston

Film is the only art form whose raw materials are so horrendously expensive that the artist cannot afford to buy them for himself. — Charlton Heston

The prime motivation in making almost any film is success, because film is the art form of the 20th century. — Charlton Heston

In recent years, anyone in the government, certainly anyone in the FBI or the CIA, or recently, in again, Clint’s film, In the Line of Fire, the main bad guy is the chief advisor to the president. — Charlton Heston

Lenin in 1921 observed very presciently that motion pictures were the most powerful tool ever invented to shape the way we thought. He was right. Political films can be successful. — Charlton Heston

The trouble with movies as a business is that it’s an art, and the trouble with movies as art is that it’s a business. — Charlton Heston

An epic is the easiest kind of picture to make badly. — Charlton Heston

I’ve used too many pistols in too many movies. They’re kind of heavy to carry. — Charlton Heston

Inspiring Phrases From Charleton Heston

Telling us what to think has evolved into telling us what to say, so telling us what to do can’t be far behind. — Charlton Heston

You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. — Charlton Heston

To the divisive forces that would take freedom away, I want to tell you something: You can have my gun. You can pry it from my cold dead hands! — Charlton Heston

We will preach the truth to a new generation: The doorway to all freedoms is framed with muskets. It’s time the apologists step aside and let freedom’s followers lead the way. — Charlton Heston

In what I think is the most serious problem the world faces, which is the population explosion, we will come I think to a time when measures that are not even dreamt of now will become necessary. — Charlton Heston

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A policemans job is only easy in a police state. — Charlton Heston

My dissatisfaction with television as a medium has nothing to do with the audience or the fact that you don’t require as much time to do it as you do a movie, but with its technical limitations. — Charlton Heston

Various Statements From Charleton Heston

Dirty Harry, for example. Clint Eastwood was not a rogue cop. He was a maverick cop, but he was a good guy. — Charlton Heston

I intend to dedicate my remaining time as president of the NRA to ensure that the Second Amendment is safe from Al Gore and all those who threaten it. — Charlton Heston

The minute you feel you have given a faultless performance is the time to get out. — Charlton Heston

You could think of extraordinary examples to the contrary: The Grapes of Wrath… and even into the 70s. — Charlton Heston

Political correctness is just tyranny with manners. I wish for you the courage to be unpopular. Popularity is history’s pocket change. Courage is history’s true currency. — Charlton Heston

I used to think if it wasn’t possible to be a family man and a totally dedicated artist, I’d rather be the former. I’m an idealist and a romantic. — Charlton Heston

Shakespeare is the outstanding example of how that can be done. In all of Shakespeare’s plays, no matter what tragic events occur, no matter what rises and falls, we return to stability in the end. — Charlton Heston

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