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Chadwick Boseman is a man of many talents. He has been in the spotlight since his early days, but he’s not one to talk about himself. This post will be about his life and some of the things that make him such an inspiration for people everywhere. Chadwick was born on November 18th, 1977 in Anderson, South Carolina to Leroy Middleton Boseman Jr., and Linda Anderson-Boseman. His father died when he was only five years old and this led his mother to constantly remind him how lucky he was and instilled in him a sense of responsibility that would go on to help shape who he is today.
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About Chadwick Boseman

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November 29, 1976

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August 28, 2020

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Colon Cancer

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Howard University

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Actor, Playwright

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I’m not afraid to work. — Chadwick Boseman

The industry looks for white actors and actresses, but it’s not the same for black actors. We have to really put the work in. — Chadwick Boseman

I might have had too many friends in my twenties. I probably said yes too much, and then I had to learn how to say no. How to get away in order to work on stuff. — Chadwick Boseman

I’m an artist. Artists don’t need permission to work. Regardless of whether I’m acting or not, I write. I write when I’m tired in fact, because I believe your most pure thoughts surface. — Chadwick Boseman

i m not afraid to work Chadwick Boseman quote

You have to cherish things in a different way when you know the clock is ticking, you are under pressure. — Chadwick Boseman


When you’re doing a character, you want to know the full landscape. You want to know them spiritually, mentally and physically. — Chadwick Boseman

I try to look at every role the same way, regardless of whether the character is real or the character is a fantasy. I always start from myself, because you have to know yourself first. — Chadwick Boseman

One of the first things I was taught as an actor was, ‘Don’t judge the character.’ — Chadwick Boseman

You’re not free unless you can show the good and the bad, all sides of them. So to me, when I play a character, it’s important that I can show every aspect of them. — Chadwick Boseman

one of the first things i was taught as an actor was don t judge the character Chadwick Boseman quote

When you play characters, you shouldn’t just be putting on their characteristics–you should be finding it inside yourself. — Chadwick Boseman

A superhero movie is only as great as its villains. — Chadwick Boseman

I watched movies, obviously, just like anybody else, but there was nothing to make me think, ‘I’m going to go to L.A. and become a movie star,’ or anything like that. — Chadwick Boseman


I think the most stressful time of my life was when I was in New York, and I didn’t have money to pay my rent. — Chadwick Boseman

In television you don’t have a lot of time to spend with the role or the script. Typically you get a script a week prior to shooting. Sometimes it’s even less time, not enough time to dream about the role. — Chadwick Boseman

the best advice about getting older just be thankful you re not dead Chadwick Boseman quote

I majored in directing. However, I did spend some time at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, so I am somewhat well–versed in African Studies. — Chadwick Boseman

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When you make movies, it’s such an important period of time, when you look back at each one of them. You want to be able to say that you did something that was a challenge and that changed you. — Chadwick Boseman

The best advice about getting older? Just be thankful you’re not dead! — Chadwick Boseman

Inspiring Phrases From Chadwick Boseman

For me, being a complete artist means not necessarily just being in front of the camera, but being behind the camera or being the originator or creator of something. — Chadwick Boseman

It means a lot, black panther. — Chadwick Boseman

it means a lot black panther Chadwick Boseman quote

I might have had too many friends in my twenties. — Chadwick Boseman

Actors can have a fair amount of hate for each other, so when another actor says, ‘You did your thing,’ or ‘That was inspiring,’ you can’t really ask for more than that. — Chadwick Boseman

The projects that I end up doing, that I want to be involved with in any way, have always been projects that will be impactful, for the most part, to my people–to black people. — Chadwick Boseman

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