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Daveed Diggs is an actor, rapper and singer. His journey to the top has been anything but easy- with a few setbacks along the way. But Daveed has never let these challenges stop him from pursuing his dreams of becoming a successful performer. He was born in Oakland California on March 24th, 1982 and grew up around music as both of his parents were jazz musicians who played professionally. In 1999 he attended Berkeley’s School of Theatre where he majored in Drama. After graduating school he auditioned for one role after another until finally landing himself some roles on Broadway which led to him being cast in 2008 as The Beast in the Tony Award winning musical Avenue Q.
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About Chaka Khan

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March 23, 1953

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R&B, Soul, Funk, Pop, Disco, Jazz And More.

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Musician, Singer, Songwriter

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Vocals, Drums, Bass, Percussion

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Abc, Warner Bros., Reprise, Mca, Npg, Burgundy And More.

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Rufus, Prince, Natalie Cole, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Ashford & Simpson And More.


I like to work spontaneously. โ€” Chaka Khan

You know, it’s just tough to get together and do work with somebody. โ€” Chaka Khan

To me, this degree was an acknowledgment of my work in music. โ€” Chaka Khan

I have a lot of charity work I’m into right now, and selling my Chakalatesโ€“supporting that whole effort. โ€” Chaka Khan

i like to work spontaneously Chaka Khan quote

I’d like to work on putting art programs back in schools. โ€” Chaka Khan

There are a lot of people I would have liked to have collaborated with, and would still like to. โ€” Chaka Khan


There is no perfect loveโ€“that’s something I’m very realistic about. โ€” Chaka Khan

If I love a song, I make it mine. โ€” Chaka Khan

I love to sing. It’s the easiest thing for me to do. โ€” Chaka Khan

there is no perfect love that s something i m very realistic about Chaka Khan quote

But really, we also need to learn how to love one another as women. How to appreciate and respect each other. โ€” Chaka Khan

My mom took me to see Goldfinger. My mom took me to see To Sir, With Love. โ€” Chaka Khan

Well. I’m probably not loving myself like I should, but I’m really trying. โ€” Chaka Khan


I can only give what I have. And when I receive, I give it back. โ€” Chaka Khan

I want to give some positive messages and to empower some people. โ€” Chaka Khan

i can only give what i have and when i receive i give it back Chaka Khan quote

Every personal experience of my life impacts my music. I can only give what I have. And when I receive, I give it back. I often fix it or color it differently or give it in my way, but thats what its about. โ€” Chaka Khan

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I have some scars… lots of internal ones. But they’re all scabbed over. โ€” Chaka Khan

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It’s time for those of us who have a voice to speak out for life, for love and for justice using the same media we’ve used throughout our careers. โ€” Chaka Khan

It sacrifices people’s lives and their essences at the drop of a dimeI had a manager once say to me, You know you’re worth more money dead than alive. โ€” Chaka Khan

I’m a woman and I’m a backbone…everybody needs one. โ€” Chaka Khan

i m a woman and i m a backbone everybody needs one Chaka Khan quote

Spirituality has played an amazing part. Its been paramount in my life. โ€” Chaka Khan

I think the whole reason for my life is in there somewhere. โ€” Chaka Khan

Walking through this life really is walking through fire. โ€” Chaka Khan

I won’t become a household word, or achieve the fame I deserve in my lifetime because of the way I look. โ€” Chaka Khan

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