The Best Chance quotes

If there’s one thing entrepreneurs know, it’s that chance is a huge factor in success. Whether you’re taking a risk on a new idea or just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, chance plays a role in every business decision. That’s why it’s important to stay positive and keep your eyes open for opportunities. Here are some inspiring quotes about chance to help you stay motivated during challenging times.


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The best chance quotes

1. The more the problems in a society, the greater the chances of success. — Sunday Adelaja

2. Tumblr Quotes’stay strong”take a chance, you never know what might happen”don’t give up on things that make you smile”my biggest fear is growing up — tumblr

3. Compassion gives us a common ground to stand on regardless of your faith background. It gives us a chance to stand shoulder–to–shoulder rather than go fist–to–fist with somebody. — Max Lucado

4. Against ill chances men are ever merry, But heaviness foreruns the good event. — William Shakespeare

5. I saId, ‘please, gIve me the chance. I beg you. because the wrItIng was so strong. buck henry–I mean, come on. talk about great wrItIng. — Nicole Kidman

6. It’s true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance? — Ronald Reagan

7. Above all, film is a business… Independence is a really cool thing as you can be a bit more bold, and take a few more chances with what you do. — Mel Gibson

8. Every time a champion makes a decision they have a chance to learn something new, regardless of the outcome. — Steve Backley, The Champion in all of Us: 12 Rules for Success

9. I’m a chemistry guy. I believe you’ve got to play together to have a chance to win. — Tony Gwynn

10. Nothing in this world happens by chance. — Paulo Coelho

11. I got lost In your ocean–green eyesAnd I drownedIn the sweetest desireOf your warm gazeWave after waveWith no chanceTo survive. — Veronika Jensen

12. I guess, like some guy once said, if triangles invented a god, the chances are high it would have three sides. — Michael Marshall Smith, One of Us

13. A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance. — Stanislaw Lem

14. I’m not afraid to take chances or go off on my own. — Norman Reedus

15. To be successful, one must take chances. — Willie Stargell

16. I see the sky as beautIful, Regardless of Its shIne Because I wake each day grateful, That I get another chance to be alIve. — NIkkI Rowe

17. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. God bless those who see beyond our flaws painted in bold strokes. — Nike Thaddeus

18. The good may lose — the bad may win! Remember this! Because knowing this increases the chance of the good to win!

19. Don’t be afraid to live the life you’ve been given. Some of us don’t t have the chance . . . . don’t waste yours. — Sarah Monzon, All of You

20. The lesser the friends, the lesser the chances of betrayal. — Tupac Shakur

21. You stand a better chance of bringing pretend to life through the power of belief than you stand any chance of erasing what’s real by refusing to believe. — Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

22. ‘we’re living in a world which gives us no chance to live”.’ — Stephin Philip

23. A consistent man believes in destiny — a capricious man in chance.

24. From beginning to end I worried that Ang Lee wouldn’t be satisfied with my work. So I worked as hard as I could to earn his trust, because you only get a chance like this once. — Zhang Ziyi

25. I’m not afraid to take chances or go off on my own. — Norman Reedus

26. I think my thing is I grew up in the ghetto, and I was able to get a second chance. That’s what I’m trying to tell kids. — Master P

27. My only solution for the problem of habitual accidents is to stay in bed all day. Even then, there is always the chance that you will fall out. — Robert Benchley

28. My job is to give my team a chance to win. — Nolan Ryan

29. The only truth was whatever you could make someone believe. — Megan Chance, The Spiritualist

30. We never really learn from the first mistake or the second or third. It only gets us when we’re given the last chance. — Wiz Khalifa

31. Frazier’s got two chances. Slim, and none. And Slim just left town — Muhammad Ali

32. Kil your positive attitudes and you’ll kill your chances of succeeding in life. — Stephen Magnus

33. Chantal is having a relationship with a sentence. Just one of those things. A chance meeting that grew into something important for the both of them. — Neil Gaiman

34. It’s all part of taking a chance and expanding man’s horizons. The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave. — Ronald Reagan

35. Don’t give any chance for others to stole your smile..Because, it is the most valuable asset than anything in this world! — Satyaankith

36. Super–ambitious goals tend to be unifying and energizing to people but only if they believe there’s a chance of success. — Peter Diamandis

37. A lot of celebrities golf because they want to be away. For them it’s a chance to get away and be peaceful. For me it’s peaceful to ride [cycling]. — Robin Williams

38. Every challenge is nothing more than a chance to make things better. — Robin Sharma

39. When I won the Golden Gloves in 1960, that made me realize I had a chance. And when I won at the Olympics, that sealed it: I was the champ. — Muhammad Ali

40. The biggest opportunity one can get in life, it is a chance to make friends! — Unarine Ramaru

41. ‘we’re living in a world which gives us no chance to live”.’ — Stephin Philip

42. Unless the she–wolf agrees, there’s always a chance of rejection. — Terry Spear, Between a Wolf and a Hard Place

43. When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us? — Pam Brown

44. Climate change is the biggest threat to our chances of winning the fight against hunger. — Winnie Byanyima

45. Let us give Nature a chance; she knows her business better than we do. — Michel De Montaigne

46. Everything you want lies on the other side of learning to trust yourself. Take a chance. Have faith. You already know who you are, what you want, and where you want to go. — Vironika Tugaleva

47. Most people sort of enjoy going to work because of the socialisation, a chance to flirt with co–workers and so on, but actually hate the job they do. — P. J. O’Rourke

48. I don’t care much about the money at all. Frankly, if I get the chance to kiss someone in a movie, they wouldn’t need to pay me at all. — Orlando Bloom

49. I think it’s more than whether or not you win or lose. It’s having that opportunity on that final round, final nine, to come down the stretch with a chance to win. — Phil Mickelson

50. If we deny ourselves the unique human faculty of learning from others’ mistakes, we deny oneself the chance to be a human. — Sandeep Sahajpal


I hope this collection of the best quotes about chance has inspired you to embrace the opportunities that come your way. Life is full of endless possibilities, and by taking a chance and bravely stepping out into the unknown, you can achieve success and growth. Don’t forget that luck happens when opportunity meets preparation, so make sure you always get ready to take advantage of the chances that come your way.

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