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Canelo Alvares is known as one of the most successful boxers in the world. His story is one of hard work and determination, and provides inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere. Alvarez started working at a young age to help support his family, and through dedication and perseverance, he has become one of the richest athletes in the world. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Canelo’s life and career, and explore what lessons we can learn from him as entrepreneurs.

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My preference is not to fight a Mexican. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I’ve learned from every single fight, every single opponentโ€“some great fighters. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

Getting to fight at the AT&T Stadium is a huge privilege for me and my career. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

My job is to train hard, go fight, and do my best. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

my preference is not to fight a mexican Canelo Alvarez quote

Every fight is a different experience. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I expect a tough, hard fight. Liam Smith is coming to win. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I don’t prepare myself for a specific fighter. I don’t choose a fight to prepare myself for another fighter. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

You always try to fight someone from another country. But having said that, the public knows, everybody knows, when there’s two Mexicans in the ring, there will be a war. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I train to fight, to win. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

i ve learned from every single fight every single opponent some great fighters Canelo Alvarez quote

I had 45 amateur fights, and I was able to win two national titles in those three years as an amateur. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I was made fun of at a young age. I would fight a lot in the streets, and it has a lot to do with the way I am today. It helped my development as a fighter, but what can I say? โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I take the time to look at my videos after a fight to see not what I did right but what I did wrong, to learn from those mistakes. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I will fight ‘GGG,’ and I will beat ‘GGG,’ but I will not be forced into the ring by artificial deadlines. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

When it’s the caliber of fight that Canelo Alvarez and Liam Smith is, that’s a big deal, and what I’ve tried to do since we built this stadium is have the great sport events. โ€” Jerry Jones

getting to fight at the at t stadium is a huge privilege for me and my career Canelo Alvarez quote

I like working with my own body weight, and I just do the best job I can to be healthy and strong, both before and after a fight. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I like to stand right in front of my opponent. I think it makes for an exciting fight. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

For the entirety of my career, I have taken the fights that no one wanted because I fear no man. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I never think about the knockouts. I go into every fight, do my work, and none of that stuff puts pressure on me at all. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I fought the best; I’ve never been afraid of anyone. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

my job is to train hard go fight and do my best Canelo Alvarez quote


I want to be like a Muhammad Ali, like a Julio Cesar Chavez. So when people talk about boxing, they have to remember Canelo. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

The people decide who’s No. 1, the best in boxing. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

My goal in boxing is to be the best. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

If other people want to say that I’m the next person in boxing, then that’s up to them. That’s their opinion. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

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I have a love for boxing. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

the people decide who s no 1 the best in boxing Canelo Alvarez quote

It would be a dream to be the face of boxing, to be No. 1. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

When I first stepped into the boxing gym, I loved it. I knew it was what I was going to do. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

Boxing is the most beautiful thing after women. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

As far being the face of boxing, I don’t like to name myself that. I leave that up to the media and the fans. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I’m training and preparing because nothing is predictable in boxing. I’m preparing for those rounds, and if it happens that I get a shot, whatever advantage I have, I will be ready for 12 rounds. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

my goal in boxing is to be the best Canelo Alvarez quote


I don’t fear anyone. We don’t come to play in this sport. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I paid more for the Dallas Cowboys than anyone prior than that had ever paid to get involved in sports. But I wanted to be a part of the future of the Dallas Cowboys. โ€” Jerry Jones

We in the NFL unquestionably are in sports and competition, but we’re also in entertainment, and that’s the entertainment capital of the world. It just bowls you over when you see the opportunity in L.A. โ€” Jerry Jones

I’m honored and blessed by God to be in the sport I love, and I want to accomplish all the goals I set in the sport of boxingโ€“to be successful and make history. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

Sports gives us the grandest opportunity of all to talk about reaching down and helping up or getting on somebody else’s shoulders. โ€” Jerry Jones

i don t fear anyone we don t come to play in this sport Canelo Alvarez quote


There are great legends and great fighters in the history of Mexico, and there will be more to come. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I’m a strong fighter, I’m a fighter who can adapt to my surroundings. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

It’s a big responsibility and great motiviation to be a Mexican fighter who is admired, and I thank God for the support I get from Mexicans on both sides of the border. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

I started boxing because of my brother. And then I came to admire the allโ€“time greats, like Roberto Duran and Muhammad Ali. I’d say I admired Ali more than any fighter in my life. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

Liam Smith was a resilient fighter. He was tough, has a lot of heart. He thinks before he attacks. โ€” Canelo Alvarez

i m a strong fighter i m a fighter who can adapt to my surroundings Canelo Alvarez quote

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